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Gee, I don't really know what to write. I guess all I can really tell you is what I like and what I do.

What I Like (animes and manga of course):

-Naruto (this is what I mainly read on fanfiction)

-Avatar the last airbender

-Vampire Knight


-Fruits Basket

-Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

-Red River

-Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)


-Skip Beat (on and off really)

NOTE: The only one I really read for Fanfictions are Naruto stories. Everything else I just read or watch the real thing.

What I Do:

After some time, I would like to call myself a professional reveiwer. I do not normally write stories, I only read them. Most of the time, my reviews are typed along the lines of, "Ooooh, this really good. Please write more soon." You know, the typical comment and request. I will only get much more "creative" and start yelling at you (noted by all words being used in capitol letters) in my reveiws if you have not updated in a long time. Do not be offended by what I say, it just means that your story is REALLY good and I tend to get a little impatient.

About my one story, Knowledge of the Children:

This is really more of an experiment than a story. You see this is the very first story I'm making, something more creative for me to do in my free time (other than watch tv or read fanfictions all the time). I am very much aware that it is not all that great: the title makes no sense, the prologue's too short, the dialogue's too short, and nothing seems to be pulling together...but bear with me people. I am mearly making an attempt at writing down and linking together my many, how shall I say this, my ideas and "philosophies" about the people in Naruto with eachother in a somewhat exciting story line. What I mean is, have you ever noticed how the characters in Naruto, even the bad guys, have an interesting story behind them that makes them who they are. For example, Kimimaro is considered a bad guy because he works for Orochimaru, but if you really look at it in his point of view, it was almost natural for him. I mean, no one else loved the guy, and he was too little (when he met Orochimaru) to understand the difference between a good person and a bad person. When Orochimaru took him in, it was only typical for young Kimimaro to be grateful and dedicate his life to pleasing the one who cared for him (no matter how creepy the guy was). Anyway, that's the type of thoughts I have about the people in the show, and in fact, the example I just gave is one of the many realities of life I'm going to be trying to work into my story here. So my point is, if you hate my story so much that you want to burn it and blow the ashes into the wind because it's so bad, that's fine with me. All I'm really looking for is people's opinions on whether or not I'm doing a good job with my story, and hopefully even get some suggestions to make it better. I'd really appreciate that.

P.S. For anyone who was looking for a SasuNaru and got totally confused when they found this story in the Sasuke and Naruto character categories, sorry. I put it under their names because the two main characters in the story are Naruto's daughter and Sasuke's son.

A much more CURRENT update on this story:...yeah so, I'm not the most dedicated writer I thought I could be. Chances that I will update this are VERY slim indeed. The only reason I have not taken it off of is because I'm just too reluctant too (it WAS my first story afterall...I can either keep it in hopes of finishing it one day, or just use it as a reminder in case I ever try to start another story again)

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