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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter.

I am a 20 year old male, and I really enjoy the Harry Potter series and tend to write all my stories based on it. Although I do write other things on the side, although it isn't fanfiction so it really isn't important. I am a somewhat slow updater most of the time unless I get a sudden burst of inspiration. I am currently working on a few projects so I might be even slower on updating. I am always looking for a good beta as well.

Ships I like are: Harry/Tonks, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Ginny(sometimes), Harry/Any of the black sisters(although I have seen many with Andromeda), and Harry/FemBlaise

Ships I don't like:Anything slash(I'm not homophobic it just isn't for me), Draco/Hermione, Not really into Ron/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Remus/Tonks

Coming Sometime(Hopefully soon):

Back in the past: Starting Over- Harry finally beats Voldemort, but loses almost everyone he cares about. He is left permantely changed by a forced ritual by Voldemort. He gets tired of the future and decides to make himself a new life in the past. He creates a spell that sends him back to the past when his parents are still in Hogwarts. He applies for the defense position( a little cliche I know). Can he find love,a family, and happiness in the past?Or will old enemies and habits die the hard way?Will be Non-HumanHarry/OC.

Harry will not be telling his parents who he is nor am I planning on having them find out; It's just not where I want this fic to go.

Coming Sometime(Hopefully soon as well):

Title unknown at the moment- What drives someone dark?Is it their past?Future?Losing someone important to them? How far is too far? Harry will soon find out when he loses the person he loves the most. How far will he go to save her? How deep is he willing to sink to ensure his success?DarkHarry possibly evilHarry.Harry/Tonks



Story must be set after the disasterous events of the DOM.

Fred and George Weasley watch as Harry wallows in despair at losing Sirius. They watch as the Order of the Pheonix force him back to his muggle relatives and cut off contact with his friends. They decide to take matters into their own hands breakout(kidnap) Harry and what follows is a wacky tale of travelling the world and meeting amazing and sometimes crazy new people.


-Harry should inherit lots of $$$ from Sirius and possibly gain the titles of Lord Black and Potter

-Travelling party should include Fred/George/Harry and possibly Ron

-Can be Manipulative Headmaster/Order or not

-His breakout/Kidnap Harry should be without his forknowledge and involve their products both used on the muggles and set for the order

-Their products should play a major role in this story(Useful stuff, weapons,etc.,etc.)

-Should spend some of their time training and getting into lots of trouble(nothing they can't handle of course. I mean it's Harry with his outrageous luck and the Weasley twins with thier deviousness)

-Should be fairly long meaning no one-shots unless you can make them really good.

I wanted to do this story but I don't really have the time. Well get crackin folks.

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