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PM: So this is a uhh, profile thingy. mer

SP: (sarcastic) Very sharp. PM. I admire your brain (rolls eyes)

PM: Says you who can't spell eyes. hmph


PM: Exacalacaly. I think ...

SP: Why don't we tell the ncie peble...DAMN IT...the nice people why we're using up their life with this profile page:)

PM: Because we want to brainwash them...oh...wait, that was my other profile...hehe

SP: I was about to say that lol. But really, you or me?

PM: Uhh, don't care. I guess me. Then you. We'll alternate. Good?

SP: Do you really care?

PM: No.

SP: Ok then..ehem...HELLO FANFICTION WORLD! This is the joint account of Strayphoenix and pottersmistress6391!

PM: You spelled 'ahem' wrong. And it's PottersMistress. ...yeah

SP: Drop dead.

PM: You first

SP: This is my bitterest profile ever. Probably because it's so early...

PM: Mmmmm...doughnuts and coffee...MMMM Starbucks frap's...yummmmm...


PM: Well I'M NOT SHARING!! You told me to drop dead. YOU'RE MEAN!

SP: (ignoring her) So the penname Hermyknee and Tuna comes from the first story we'll be publishing here called "The Importance of Being Harry"

PM: It's very funny. VERY funny. You have to read it. YOU HAVE TO!

SP: (sarcasitcally) Gee, how can anyone argue with THAT logic... really, though, it's fairly entertaining.

PM: Yeah, she's saying it all boring, Okay so it's about Harry and these other people and they're all like 'I'm you 'and he's all like 'no your not' and they're like 'yeah huh' and he's like 'hell no bitches' and then...yeah... uhhh-

SP: I was going to stop you from saying too many spoilers but I don't think these even COUNT. I guess, technically, I'm Hermyknee and PM's Tuna. What that actually MEANS you have to wait and see...

PM: You're only Hermyknee b/c I didn't stay rock in Rock-Paper-Scissors. Gr. Anyways, Harry's umm, wait, I said all they kind of needed to know already...sort of...right?

SP: Yeah, no one's probaby going to read this. It's just going to be 'one more crack author teaming up with another crack author to write a crack story on the biggest fanbase on the site' ...on second thought, they might not even get that far...They'll just probably stop on the first 'crack author'...

PM: CRACK! I LOVE CRACK! teeheehee...do you have any??

SP: Please, I have a reputation to keep.

PM: Mer. Fine. No crack.

SP: We can put Harry on crack...

PM: But with all his you-know-whattiness he can't have crack or he'll die. NO DON'T KILL HARRY!!! I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM!!! Actually, wait, no I'm not. I'm in love with DANIEL RADCLIFFE!!!! He's so...so...(sighs dreamily)

SP: I don't give a hoot in Hell about Harry as long as Rupert Grint is alive. And Scott Summers. And Edward Cullen. And Caleb. And-

PM: JEEZUS WOMAN!! YOU'RE A BIGAMIST!!!!!! I only have uhh, hold on, let me count. ok, so there's 1, and then there's that other one, and then...oh, no wait, I'm mad at that one, uhhh...I have...1, plus the other one, and then...3. 3 Husbands.. wait, can Harry and Daniel count as two different ppls?

SP: (aside) Why me? (to PM) Sure, whatever, it's called POLYGAMY and I have 12. As of now. Including a few fanfiction authors who I'm not allowed to mention on my fictional hubby harem.

PM: Okay, so that means i have 10 hubby's now.

SP: WTF?!?!

PM:Well, if you count Daniel as Harry and then Daniel as that guy in the show where he's a boyscout or something like that and then you count Daniel as the guy he's playing in December Boys and then you count him as his character in Equus and then you count Daniel as Daniel...then it all adds up...sort of.

SP: Fine then. if you want to play that game, my list goes up to like 30... we should stop now

PM: (under breath) Hooker. JUST KIDDING!!! AHHH!!! DON'T KILL ME!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Runs screaming in opposite direction)

SP: (still sitting in front of computer) OK, then...

PM: (runs back in) EEP! (runs out)

SP: OH! One last thing, here are our seperate links: www.fanfiction.net/~strayphoenix and www.fanfiction.net/~pottersmistress6391

Wonderfully Creatively Stupid Quotes (That are completely copyrighted):

"How the Hell do you spell Plutonian?!"-SP
"I don't think it's 'Plut-Onion'"-PM
- Hermyknee and Tuna

"If Daniel Radcliffe were a drug I'd be on him all day"-PM
"Wait, did you just say 'If Daniel were a drunk you'd be on him all day?!"-SP
"...that could work..."-PM
"Ugh." (rolls eyes)-SP
--Hermyknee and Tuna

(both sitting in front of a computer, Stray's is already on)
Pm walks up to computer and sits down, then pushes on button. Computer does nothing. "Why won't you turn on you bloody bitch!?"
"Did you just call the computer a blender?!" -SP
"No! I called it a bloody bitch."-PM
"Oh." (smacks computer)"Stupid blender"-SP

"We're such dorks" -PM
"Yeah. We need boyfrieds" -SP
"I have two!" -PM
"I meant PHYSICAL boyfriends" -SP
PM stares at SP awkwardly. SP catches what she said.
"I still have two" -PM

"We're switching mice" -SP
"Wouldn't that be meese?"-PM
"No! It's mice, not meese! Meese!" -SP
PM starts cracking up. SP glares.

"So, we have a blender (Points to CPU), a meese (points to mouse)...and a mooboard." -PM
"A mooboard? What?!"- SP
"Yes, a mooboard. (Points to keyboard)"-PM
SP sighs.