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November 6 1:00 AM

I'm on a bit of a hiatus for Road of Clay coughwritersblockcough

Expect some Assassin's Creed and Devil May Cry fanfic within this month. Maybe some Bleach if I find my notebook (still pissed its lost), and maybe an Avatar if I finish it.

Uh, if you want to every email me or if you ever PM me and I don't say anything back, use this:

February 10 12:32 AM

Okay, I fail at life for anyone who reads my profile page. But I must say that finals and two big projects came up for school and a whole fking lifetime went by during Winter Break, but now school has started and I'm settling into the groove of school so I know when I'll have time to write.

A DMC fic WILL be posted this weekend (13th-16th). Its only going to be five chapters which are outlined with two chapters are already done.

Assassin's Creed is half done. Its a two part one shot, or I guess a one shot with two versions. The crack version is done, so I'll put it up when the serious one is done. notebook is still gone...

Avatar might be a no go. Kinda gotten out of the series for now, but who knows.

Road of Clay is still on hiatus cuz I'm lazy and have writer's block. Very bad combo.

September 7 7:07 AM

I am the worst writer ever. I am beyond sorry. Here are my excuses (some are actually legit): School kicked my ass starting in mid-March with projects and finals (again), but I got a C in Bio so all is well, I failed to get into real college (I go to a jr college) so my mood was what you would called depressed, I started playing WoW (80 BE Pally WHOO), my friends BS (which is still going on sooo...), and for some reason I can't write over the summer (lame, I know).

Hopfully (HOPE-fully) I will update my DMC fic within the next 5-7 days. The next chapter is written and part of the bonus-I'm sorry I fail so bad at updating-chapter is 1/3 done.

School seems to inspire me to not pay attenion and write instead, BUT this semster is going to be very tough with lots of projects and pappers all starting around the end of this month until basicly finals week.

And for everyone's knowlegde, I changed my user name (cause I don't feel like a Sunonosalt anymore) and my email is shown as on my profile page or whatever page its on.

September 19 7:44 PM

So yea, no DMC chapter was updated as you all (no one I'm hoping/guessing) saw. The past week and this weekend I have to work on my psych paper and presentation. It WILL be posted this weekend because there will be a mini break til I have to focus on the second paper and presentation. Again sorry for all this "not writing" stuff, now back to my paper :'(

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