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Yo people,

Um, i'm new on this thing so dont kill me, yet. Gaud, i've never been good at this type of thing.

As you can see, i go by Ryuu-Yamiyo, the same thing as my computer login on darn near everything. My real name will always be a mystery to you people reading this. I have my reasons. Any way, if you're not boared out of your mind already, i will explain who i am personaility wise in divided paragraphs. Oh, when you people, if anyone of you do, leave a message for me to read, be gentle, please.


My hobbies are listening to music (mainly through YouTube or the radio), typing up random stories that pop into my teenage mind, and surfing random sites online. Lately i have taken liking to this web site. Many of the people are unique and creative, at least most of the pages i visited. Oh, before i forget, i also cook. I AM GOD IN THE KITCHEN (joke joke joke) (.)


I am a very... strange person. At school, which will remained unnamed, i can be very hyper when with my friends. I don't talk in any of my classes if i can help it- no friends to play with. I am as strait as can be, but you wouldn't know that if you within a fifty foot radius of me. When i get home, i am almost the exact opposite of my school self. I become antisocial and hort tempered, but hey, siblings are EVIL.

I am an Atheist, a non-believer of a higher being. For those who have a problem with that, suck my big toe. I don't want some religious 'freak' harping on me in later events, which may happen if someone thinks i may have insulted their religion. Yes, i pick fun at things. No, i don't care.

I do curse alot in my writings but i have been trying to fix that. Also, all of my writings are in third person pov. I will take constructive critism after i read something written by, of course, you. If i don't like you're writing then your message will go in the trash without a second glance. I don't need some crappy writer correcting me. And do try to use proper spelling when contacting me, please! I can't read 'chat' very well. Example: rotflmfao. It takes too long figuring out every possiable string of words that may fit with that, And yes, i do know what rotflmfao is. I wrote in there. I will admit, my spelling sucks. That's why i write under a document that has spell check in it first. But i'm not doing that right now. This is the real, unspelled checked, me.

I am a very sarcastic person, in case some of you can't tell already. However, i am also very sincere. I know, contridicting. When, and if, i respond to any mail that will either praise, critique, or plain out hate me, i will be very sincere in my response. This i promise.

I AM NOT PRETTY. If you are a guy, or a girl that happens to swing that way, don't send me any message that says i am. I have found that alot of poeple do this, even if they have never seen me or anyother person they may be conversing to online. If this thing has an 'ignore' button, i will push it. Frankly, it's just plain creepy if anyone sends such a message.

We can be 'friends'. I really do like people, sometimes. (shifty eyes). I don't, however, like people who can only converse about Anime. Tes, i am an anime freak. That's all i truely watch. However, there is more to life. I already go to school with one; i can't stand her. Even her best friend, who is mine as well, is getting really annoyed by this. DON'T BOTHER ME WITH IT!!!

Current Location:

I live on the earth. Where, that doesn't matter, but if you really want to know... tough luck rubber duck. If you bother me about it, my response will be simple, the south pole. I know, no one lives there. Hell the South Pole constantly moves, just like the North Pole. Heh, poor Santa. Besides, who cares abour where i might be? If i want to know something about a different language or cultual, or anything else of that matter, i'll look it up. I always do. Yes, somethings may be wrong. I'm only human so get over it. At least, i think i'm human (0.o)

Other Worthless Info:

My favorite color(s) are purple, black, white, and gray.

My favorite foods: none. I like to eat. If it tastes good, looks good, and smells good, i just might eat it. And no, i'm not that fat. I'm very well proportioned for someone my age- another mystery.

My favorite song: Insanity by Oingo Boingo. The damn song is about seven minutes long and has a meaning. Who knew such thing was possiable in this day of age? Any way, i'll give you a small sample to read.

"Let's sit and watch the slaughter while we talk of family values, hypothetical abortions on imanginary daughters. The white folks think their at the top, like any proud white male, a million years of evelution and we get Danny Quail!!!"

My favorite movie: Hmm, tough one. I'd say... Spirited Away. I don't know, i just like it.

And that's the end. Don't be shy in visiting. Go ahead, i don't bite, hard.

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