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Poll: Do you believe vampires are real? It doesn't matter what... version I guess, if they the sun kills them or not, or if they can or not walk trough moving water, soul or not? garlic, stake, silver? etc. no, just do you believe in them? Vote Now!
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WOW this thing needed some updating, anyways name's Karina.

I'm 18, just turned, LOVED my bday btw.

Physical appearance, as much as I'm willing to say, a bit short, not so much though, short brownish-black hair, though I might take dying it random colors again, I'm still thinking, big dark brown eyes covered by glasses, small thin lips, hate them, piercings, not many, some, though I don't wear earings but i do have my ears pierced, 4 each, i know I'm weird... that's all I'm gonna say...

I'm kinda random, and I get distracted easily, and am constantly on my own little world, I like people being traightforward, hate hypocrits and people telling me what to do, I have a really bad temper but mostly I'm really calm, and friendly...kinda... Well on to the things I like

I LOVE, I mean LOVE, AS IN I'M OBSESSED with the TWILIGHT series.

I'm really picky about what i read so I leave a LOT of books unfinished, I start reading them but then theyre a total dissapointmentand I just leave them, sometimes I just see a book and buy it without even knowing anything about it, I end up giving them to somebody else. Other books I like are the Gemma Doyle trilogy, hated the ending though, The House of Night series, short and good, and last but in NO WAY least THE SILVER KISS, that book is so sweet, and I love it, and many others...

I like watching tv, some of my favorites shows are: Bones, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Prisonbreak, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and NCIS

Favorite anime: Inuyasha Other: Bleach, Blood, (I wish they had more episodes, though... btw HAJI RULES!!) Karin, Naruto, and Big O.

Manga: umm I haven't found any I REALLY like, maybe Count Cain, and I just started to read Bloody Kiss.

Music: Three Days Grace, Within Temptation, Skillet and Rise Against among many others. Favorite song is: Drown by Three Days Grace., and Memories by Within Temptation. Aren't they awesome?

I actually never wanted to post my story. but my brother pretty much made me, he said that why the hell was I wasting my time writing something if I wasnt gonna let anybody read it, and I really did want sonmeone to read it, but not people I know, since Im very self-concious about my writing (For me, it always sucks)

My story is called "Mirari"and its about Edward's daughter, he and the Cullens leave Bella, but not before he and Bella gave entirely to each other, (they had sex) and when he leaves her she was going to tell him she was pregnant, she figured since he didnt love her, he didnt deserve a daughter, so he never knows. Alice never has a vision of it, at the time. Years later they go back to Forks... as does Mirari.

Mirari is his daughter's name and I chose that name because since vampires cant have children she's a miracle, that's what her name means.(I like the name, its pretty, its portuguese) I really hope you enjoy it.

The story is of slow-update, VERY slow-update I try to write as often as i can, but sometimes i just dont have the time, or I'm stuck, so sorry but if you really wanna keep up with it,i recommend you add it to your story alerts, and if you aren't a member, just leave a review, and write your email adress, and I'll send you an email, as soon as the new chapter is posted, ok?

I tried to post the link for Mirari's car in my story but for some reason it didn't wanna work so here it is, just picture it black, (I hate red...)


Followed by Inuyasha, or Big O, or Blood+ (I have trouble making decisions)


Sorry it's been so long since I updated Mirari but I have an excuse, I don't have a computer at the moment, and I've been very busy, not to mention lazy, but the major reason was because I was writing a Naruto quizz kinda thing, so while I had THAT on my head I couldn't concentrate on Mirari, here's the link if you're curious: (it isn't done, I have it almost done on paper but I still need to type it and right not I'm working on the endings, yes endings, it's going to have 6, and I have 4 written down, I just need to come up with 2 more... and type them of course) Anyways I'm very sorry, if you read the Naruto stuff tell me what you think... I promise I'll update as fast as I can, I already have two more chapters...


Sorry it's been so long since I updated, I wanted to update in April, but couldn't. Not to make excuses, but things have been really though for me since then, right after my bday, the next day to be exact. And once I started to BE better, I just didnt hav writing in mind, so I'm sorry. Right now I'm changing the whoe thing, I had quite a few chapters of Mirari written but I changed my mind, so I'm writing it again,(not the whole story, but from chapter 14 on) just keeping the notebook for ideas.. Oh the link above, from quizilla, doesnt work anymore, besides the thing isnt even there no more, site deleted it, I have it still on paper so I might type it but Im not sure... I hate typing. Well sorry to keep you waiting, and thansk for waiting on me. Please review my story if you decide or are reading it. Its almost 4 AM. so I gotta go sleep.

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