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Author has written 9 stories for Bleach, Soul Eater, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Naruto.

Important Information from the Author: Hello everyone! This is Blaze and I haven't updated my profile since 2010, nor have I updated any of my fanfiction since 2010. But I want to thank every single person who has supported my stories (even though they are worth crap in comparison to what I have now). I still write fanfiction and other works, but I do not think I will be posting them on here any longer. If you still want to read my stories, I do own a Tumblr and that is where I will be carrying on my writing abilities. Again, thank you to everyone who supports my fanfiction stories. And no, I do not plan on bringing the stories back up (for various reasons). - Blaze (3/27/2013)

:.:Information on author:.:
Name: Blaze
Age: --
Hometown: Somewhere in the clouds
Nationality: 100% totally asian...american.
Inspiration: I find inspiration from just daily life: going to school, talking with friends and family, watching tv, etc.
Extra information: The name "Blaze" started as a nickname on youtube when her friends and her started watching Sonic the Hedgehog. It soon stuck on and became her side name. She started writing fanfics in 6th grade, after watching Naruto for the first time. It started on Quizilla, where her old fanfiction can still be viewed. Afterwards, she moved on to and after a certain period of time, moved on to Bleach. Since then, she's worked her way through various animes and genres of fanfiction but her favorite type of genre for any fanfiction would be the "Humor/Adventure" genres.

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Ostara AMV Tribute (download link): http:///file/nh2om0(For Enchantable)

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:.:Story Updates:.:

Ice and Fire Collide (Hiatus/Stopped)

Edit- Apparently, this story has lost my interest. It hasn't been getting much publicity and it seriously sucks. Like, when I look back and re-read it...My grammar back then makes me what want to puke. So, I may just leave it as it is...So, sorry for those who liked Ice and Fire Collide but please understand that it's harder for me than it is to you.

Please, please, PLEASE R&R! That would be so awesome! I read all reviews, believe me on that! Sorry if i don't reply...but i DO read it. xD

Story introductions (longer versions):

Ice and Fire collide- Kaori Hikari is ready to shine and reach her goal to become captain. But, there is one thing that's resisting her, and that's her Captain, Hitsugaya Toshiro. Will she be able to reach her goal to become captain but still love her best friend at the same time?
Though Hikari and Toushiro have been friends since they were young, will that effect they're destiny?
Read "Ice and Fire Collide" and find out! (even IF Fire and Ice isn't a good reaction! XD)

Story OC characters:

Ice and Fire collide- Kaori Hikari (main prodigist)
Age- 99 years old
Crush- Hitsugaya Toushiro
Zanpakuto- YasuSuzume
Quotes from OC (it's either in the story now or will come in the story): "Heh, no sweat!" "Let's keep that promise..." "One day, i will become a captain and you will no longer call me Kaori, but Captain Kaori and i will call you Captain Shiro."
Image link (the only difference is that her entire hair is the same length with the front. In other words, her hair is long)
With Akemi (Akemi is the one on the left. Also, Akemi has black hair instead of white. Hikari is on the right. Though, i think this is a comical picture cause it looks like Hitsugaya as a girl! teehee! xD)

Bleeding Heart (Stopped)

My first Soul Eater story! Well, i hope you guys don't mind SoMa 'cause there's gonna be a lot of that. The narrator is two OC characters and yeah. xD

Story Introduction (longer version)

Follow the life of Ivy Evans (yes, EVANS) and her partner as they battle with Soul and Maka to become the next death scythe. But why turmoil hits Ivy, what will happen when she is forced to choose between her friends and family and complete insanity? READ NOW.

Story OC characters:

Ivy Claire Evans (main prodigist)
Age: A year younger that Soul (let's say that Soul is maybe...14-ish right now. So Ivy is 13-ish)
Crush: Death the Kid
Weapon or meister? Weapon (scythe)
Background: Younger sister of Soul Eater Evans. She, too, learned about having a weapon blood from her grandmother. Also, she plays the flute (but she also knows how to play the piano). Soul and Ivy don't have very good terms with each other and they often fight because of it.
Picture (ok, the one edit is that she has white hair, not pink and her outfit has sleeves): http:///quiz-school/upload/yuiupload/516283735.jpg

Evony Dia Park
Age: 13-ish
Crush: Black Star
Weapon or meister? meister
Background: Coming from a family of meisters, Evony was taught by her Father the skills to become a true meister. Sadly, when Evony was only 8, a Witch exterminated her family. She is the last of the Park family.
Picture (the only edit is that her necklace is a beaded necklace): http:///image/anime20girl20brown/RussianWolfGirl/girl-2.jpg?o=98

Tears of an Angel (Hiatus/planning)

That's right, i'm going to have a new story soon. And guess what anime it's gonna be? FULL METAL ALCHEMST! :D I'm pretty excited, so i hope you guys enjoy it! :D Well, ok, i'm unsure whether this should be a story or a oneshot...i'm not sure yet! xD If it's a oneshot, it's gonna be a RoyxRiza one shot. If it's a story, then it's gonna be a OCxEd. :D Uh, and the title might change, too. So, i hope you guys read it when it comes out! :D I'll let you guys know when it'll come out! :D

The Last Shinigami (Hiatus)

This is an omake for my bleach story, Ice and Fire Collide and my current favorite movie The Last Samurai. It'll be one huge oneshot! xD Part 1 has been uploaded! :) Yes, i said PART 1. Unfortunately, i couldn't make an entire oneshot thing plan is to have 3 parts to that, around 16,000 words each. I'll try working on it during the summer but because i'm now working on Ice and Fire Collide AND Under the Stars, it's almost impossible.

.: Under The Stars :. (In progress)

My first ichiruki story! :) There is a small love triange though: IchiRukiRen. I'm going to add Hitsuhina as well. _ Here's a story introduction (slightly longer):
The outstandng Kuchiki Rukia leaves her hometown, Tokyo, and enters a new area called Karakura Town. From an all-girls school to an all gender school, how will this girl live through her first year in Karakura Academy? Book 1: Sophomore shows it all unfolds! An IchirukiRen story (but going to be a full ichiruki story) with added pairings Hitsuhina, possible GinRan, and UraharaxYoruichi.
So that's the story introduction. Since there's no OC, i don't really have an character profiles. Also, this is going to be awesome cause i've never tried making an Ichiruki story and since i've had this idea in my head for a while, then here we go! xD Anyways, please read the story!!! :D :D

Power In The Flames (Planning)

I plan to make this a HitsuhinaAi (HitsugyaxHinamori/AizenxHinamori) story! :) Yay! xD It's still planning but i have a few ideas. :) Here's the intro summary that i'm thinking of:
The Winter War is over and all seems well. The Royal Gaurd was not pulled into the conflict and while many sustained terrible injures, Inoue and Unohana were able to heal it without a problem...All accept for Hinamori Momo. After being stabbed by accident by her best friend Hitsugaya Toushiro during the War, it has left her in a strange trauma. At the same time, Hitsugaya feels worried and guilty over the event and tries to get his best friend out of the trauma. While this happens, a dark, mysterious aura is about to unfold all throughout Seireitei...
Ok, it may change but whatever. xD

Capture and Retrieve (Complete)

My first ever oneshot and Avatar: The Last Airbender related one too! I was so happy when i finally published it too! Though it's not too popular, i don't care. I'm just glad i could finally publish it!!! All in all, it talks about what would happen in Aang got captured for a long period of time and if Azula broke out of her prison and stuff. Anyways, please read! Thanks!

Forever With You (Complete)

Haha! My first ever Naruto oneshot!!! Well, honestly, i've written Naruto fanfiction WAAAAY back in the day. xD But this is my first Naruto ONESHOT. This is my first dedication oneshot to the shut down of Onemanga. I'm really sad that it's shutting down and I didn't think it would until now. Anyways, this is about Minato and Kushina in the afterlife. Please read it! Thanks!

The Typical Uzumaki Family (Complete)

Another Naruto Oneshot! I love how Forever With You got so many likings so i made another one. This one is a lot more laid back and has some more action. Just as the title says, it's about a typical day with the Uzumaki Family! If you're curious to read it, then please read it! Thanks!

Bleeding Stars (Complete)

Yet another Naruto Oneshot! Wow, 3 oneshots using one Anime. Hm, new record. Anyways, Bleeding Stars is simply about what happens when Naruto dies and finally sees his parents, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, after waiting so long. Pretty much features Naruto, Minato, and Kushina...Please read it!

It's Not Too Late (Complete)

This is pretty much a GinRan Oneshot! I was sorta pleased since this is my first oneshot dealing with Bleach. This was based on chapter 416 in the manga, it had the best and worst GinRan moment so...Might as well make a oneshot! Generally, this was supposed to be a full going story but i decided that it would too much of a hastle and decided to keep it to a oneshot. The main summary is about Gin wanting to return to Seireitei, and he does, but with a cost...Features Gin and Rangiku, and a little bit of Hitsugaya. PLEASE READ IT!

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The outstandng Kuchiki Rukia leaves her hometown, Tokyo, and enters a new area called Karakura Town. From an all-girls school to an all gender school, how will this girl live through her first year in Karakura Academy? IchigoxRukiaxRenji or Ichiruki
Bleach - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 20 - Words: 58,449 - Reviews: 48 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 31 - Updated: 4/17/2011 - Published: 5/19/2010 - Ichigo K., Rukia K.
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A GinRan Oneshot! Based on Bleach Chapter 416, what happens to Gin and Rangiku after the war? Rated T for language.
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The Orange Hokage has fought against his worst enemy, Uchiha Sasuke. Now that his soul is put to rest, what is the outcome when he meets his family once again? ONESHOT! Ft. Naruto, Kushina, and Minato
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