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Hey. Hey, you. Yeah, you. I'll pay you if you draw fan art for me. And by pay you I mean give you cookies. And by cookies I mean fan fiction.

Okay... So I've been gone for, uh... *checks calendar* GREAT GATSBY BATMAN, IT'S OVER 9000!!!!! *passes out* *ahem* Sorry about that. College started and then shi- I mean stuff happened and life sucked for a while but now it's getting better and I'M SO SORRY YOU PEOPLE!!! I really do plan to do all the things I swore I would... It's just taken 4 years... *ahem*

So, as I said before, shi- I mean stuff happened in my life. I'm not the perpetually happy sixteen-year-old who obsessed over Naruto like it was both free and going out of style. I've mellowed out. A lot. I swear as much as Hidan, have mastered the 'don't f*k with me or you'll get your a* whooped' glare of Itachi, I make obscure and diabolical plans that nobody understands like Madara (okay, I'll admit I've always done that...), and I horde money like Kakuzu. I'm just... different. As a result, the is going to be some discrepancy between my old stories and the ones I'm going to write. The Never Do...series is going to be a lot different. Everything is still going to be comical and ridiculous and mind-boggling, but in a less I'm-crazy-and-I-know-it-and-I-want-you-to-know-it-to way and in a more B*ch-I-will-make-your-life-miserable-in-ways-you-can't-imagine kinda way.

Also, I have a confession to make... I've really come to dislike Naruto quite a bit. *cringes* DON'T KILL ME, YOU OBSESSIVE FANBASE YOU!!! *ahem* But, seriously, I find the plot predictable and unrealistic, the characters have stopped developing in any meaningful way, certain events are going on for way too long, and it's really just a way to make money now. Just like One Piece and Bleach. The 'Big Three' of anime/manga aren't that great, but everybody knows about them and that's why they'll be around till the end of time. Kinda like General Hospital and Days of Our Lives. In any case, don't expect any great revelations from me about the Naruto manga or anime anymore. I don't read it or watch it. I look up enough on narutopedia to figure out what's going on, but that's it. That being said, I still adore the Akatsuki. They are some of my favorite characters ever and I will always enjoy writing about them. This, however, means that I cannot follow Naruto continuity in my stories, since everyone except Madara and half of Zetsu is dead, defected, or decapitated and buried way deep underground somewhere. So you'll have to suspend your disbelief when reading my stories a bit. Remember, almost all of what I write is meant to be silly, pointless humor that'll make you laugh. Unless I write angst. And boy, when I write angst, you'll know it.

Name: Scarlett (a.k.a. Scar-chan)
Race: Human
Rarity: One of a kind
Classification: Obsessed Fan Girl
Suggested Approach: With caution, lots of Akatsuki novelty items, and chocolate.
Strengths: Tormenting the Akatsuki, angering flamers, and blowing things up.
Weaknesses: Orochimaru, perverts, math, and broccoli.

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Tears are Thicker Than Blood reviews
When the Akatsuki gets wind of an unrivaled assassin, Itachi and Kisame are to capture them. When an assassin is told to spy on the Akatsuki, she prepares for the worst. What neither party realized was how much of a family they would become. ItaOC R&R
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