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Right then, given the large number of people coming across here now that I'm suddenly popular (so it seems xD), I reckon that it's time to update this page that I haven't updated since coming to however long ago it was. Many moons, certainly...

So yeah. Name's Trivun, born and raised in the middle of England. Trainee quantity surveyor, and last year finished four years of a three year Maths degree (screwed up enough to add another year to the course :P), writer by hobby (and I wish by trade...). Wannabe filmmaker too, but that's another story, unless you all have work for me xD. Started writing back when I was at high school, but I never really did much with it. Mostly original short pieces, that can be found on the Internet now under my Deviant Art page (just search 'Trivun' on there and you'll find them easily. In fact, anything with the username 'Trivun' that's in English online can reasonably be assumed to be me...). Never planned on writing fan fiction, until I decided to write a new story arc for the visual novel and manga/anime Higurashi no Naku Koro ni when I was at university/. Ultimately that project never even left the planning stage, let alone any amount of actual writing, but the idea of fan fiction never quite left me, and eventually I decided to write a piece for Halo. Just a story about the side characters from the novels (specifically Ghosts of Onyx), but it ended up evolving into someting much more. My next target was Katawa Shoujo, which right now I'm guessing is what's been driving droves of people to my pages (nothing else ever did, after all xD).

For the time being I'll be focusing on the Katawa Shoujo fic. However, I do want to write more, and ideally commercially. I'm also an avid gamer and I've been more interested in writing for visual novels recently. Hence, anyone with any work for me writing-wise, get in touch! I'd love to hear from you, especially if you're after a writer for film or game projects. Also willing to write non-fiction provided it's about a topic I have some idea of - in which case, again, feel free to get in touch!

Completed Stories:

Katawa Shoujo - Hanako's Story: This is a retelling of Hanako's story arc from the visual novel Katawa Shoujo, from her own point of view. Took me a very long time to finish this, two years - much longer than I anticipated. Still, hopefully those who stuck with me for so long will agree it was worth the wait :)

Stories In Progress:

Diary of a Sixteen Year Old Doomsday Weapon: I've recently started playing The Secret World, rather avidly, and though she doesn't appear very much I've found Carter, the erstwhile 'secret weapon' of Innsmouth Academy, to be quite a nice, decent, well written character. So, I thought, what if we could see the opening events of the Solomon Island Incident from her point of view? Dates are made up, of course, for narrative effect, and most info is invented or just gleaned from scraps, but hopefully my little narrative is fun for the fans, and something a bit different! It's shorter than my other works, by the nature of the story, but the quality should be on par with my other works ;).

Stories On Hiatus:

Halo - The White Flag Incident: This chronicle starts with 'Memories', and is slightly explored in a deeper light in the epilogue to that story as well as the supplementary tale 'Conversations from WHITE FLAG'. It's currently on hiatus due to my losing interest in the wider story and also a lack of interest from the community. If enough support is gathered to bring it back then I'll gladly dive back into the story, otherwise it's pretty much on indefinite pause. The story is based around the descent into rampancy of an early generation smart AI, Cassandra, who finds herself overwhelmed with Covenant and Forerunner records after being stranded temporarily on a Forerunner 'ancillary' - and further explores the connection she has to the UNSC Infinity and its earliest test missions, long before the events of Halo Glasslands...

Also, I want to give a massive thank you to all the people who have read my works so far and left feedback, both good and bad, and have added my stories to their Alerts and Favourites! There are too many of you for me to find the time to message and thank personally, but so you all know, your support is what inspires me to write more, and I am really really grateful to all of you! Thanks for reading! :D

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