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Who am I...?

I'm a 31 year old African American woman from the south. I love to write, particularly about the X-men characters. I know almost nothing about the comics, so I stick with movie-verse with a little of the old cartoon thrown in every now and again. In general I like to pretend that none of the sequels ever took place, except when it suits my fancy to steal an element or two from them. I used to be a Rogan fan, before they were referred to as such (a long time ago), which is when I started my story "So little Time". I'm now a diehard Rolo shipper, but I do enjoy writing about all the characters. As for who I am as a writer, one thing I can say is that I try to make everybody likable, even when they're doing not so likable things. I may have to break out of that box. Anyway...I hope you like my stories. If you have ideas, send me a message. I find inspiration in the most unlikely places...


Just posted a new story "The Ex Men". Working on So Little Time. I'm trying to have chapter 6 up by the end of the year.


The Scribe2 hangs her head in shame.* I have done almost no writing so far this year. You would not believe what my real life has been like, but I digress. As of today I have picked up "So Little Time" and started working on that, but I can't guarantee where my imagination will take me. Rest assured, though, that no story will ever go unfinished, I don't care how long it takes to get it done.

That's all I've got for now. Peace out.

The Scribe2


Finally updated "In Her Eyes". "Another Woman's Treasure" should be next but we'll see...


Wow...I can't believe I haven't updated my profile this year until now. That is sooo depressing.

Anyway, I am just now getting around to working on "So Little Time". Real life has been a real bitch. But I'm pretty confident of where the story needs to go, so don't fear. I would die before I would leave any story unfinished.

I'm also just getting around to working on "In Her Eyes" and "Another Woman's Treasure."

To all those who have reviewed "Two Can Play That Game" thanks so much. And to all those that asked for another chapter, I'm flattered, but I think more would water down the effect I was going for. I do have another ScOroro in the works tentitively entitled "The Danger Room". It has a similar feel to it.

I've also been working on a one-shot for Logan/Ororo called "Prideful Regret". Look for it shortly.

I think that's all for now.

Sincerly yours, The Scribe2


I want to give an extra special thank you to Lupintonks for helping me to see chapter 5 of So Little Time with new eyes. I'm going to leave it as is and I'm currently working on chapter 6. I feel very inspired and should have some updates of everything in the very near future.


I haven't updated my profile in a while, so I thought I'd let everyone know the progress of my stories. I wasn't satisfied with the final result of chapter 5 of "So Little Time" so I'm going back and revising it. I just couldn't move on until I got the tone right.

I haven't been working on "Another Woman's Treasure" as much because I've been working on "In Her Eyes" and a couple of one-shots that keep begging for attention.

Real life has been brutal lately so my writing time had been almost non-existent, but I promise that I will finish everything and it'll be good. Good things come to those who wait...


I just posted chapter 2 of "In Her Eyes" and I hope you guys like it. Real life is allowing for more writing time these days, so I should be able to update more often. I plan to work on chapter 4 of "Another Woman's Treasure" and chapter 3 of "In Her Eyes" over the next little while. The next chapter of "So Little Time" may take a little longer to complete since the chapters are (a lot) longer. Anyway...happy reading.


Just posted chapter 3 of "Another Woman's Treasure".


For the last few months my personal life has really hampered my writing. I'm believing God that things are settled down now and I can dedicate myself to the things that I enjoy (like x-men fanfiction!). As it turns out inspiration has directed me toward "Another Woman's Treasure" rather than to "In Her Eyes" like I had planned. I just posted chapter 2 and I hope to post chapter 3 around the end of next week. But I do hope to finish up the second chapter of IHE soon.


Yeah, baby! I finally (finally!) posted chapter 5 of "So Little Time". I thought I would never finish editing it. If it needs more editing, it'll have to happen somewhere down the road. So now onto "In Her Eyes"...My goal is to have it posted by Wednesday April 13.


A random rant and an update...

- Why are there so many stories in the X-Men: The movie category designated as being about Storm and Logan and yet are *not* about Storm and Logan. I love all of the characters, but as an African American woman, I can't help but want to see Ororo represented better than she currently is. I guess I'm just going to have to get on the ball and finish the stuff I've begun writing for her. Storm fans everywhere (myself especially) want to see more of her and not just as a prop for the other characters. Just as a tease - I have stories in the works that feature Ororo with Logan, Scott, (maybe) Rogue, and even Bruce Wayne (Batman's in the house!). Anyway... I guess I'll get off my soap box for a while.

- As an update... "So Little time" chapter 5 should be done and posted by Sunday night. Even if it's not finished, I'm tempted to post it anyway just because it's been so long and everyone is so anxiously awaiting it. Also I plan to have the second chapter of "In Her Eyes" finished and posted by Wednesday night.

And, in case anyone cares, I plan to expand "Another Woman's Treasure" with a few more chapters.


-Time really flies. I want to apologize to everyone waiting on my stories. Life has really gotten in the way of my writing time. Please bear with me. And yes, I will finish "So Little Time" and before 2012...I promise...cross my heart.

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