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Hello. My name is "Your voice of Reason."

Why I chose that? Fucked if I know. For those of you wondering, I'm a girl. Shocker, eh? For now, adress me as Nara... Or else.

Read at your own risk, I might kill you for looking at my profile.

Anyway, my attitude... My attitude... Okay, I tend to keep to myself, and, though it doesn't seem like it, I'm slightly shy. I have one brother, now in the army, who (literally) tortured me mentally for the years he was still in my home, and now limits his visits to once per year (or less). We do have a few things in common though : Our calm, slightly angry, personalities and outlooks on life, our hatred for the woman that birthed us (I still won't call that thing my mother), our love of death, gore, violence and pain, and wolves. I love wolves, and I'm pretty damn sure he likes them too. I also tend to over-analyze, and as a result of that, I'm severely paranoid. Yep. I'm so paranoid, I can admit I'm paranoid. Seriously. I look over my shoulder like... 10 times a minute, just to see if someone's sneaking up on me. Anyway, as stated before, I'm slightly (extremely) shy. I only really feel comfortable around my friends and puppy, Rocko. Teri (that woman who birthed me) named him. Which is why the name sucks balls.

I took a personality test, and to my surprise, am Phlegmatic. Don't know what it means? Look it up.

But, on here, I'm a happy-go-lucky girl!! SQUEEE!!

NEWS NEWS NEWS : Akatsuki Bloopers and Guilt will be updated whenever I feel like it, but more importantly... Bonds, Useless In Your Eyes, and Love's Last Kiss have been taken off 'cause I want to write another story and it seemed like the choice that would piss off my readers the least.

Oh, and if you see anything odd in my stories, blame it on my brother. He found my account for a day.


Things I like :

Animals and nature, though I lean more to wolves.

Writing poems, writing stories, reading, drawing, learning and arts in general.

Sweets. My personality may point to the exact opposite, but I can't live without sweets.

Horse-back riding. Even though I've only tried it once in my life, I enjoyed it.

Watching anime, and reading manga.

Seeing my friends happy because of what I've done for them, it gives me a sort of accomplishment kind of feeling. I'm not sure what it is. ... Maybe there's a bunny in my soul?

Things I hate :

Failing people that care about me (even though I hate 'em mostly!)

The woman that birthed me.

Homophobia - Love knows no boundaries : Age, sex, or status.

My favorite anime couples are :

Kisame x Itachi

Itachi x Sasuke (Wee! Uchihacest!!)

Iruka x Kakashi

Kakashi x Naruto

Obito x Kakashi

Haku x Kimimaro

Kankuro x Gaara (Wee! Sunacest!!)

Pein x Itachi

Orochimaru x Sasori

Orochimaru x Kabuto

Orochimaru x Sasuke

Orochimaru x Itachi

Orochimaru x Kimimaro

Orochimaru x Naruto

Orochimaru x Kakashi

Orochimaru x Jiraiya

Orochimaru x Haku

Orochimaru x Zabuza

Orochimaru x Tobi

Orochimaru x Neji

Orochimaru x Shino

Orochimaru x Kiba

Neji x Itachi

Haku x Itachi

Haku x Zabuza

Kabuto x Kimimaro

Zabuza x Shino

Sesshoumaru x Kagome (Wow, straight pairing!)

Zabuza x Itachi

Zabuza x Kisame

Sasori x Deidara

Sasuke x Naruto

Asuma x Shikamaru

Kiba x Shino

Gaara x Neji

Hidan x Kakuzu

Zetsu x Tobi

Sesshoumaru x Inuyasha (Wee! Inubakacest!!)

Hated Pairings :

Gai x Kakashi

Chouji x Anyone

Naruto x Neji

Lee x Anyone

My favorite animes are :



Death Note

Yu Yu Hakusho (haven't watched in a while, so I'm watching it all over again)

Full Metal Alchemist (same)



Yes - Hn

No - Hn

I love you - Hn

I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!! - Hello, Itachi.

Mommy? Daddy? What are you doing facedown in a pool of blood? - Meep?

OW! - Hn.



What the hell are you doing naked, in a collar and leash, and tied to me bed?! - Naruto?

Favorite Quotes and/or Sayings and/or Comments.

"If a mime gets brutally raped, beaten, and murdered in the middle of a forest, will there be a trial?" Me to Sha-la-la-san.

"Sometimes I wonder if you're stupid, or if everyone in this class is a genius and you look stupid by comparison." Me to Squoop-kun.

"Is there a stick up your ass or something? 'Cause you just pissed on my cat." Me to Mad Cow.

"Squoop, I swear, if you don't put the bottle down, I'll get the 'pill'." Me to Squoop-kun.

"STOP HAUNTING ME ETHEL!!" Tousan to me.

"My name's not Ethel..." Me to Tousan.

"Do you feel God?" Kari to Adam on MythBusters.

"Is hope an illusion?" Me to Tousan.

"Elizabeth! ...Hide the rum." Captain Jack Sparrow.

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." Inigo Montoya.

"I do not envy you the headache you will have when you awake, but in the meantime, rest well and dream of large women." Westley.

"Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something!" Westley.

"I reject your reality and substitue my own." Adam Savage.

"Am I missing an eyebrow?" Adam Savage.

"Quack, damn you." Jamie Hyneman.

"Is it legal to strangle a Brit?" Paula Abdul.

"Is that a goat?" Squoop-kun.

"Oh look, a goat." Me.

"What's with the goat?" Mad Cow.

Favorite Conversations.

1) Me and Squoop-kun.

"Are you drunk?" Me.

"No! I'm sober... with a twist." Squoop-kun.

"Squoop, put down the bottle."

"I told you! I'm fine!"



"Shh, it's okay, Squoop."


"Good Squoop."

2) Me and Squoop-kun.

"Okay Squoop, I'm going to explain this niiiiiiice and sloooooow." Me.

"Okay." Squoop-kun.

"Well, first, your voice gets deeper, then-"


"Oh yeah, okay, well, see the door?"


"What does it say?"


"And what have you been doing?"

"... Pushing."

"Good, good... Now what should you be doing, and will be doing from now on?"

"... Pulling."

"And if it says push?"



3) Me and Squoop-kun (I talk to him a lot!)

"Would you still be my friend if I was gay?" Squoop-kun.

"Why do you ask?" Me.

"I want to know if we have a strong enough friendship or not!"

"Okay, then... (Closes book that he so rudely interrupted me reading) Squoop-kun, listen, I'll only say this once."


"I write gay stories, I read gay stories, and I'm a major Orochimaru fangirl. What in all that makes you think I won't accept you if you were to say you were gay? ...Did I mention I'm an Orochimaru fangirl?"

"Okay, thanks, but now I want to tell you something..."

"Let me guess? You're gay?"

"How'd you know?!"

"A little birdy told me."

4) Me and Squoop-kun, AGAIN.

Ring Ring! "Umm... Nara?"


"Why so grumpy?"

"It's 5 o'clock, damn you!!"



"Oh yeah, well, anyway, I need your help."

"Let me guess: you've suddenly realized you're not gay and need help on how to dump your boyfriend?"

"How'd you know?!"

"When you went to my house for my uncle's birthday, you left a book on 'how to dump your gay boyfriend'."

"Oh, yeah, well, um... I need help with that."

"Just say you don't love him anymore and that he should get his ass out of your house."


"... But... What if-"

"He's really bulky and has fairly large gun collection?"


"Melt all the guns down, and get the fuck out of his way when you call him and tell him to get the fuck out or you'll have me on his tail."

"What do you mean, you on his tail?"

"Nobody fucking hurts my Squoop."

"When you show the posessiveness, it's sisterly love, not love-love, right?"

"And what about yourself would make me love you?"

"Okay, thanks... HEY, WAIT-" I hang up on him.

5) Me and Mad Cow.


"Yes, Mad Cow?"

"How do you do this problem?" (We're in math class!)

"It's quite easy, read the instructions first, though."

"... I still don't get it."

"I'm working with monkeys..."


"See the 2?"


"See the 24?"


"Divide 2 into 24."

"OH, I GET IT!!"

"Good work, Bo-Bo."

Stupidest/Clumsiest/Just Plain Wackiest things I've ever done.

1) I tripped of a balcony. It... had railing, and I still tripped on it. Good thing that huge bush was there, ne?

2) I slapped a monkey. Literally. The zoo-keeper was pissed!

3) ... I tried to feed my baby cousin to an alligator. His parents AND the zoo-keeper were pissed!

4) ... I fell of the roof... Twice... In one night... Bushes are good for the soul (and prevent bodily harm!)

5) There was a new guy in our class, and as soon as he stepped through the door, I screamed out, "WELCOME, MYSTERIOUS STRANGER!"

6) I got a reeeeeeaaally long stick (like really long) and started poking my brother with it. I woke up like... 5 days later.

My OC:

First of all, I'm incredibly sorry I have to pain you with the creation of my OC. I, for one, generally hate OCs-except the exceptionally good ones-and am creating one right now. I'm so disappointed in myself, and I hope not to make her a Mary Sue.

Okibi Amaya

Appearence :

Long silver-white hair that falls to her waist with Hyuuga-style eyes (tinted red not lavender.) She wears a simple white yukata - similar to Temari's in Part II- with a red and white feather pattern on the sleeves and waistline with a red obi. Upon entering the Okibi clan grounds, the feather pattern recedes and leaves a pure white yukata, though the obi remains red.

Clan Trait/History :

A branch family member of the Hyuuga clan cut away from it - narrowly avoiding death by gaining the protection of the Shodaime in his later days - after he realized his own form of Byakugan was significantly different from his fellow clan member's. His own had a slightly reddish tint instead of the normal lavender, and had the ability to see emotions, see the dreams of sleeping people, and he could tell a person apart from another by the way their chakra swirled.. Instead of the normal blue, he saw chakra as red. He changed his name to Okibi, 'blazing fire', instead of keeping it as Hyuuga. He also gave his Byakugan a different name: the Karibi Byakugan. Karibi, 'borrowed fire', because of the way he could could convert pure chakra into fire and because he felt as though he had borrowed the Byakugan trait from the Hyuuga.

He married a woman from the Hatake family, passing on to his children the rapid learning, fire control, Karibi Byakugan, and silver-white hair. Over a few generations, the clan became nearly the same size of their relatives, the Hyuuga clan. Of course, their differences and pasts prompted the youngest generations of each clan to shun each other for what they were, creating a hateful relationship between them. The Okibi clan aids the choice of which young child the Bijuu would be sealed in, choosing one they thought would be capable of learning and accepting the life of a Jinchuuriki. Besides other Jinchuuriki, they are the only ones that can understand their pain.

Instead of a cursed seal to maintain obedience and to protect the clan's secrets, the Okibi clan have a much more humane way of dealing with its members' abilities. The Konohagakure police force takes care of the trouble-makers, and they have a special seal that destroys the Karibi Byakugan after they die and prevents it from being copied while they're alive. A corpse with plain white eyes was most likely an Okibi clan member. Every year, a different Okibi clan member (usually one of about 25-30 years of age) puts the seal on the newborn babies' backs, a large red feather that glows slightly when the person is feeling particularly emotional. The member who sealed the baby is considered the guardian if the parents die until they, or a sibling, can take care of themselves.

Amaya's History :

When she was one year old, her parents died in the war against Kyuubi, and, ironically, were the ones that chose Naruto for Kyuubi to be sealed in. They died trying to stop an Okibi-Hyuuga fight on the battlefield, trying to make them focus on the Bijuu that was attacking. She lived with her older brother, Keiji, (13 years her senior) until he died on an ANBU mission when she was 8. At 13 she started living on her own, seperating from her guardian, Daichi and his wife, Tsukiko. They and their child, Hoshiko, are the only Okibi members that she thinks of as friends. She is currently 16. Amaya is on the same team, Team Gai, as Rock Lee and Hyuuga Neji, who hates her with a passion. She is skilled in the average ninjutsu and is well-trained in the healing arts (every female in the clan is taught medical ninjutsu), though she mainly uses the Gental Fist style of combat.

Weaknesses :

Amaya tends to be extremely paranoid and analytical. She treats those in her own clan and the Hyuuga clan harshly, blaming them for her parents' death. Though she does not know who was on her brother's ANBU squad when he died, it has made her all the more hateful. She will never pass up the chance to fight, and won't stop until she or the enemy looses consciousness, or is restrained and forced to give up. She keeps to herself, but won't reject companionship (except if it is a Hyuuga clan member or an Okibi clan member) so long as they keep reasonably quiet and they don't ask about her personal life. Amaya and Neji get into fights constantly, Neji feeling as though Amaya's clan stole the Byakugan and Amaya, blaming his clan for her parents' death, intent on getting even. She rejects all attempts at friendship and forces herself to hate, even though she really doesn't want to. Her hate drives her to train ceaselessly, falling unconscious after she has over-exerted herself, much like a certain blonde ninja we all know. Being naturally fire-based, water weakens her severely. In addition to that, she does not know how to control fire once she has made it from chakra, and she can't tap into her Byakugan's full power (like Naruto before Jiraiya partially unsealed him.)

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