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Ah, that's better. Now that the trolls have been chased off, we can get back to our reading!

There is a rant below about people who want to whine about this story or that not matching up with what they think is proper for whichever character, but that's for later. Here's the part where I welcome you to what little goes on in my world.

Real life has been intruding--new job, longer hours (and better pay!)--so my active updating has taken a hit. However, the rusty wheels of creation turn, though they turn exceeding slow. The majority of my scheming still involves the Tenth Doctor; anime, manga, and other mainstream SF characters are taking a back seat for now. I liked David Tennant's run and never warmed to Matt Smith or his writing team. Don't know that I ever will, but if it happens, I'll handle it then. For now, my dial only goes to ten, not eleven. (With love to TV Tropes and apologies to Spinal Tap.)

Feel free to peruse and critique, but if you intend to critique, read the rant first.

Still here?

Man alive, you are patient, aren't you?

A few people have complained that the Doctor is not behaving as he did in "Dreamland" or "The End of Time." I'm afraid I have to be a dick here and point out that this is not "Dreamland" or "The End of Time." This is a separate story, non-canon, and taking place in its own universe. I might also mention that despite how the Doctor acts in one story, he can act differently in others, including changes in mood. Unless I'm very much mistaken, even episodes of the series depict him as having changes in mood or motivation. Don't you do that in real life? Or are you always petulant and pessimistic?

Likewise, there have been complaints about the number of regenerations the Doctor has left. Google something first: Russell Davies interview in which he admits he pulled the larger number out of thin air. My stories take place before the BBC or the Doctor Who team has changed their minds on the numbers of regenerations, and in my series of fanfictions, the Doctor will be proceeding as if he doesn't know how many regenerations he has left. The results and ramifications of the Time War are still reverberating throughout the Whoniverse, and he hasn't figured them all out yet

Critique if you like, but not because it doesn't fit into your preconceived notions or preferences. I'm certain this has escaped some people, but this is a place where everyone puts their own spins on everything they see. I don't think you've noticed, but J.K. Rowling's books don't have Harry and Draco engaged in intimate relationships, but you'll see plenty of that here on Are you ranting about that? No? Why not? Writers are taking liberty with your precious fantasy characters! "Oh noes!" Yet somehow you come here and get your SpongeBob underwear all twisted up because I'm sticking with something that's been canon since it was mentioned in 1976. If that's your only complaint, take it elsewhere.

Don't complain about the twists because they twist you wrong. They're part of the story, so take them in that context and enjoy the whole. If a non-canon story sends you into weeping hissy fits because "your" character isn't behaving the way you like, that's your problem. Go write your own stories and quit sniveling about mine. Luckily, now one of them has haughtily decided not to read any more of my work. Good. Get out.

Now, for the rest of you who are here to enjoy a story, knock yourselves out. It's why we're here. If you've got quibbles about technique, spelling, syntax, or why I put a certain twist in or did this or that with something or someone, sound off. I'll explain myself; if it helps your understanding and enjoyment of the story, no problems at all.

But if you prefer to complain because my take on a story doesn't fit in with canon or your preconceptions, please smack yourself across the back of your head and partake of a resounding, "No shit, Sherlock." That's because this is Putting our own twists on things is what we do here. It's why the site exists.

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