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Author has written 12 stories for Bleach, Batman the Animated Series, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VIII, Terminator, and Final Fantasy VII.

Update 10/18/17: Going through some heavy shit right now.

Trying to be an adult and have a kid, but failing at it. Been failing at it for four years. Currently on our third fertility specialist. Had a devastating loss early 2017, but we're back in the saddle. Fuck, this is the worst.

I know, I'm such an asshole. I've been getting reviews and messages from you, and I just want you to know that I hear you. The lack of updating is unacceptable. I swear I'm working on all my fics between stints of free time. I'm simultaneously working on The Outlaw Knight and Ne Me Mori Facias. I have no intention of abandoning any of these stories, so hang tight.

Full disclosures are in my LiveJournal account (http(dot)//dr-staceums(dot)livejournal(dot)com) if you ever feel like reading about what I've been doing with my time.

Fic Synopsis (in order of newest publications):

Final Fantasy VII - Ne Me Mori Facias
I've been puttering around with this story for a long time, but was too afraid to publish it. FFVII is intimidating. There's too much, and it's easy to fuck up. On top of that, I have a confession to make - I've never actually played FFVII. Please don't hate me. I'm sorry but I just can't with Cloud's emo attitude. But I loved Crisis Core and was even more surprised to find that Sephiroth was a really likeable character. I felt bad for him. So, I started writing. What if Sephiroth was never really the one in control?

Final Fantasy VIII - Hide Your Crazy

I'm not even a big Xu person, but her lack of character development in the game leaves much to the imagination. I blame altol and sissyHIYAH for their bad influences and their portrayal of Xu in their fics, because now that's how I see her - something like a cross between Lisbeth Salander (Girl With a Dragon Tattoo) and Lucille (Sin City). When I first heard the song "Mama's Broken Heart" on the radio, this exact fic popped into my mind. Dunno why.

Final Fantasy XII - Letters to Rabanastre

This idea was sitting in my head for a long time; focuses on Ashe and Basch - their past, present, and future. Penelo and Larsa dabble in some mischief. I chopped up my old XII novelization and kept the Basch/Ashe pieces, so some work might look familiar. Pretty much expounding on the game ending and that oh-so-palpable tension between Basch and Ashe.

Final Fantasy VIII - Come Back

Collective works for The Third War community on LiveJournal ( focusing on the fragile relationship between Seifer and Quistis. Thinking about a sequel for this one...

Final Fantasy VIII - The Outlaw Knight

Meh, just because. Inspiration struck after watching Tombstone and Broken Trail. (If you haven't seen those movies, by the way, watch 'em.) Just something fun to write :) However, Zell fans beware - I'm makin' him out to be the bad guy in this one... Seifer x Quistis

Final Fantasy VIII - All of This Past

Title based off the song by Sarah Bettens. Sequel to "Sound of a Trembling Heart." After five years of peace, nobody saw it coming. An unstoppable chain reaction had been set in motion years ago...and now the SeeDs must face what they've feared all along... Canon pairings, mainly Seifer x Quistis.

Note: If you were confused by the epilogue in "Sound of a Trembling Heart," it's there for a reason. Trust me. Listen to the song I posted in that chapter. I'm foreshadowing like hell here.

Terminator Salvation - The Rooster

Title based off the song by Alice in Chains, originally played in the movie but never expounded upon - leaving much to the imagination. A story that is scientifically plausible and much more believable than the piece o' crap movie (at least, I'd like to think). Not quite a series of drabbles, but not meant to go very deep, either. Blair x Marcus undertones.

Final Fantasy VIII - Sound of a Trembling Heart

Title inspired by the song "Suicide Note" by Johnette Napolitano. This fic is simply about Seifer and Quistis, their recollection of the Second Sorceress War, and overcoming their pain. I swiped a few tiny elements from The Departed and changed the situation just a little - Seifer wasn't a traitor, and his mission was the most difficult of all.

Now en español by BlackyPink! Go check out the translated version here.

Final Fantasy X - The Story of Our Predecessors

A prequel to the actual game of FFX, following Auron and Braska before the big pilgrimage. Even though little hints were thrown at us in the game, we never did discover much about Auron's past. So, I'm putting together a story. Just why did Auron refuse to marry? And what caused the bitter grudge between him and Kinoc?

Batman and Catwoman - The Emerald Eye

Based on the animated series, but changed up just a bit with some OC's thrown in. Just some good old fashoned bat-cat banter, thievery, sexual innuendos, and romance...not to mention a huge conflict of interest.

Bleach - No Matter What: Fight or Die

Set during the Bount Arc with an OC as the 4th seat in the 11th squad. She knows something isn't right...the Bount invasion has brought back haunting memories, but of what? A little bit of Renji romance in the mix.

Final Fantasy XII - A Message From Our Sponsors: Dealing with Plagiarism

Plagiarism sucks. I hate it. Others hate it. So don't do it. Read the oneshot to see what I mean.

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Ne Me Mori Facias reviews
Finally released from Jenova's grip, Sephiroth tries to pick up the pieces, atone for his sins, and find his true purpose in life. Convincing everyone else of that, however, is easier said than done. Sephiroth x Tifa
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And Now, A Message From Our XII Sponsors reviews
A short OneShot dealing with the issues of plagiarism, mostly spurred from a recent experience of mine. It pokes fun of the circumstance as well as how upset the characters are. A few might be O.O.C., but simply for your entertainment!
Final Fantasy XII - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,441 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 5 - Published: 4/30/2008 - Complete
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