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"Blue skies, sunshine and butterflies. Those were the conditions that I left behind. Why did I let it go to waste? I had it all."

-Katharine McPhee: Had it All

"You had me to get her. And here, I thought it was me."

-Selena Gomez: I Won't Apologize

"Everybody needs inspiration. Everybody needs a song. A beautiful melody. When the night's so long."

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"And oh, we'll dance around it all night. And then I'll follow you outside. And try to open up my mouth. And nothing comes out right. And I wanna fall in love with you again."

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"There were times I'd wonder, could I have eased your pain?"

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"I will I be your guardian. When all is crumbling."

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"But what if I need you baby? Would you even try to save me? Or would you find some lame excuse to never be true?"

-Ashley Tisdale: What If

"All this drama drags me down, And drives me insane, But nothings gonna keep me out of the game."

-Cassie Steele: Life is a Show


"The heart is stronger than you think."

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"Some play it like a game just because they can."

-Jordan Pruitt: One Love

"You gotta scream until there's nothing left. With your last breath, say here I am."

-Renee Sandstrom: Here I Am

"And I’ll taste every moment. And live it out loud."

-David Cook: The Time of My Life

"Am I the reason why you tossed and turned last night? Everything is such a blur, it didn't come out right."

-Ashlee Simpson: Little Miss Obsessive

"A broken bat in the grass. Takin' one too many fastballs, tired of swinging."

-Phil Stacey: If You Didn't Love Me

"But I see you stare just a little too long and it makes me start to wonder."

-Jordin Sparks: Next To You

"I'm strong on the surface, not all the way through."

-Linkin Park: Leave Out All the Rest

Just some random things I think are cool or funny:

x None of us are virgins. Life has screwed us all. :)

xx Always borrow money from a pessimist. They don't expect you to pay them back.

xxx Guy: "Hey, haven't I seen you somewhere before?"
Girl: "Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore!"

xxxx Guy: "So, your place or mine?"
Girl: "Both. You go to to your's, and I'll go to mine."

xxxxx Before marriage, a man yearns for the woman he loves. After marriage, the 'y' becomes silent.

xxxxxx If you died with braces on, would they take them off?

xxxxxxx Why is 'Joey' short for 'Joe,' when Joey has more letters?

xxxxxxxx 42.7 percent of statistics are made up on the spot.

xxxxxxxxx 43 percent of all statistics are useless.

xxxxxxxxxx Don't drink and drive...you might spill your beer.

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The bloodshot eyes that stared back at me were so familiar, that it was starting to scare me. Erase that, I'm way past the point of scared."...When Miley's dad thought she was getting better, she was only getting worse. So she's off to Crowley Corners.
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