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I have deleted all the stories from this account and moved the ones I like to my new account, Ookami Hitokage. If you see any stories moved from here to there, OOKAMI HITOKAGE IS NOT PLAGIARIZING. Thank you.

I now use this account for criticizing purposes only.

Random facts about Anti-chan

- I don't support flamers. At all.

- I try to give good critique.

- I'm really friendly. XP

- I am a smiley rapist. >:D X) :P

- Although I cannot beta-read, I can give critique. If you want me to beta read, go to my other account, Ookami Hitokage, where I have all my stories.

- I'm a girl.

- When I critique, I can sometimes appear harsh, but, honestly, I try not to be. D:

- I like manga, anime, books, movies...well, normal stuff. XD

- I'm a normal person that hates spelling and/or grammatical mistakes. But, no body's perfect. X)