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Hey there, My name is Trippz French Grissom, but call me Trippz for short. I am into...well it's on the bottom here;

Website for Unity Hearts: http://unityhearts.yolasite.com/

Youtube videos of mine: http://www.youtube.com/user/FelineofHeart?feature=mhee

Anyhoo,I'm into Video games,Tv shows,Anime,Cartoons,Music(Except ICP,I don't like the band),Drawing,writing fan stories,and reading books.

Favorite cartoons and Shows:

Fairly Odd Parents


The Amazing World of Gumball

Looney Toons Show

Big Time Rush

Suite Life on Deck (too bad it ended this year but still LOVE the show)

Kick Buttowski

Regular Show

Ed, Edd, N Eddy

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friend



A bit of Supernatural -watch it, it's a good show :3 -

Invader Zim

Avatar the Last Airbender -I need to watch the final season, I missed it xD-

All Dogs Go to Heaven, the Series.

Back At the Barnyard.

Favorite Anime:



Soul Eater

Sergeant Frog


(...I'll need to watch more xD)

My Favortie games are:


Kingdom Hearts Series

Mario games

Sonic Games

Wild Arms Games

Starfox adventures

Paper Mario a thousand year door

Trauma Center

Resident Evil(I don't play it but I watch my dad play the games,I may get into it,even it is rated M)

Earthbound (DUDE, this game rocks!!)

Patapon 1, 2, AND 3 (Oh come on, you gotta love the rhythm and the little eyeball creatures on this good game _)

Hamtaro Series Games

Persona 4

Favorite Sites I support to and are one of my favorites:

Youtube (FelineofHeart)

Neopets (My account is panthergrl1992 if you like to send me a gift because of my fanfics)

Adventure Quest (Guardian)


DeviantART (TrippzFrenchGrissom)

And of course, here.

Favourite Heros:

1) Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) (Shut up, I think he's hot >_

2) Mario (Super Mario Series) (Jump them bad guys!)

3) Chocobo (Chocobo Dungeon) (For a yellow bird, he sure has guts)

4) Hero Patapon (Patapon 2) (For a little eyeball that wears a mask, he sure is cute)

5) Priestess Meden (Patapon series) (Even though she doesn't fight alongside with anyone, she IS a very important female character.)

6) The Eds (Ed, Edd, N, Eddy) (Three mischief boys who get themselves into aLOT of trouble)

7) Genie (Aladdin) (Okya sure he's a Genie, but he's also a wise-cracking blue guy.)

8) Grim (Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) (Meh...I guess >_>)

9) Okami Amaterasu (Okami) (One bad-butt wolf with strange divine power _)

10) Rayman (Rayman Series) (A limbless dude that can really pack a punch)


My made up Super Mario/Okami characters:

Name:Sarah the Boo.




Clothing:She only wears a pink visor.

Hair:Violet purple.


Type:Celestial Envoy

Personalities:Calm,Heroic, Happy, angry, sad, Protective, friendly,funny.

Description:Sarah and her sister Cleo, were raised in the cold lands of Nippon called Kamui. They were raised to help out Sasha and Grace keep their powers going. They were then kidnapped by Bowser and his 8 kids to keep the prophecy which said that two plumbers, two boos, and two god cats would retrieve the 13 celestials of the Stars. Then Sarah and her sister teamed up with Mario and Luigi to retrieve them from Ninetailsletta(A cross of Demon Lord Ninetails and Cackletta.)Sarah is always with Sasha,Cleo, and Grace because she doesn't like being alone. She meets Trippz when she gets rescued from the Twin Evil sisters.

Theme Song: It's my life by No Doubt

Name:Sasha the Goddess cat(A.K.A. Yamigami)

Species:God Cat.

Age:250(Older than Amaterasu and Sarah)

Weapon:Dark Matter,her reflector

Clothing:Only a bandana

Hair/fur:white with red marks.

Eyes:Golden yellow

Type:Dark Goddess.

Personalities:Calm, happy, agressive, angry, upset, sad,protective, funny.

Description:Sasha and her sister, Grace, are twin cat sisters of Kamui. They live in a cave that are in Mt. Ejifuji. Their Celestial Envoys, Sasha and Cleo, live with them too. They had to leave their homeland when they have to travel from their caves to the Mushroom Kingdom to search for the Stars of the Celestial Gods that Amaterasu had their powers recovered for her. Their powers have been put to the Stars. She and her sister have to recover them before Ninetailsletta(Demon Lord Ninetails possessed by Cackletta, thought dead though) gets them first, or Bowser. She is really friendly to the Mario Bros. and hoped to help out much for them too. Her god power is Darkness.

Theme Song: It's my Life by No Doubt(That only occurs when Sarah is around Sasha)

Name:Grace The Goddess Cat(A.K.A. Lightgami)


Age:Same with Sasha

Weapon:Light Sunshine, her reflector

Clothing:Necklace with a symbol of a mushroom.

Hair/Fur:White with red marks.


Type:Light Goddess

Personalities:Happy, calm, hyper, protective, funny.

Decription:Grace is the twin sister of the Dark Goddess. She always with her sister just in case they need to work together to bring down their enemies. She carves magical totems and marks to ward off evil. She also use her light powers to blind her enemies for the short period of time. She uses glaives and Rosary daggers if needed.

Theme Song:Girls Just Wanna Have Fun By Cyndi Lauper

Name:Cleo the Boo



Weapons:Axe-cellarate(Heh Heh, get it?)

Clothing:Dark blue winter hat with an orange cotton on top.

Hair:Dark Pinkish-purple hair

Eyes:Dark cyan blue

Type:Celestial Envoy

Personalities:Happy,Friendly, calm, hyper, protective, scared.

Description:Cleo is a sister of Sarah, Cleo is somewhat a scardy cat like Luigi. Like Grace, she likes to make totems and strange markings. But also she likes to make dolls, magical dolls and also polished rocks. She's also scared of other ghost, especially boos, because they give the ghosts a bad name and when she says that the Boos jump on her in a scary way. She's also friendly towards people who are nice and don't jump on people for little things.

Theme Song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun By Cyndi Lauper (Occurs when Cleo is around Grace)

Name:Happiness the Canine Apprentice

Species:Akita Inu

Age:10 months

Weapons:...He has no weapons.

Clothing:Darker blue with a pink bead with a chinese Kanji for Happiness.

Hair/Fur:He's yellow with violet bluer paws,his fur that goes from his chest to the tail is orange and is his back,his eyes are orange with six of three scars on each eye(He got into a fight with Bowser Jr,that's how he got the scars.)


Type:Apprentice of the 5 Canine Warriors.

Personalities:Calm, happy, friendly, protective, nice.

Description:Happy is a young Canine Apprentice that is trying to become one of the Canine Warriors,right now he is under cover by pretending to be one of Bowser's minions to see what they're up to.But when he was fighting Fawful and worked with the Mario Bros.Bowser figured out he's a spy when he was stuck in a cannon.Happy knew he failed the mission to know about him,but Amaterasu said if he wants to be a Warrior,he will come along with them to get the Princess's Voice back.Since his symbol is for Happiness,he can be really nice to everyone.His special attack is Happiness and Peace Howl Attack,meaning that he howls and his bead glows pink and he starts attacking like crazy.

Theme Song: One Step Closer by Linkin Park

More will come soon.

My Vampire Wolves:


Species:Vampire Wolf

Age:14 years old(With human age)

Weapons:uh...his teeth?

Clothing:Wears a blood red cape

Hair/Fur:White with red going down from his chest to his tail.


Type:Vegetarian Vampire.

Personalities:Happy, calm, sad, upset, protective, shy.

Description:Frostblood is a well cared teenage wolf that would do no harm to anyone.Although his father wants him to drink flesh blood,but he refuses because killing is bad.So he usually sits in the church room,sleeping in there like it's his bedroom.He wishes to befriend a person who would accept him as his friend.Which happened one day when Mario,Goku,Garu,and Charlie explored the castle.Although his father attacked them and his minions bit him,Frostblood knew he had enough and escaped from the castle and into the real world where he was befriended with Luigi.He's also friends with other characters from the vampire realm also,but his father wouldn't let him see them because they don't do what he and his minions do.Frostblood likes to eat fruits and vegetables because it's good for him.He hates having to kill just because his father forced him to do it.HE can also be overprotective when it comes to dangers.

Theme Song: Crawling in the Dark By Hoobastank


Species:Vampire wolf


Weapons:Anything he brings with him

Clothing:Wears a light blue shirt with a red pendant and a black cape.

Hair/Fur:Black with red going down from his chest to his tail


Type:Blood-sucking vampire

Personalities:Calm, quiet, agressive, upset, angry.

Description:Bloodstone is Frostblood's father.He dislikes the fact that his own son won't do as other vampires do.He is much of a cold-blood wolf.He was to blame to put Mario in a fate of becoming his own minion.He also turned Anakin(Before episode III when he turned bad),Bowser,Zolo,and Nami into vampires.Bloodstone would stop at nothing to both finding his son and kill Luigi.

Theme Song: This is Halloween by Marilyn Manson


Species:Vampire Wolf

Weapons:Anything he needs

Clothing:Gray shirt with ablue pendent with a black bandana thing

Hair/Fur:Red with dark blood red scars

Eyes:Demonic red

Type:Blood-Sucking Wolf and Leader of the Vampire Realm

Personalities:Commanding, Calm, quiet, serious.

Description:Scarblood is the Leader of all vampires. Next to his brother, He likes drinking blood whatever he wants. He eats Vegetables and fruit to calm his hunger problem. Scarblood sometimes likes to go walking in the night. He likes drinking blood from Trippz since she is half vampire thanks to Smallfry.

Theme Song: Thriller By Micheal Jackson

My Unity Hearts Characters:

Name:Trippz French Grissom

Species:Humanoid cat


Eyes:(Her left eye)Brown,(Her right eye)Black and red with a scar.

Hair:Brown with black and red streaks

Fur:Purple with red and black stars on ears,arms,tail,and legs.

Clothing:Wears a black shirt with a red star, violet red pants with red and black star patterns, black shoes, red gloves, and has a light blue goggles and black headphone

Wings: Angelic Dark black with violet blue moon patterns with stars

Weilds:Midnight Star(Keyblade)

Rainbow Saber(Lightsaber)

Golden Pounder(Hammer)

Powers:Charmed Power,Jedi,Keyblade Bearer,Dragoon,Ghost powers.(Due to a secret artifact she carries) Also turns into a werecat.

Type:Jedi-Keyblade bearer Half-Vampire Mage.

Personalities:Happy, calm, hyper, agressive, sad, protective, friendly, headstrong, tauntful, upset, angry, commanding,shy.

Description:Trippz is a young teenage girl that can be peace,but when something fustraights her,she gets nasty and wants to beat something up like the villains.She owns a shop Called "Trippz's Trinket and Items".She dislikes Evil clowns, the evil meanies, and almost everything that is bad to her. She can be nice towards her next door neighbor, Dante Sparda,well she dislikes him the first time then the two became friends. Trippz can also be a little fustraighted or sad, or else just not in her best mood. the people that annoys her almost the most is Bobobo, Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler. Also good friends with the Ham-hams,Ness,Mario,Pucca,Amaterasu, and Virginia Maxwell. She also sometimes taunts her enemies if needed. Trippz is also in love with Fang. She's always blushing when Fang says something about her.

She also has been building up a team to make All-Star better to live in and make the world a better place as well. She does have a dark secret she doesn't want to tell.

Theme Song: So What by Pink

Name:Anti-Drug Ninetails

Species:Ninetailed Fox

Age:Unknown really

Eyes:Red with Yellow iris

Hair/fur:Black w/ blue markings

Clothing:Bracelets and collar with spikes and blue dangly gem

Wings:He makes them appear on his back, they're very icy blue

wields: Axe if needed.

Powers:Ice and Icy Fire

Type: Drug Hating Ninetailed Fox

Personalities:Friendly, nice, protective, Anger, stressful, aggressive.

Description:Anti-Drug Ninetails used to be a pup until the full moon. Trippz thought the grown up version turned evil when he puts her in some kind of dimensional battle but it was a battle test. He doesn't like anyone hurting Trippz too much. To make Trippz take down any over-leveled bad guy, he'll take over her body and make her stronger to bring them down. He also dislikes drugs, so he'll get rid of any drunk people that tries to hurt Trippz.

Theme Song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams By Green Day

Name: Darth Smallfry

Species: Humanoid Tiger cat

Age: 37



Fur: Red with dark green strips.

Clothing: Black pants, shoes, and shirt

Wings: red and black demonic wings.

Weapons: Dark Saber (Lightsaber)


Smoky Pipe(Bazooka)

Powers: Sith and also Jedi, Keyblade bearer, Dragoon.

Type:Sith-Keyblade Bearer Vampire Demon

Personalities:Happy, goofy, hyper, calm, angry, agressive, protective, tauntful.

Description: Smallfry is a non-heartless Sith and Jedi, he now owns the Death Star that was built by Darth Vader himself. He decends down towards earth with a boy he saved name Lucas to aid Trippz and her partners. He has a habit to keeping Trippz safe from harm's way as they can be very dangerous if not careful. He can also resist the power of Bobobo's world as he is also crazy. His Empire soldiers calls him Darth Smallfry because he is now the leader of the Death Star. But he rather be called Smallfry.Like Nero, his arm is also a claw and has the same abilities to grab enemies from afar, only the arm claw will be on his left arm. He is also the only person that can understand Sir Daniel Fortesque since Daniel lost his jaw and can only mumble the words.He also respects Goku and the S.T.A.R.S. members. Also if Smallfry is about to give up his life, he'll have to drink up blood in order to revive himself, I know it's disturbing.

Theme Song: Enter Sandman by Metallica

Name: Cereal Killa

Species: Humanoid Tiger cat.


Eyes: Blue

Hair: some are dirty blonde, and the middle top is bald.

Fur: Deep Dark red with black stripes.

Clothing: Red hooded long sleeve shirt and red pants. (He uses the hood to show he's a mysterious Cereal Killa.)

Wings: Demonic black wings

Weapons:Axe of Psychos(Axe, whatelse would the name be punned?)

Milliennium Gun(Machine Gun)

Powers: Dragoon, Jedi.

Type:Juggalo Vampire

Personalities:Calm, arrigant, agressive, angry, upset, protective, murderous.

Description: He is known as a Juggalo, or a Serial Killer. He used to be Trippz's enemy until she learns that he is actually her uncle. He isn't all that bad once you get used to him, but getting into his bad mood could mean causing him to be psycho. Meaning you may find yourself sleeping with the dead(My real uncle doesn't do that). He doesn't like annoying people like Luffy and Bobobo. He can also be freaked out if Don Patch starts acting like a woman. He'll usually be lurking around at night to kill those who are bad.He is also good friends with the S.T.A.R.S. members who survived the t-virus outbreak.

Theme Song: eeeeh Any ICP song I guess...


Species:Humanoid Tiger Cat

Age:In his 30's



Fur:Green fur with red stripes.

Clothing:Green shirt, black cape, purple gloves, blue pants, black hat, and shoes.

Wings:Demonic red wings.

Weapons:Wand of Mysteries(Wand,Duh)

Magic Saber(Lightsaber)

Powers:Jedi, Dragoon.

Type:Magician Vampire

Personalities:Calm, happy, magical, upset, hyper, joking.

Description: Magic is Smallfry's brother and half-brother of Killa and also an uncle of Trippz. He likes magic and practices every day if he can. He dislikes rude people like Zolo,Dante,Knuckles(Yes he can be rude sometimes),and Kiyo.He likes friendly people.He doesn't know much of the All-Stars, so it'll be hard to know any of the characters names.

Theme Song: I'll figure it out soon...

Name:Fuego Flames

Species:Chinese Dragon


eyes:violet pink with purple slinted eyes.


Fur/Scales:orange and her claw tips have poison in them, but when she eats, the claws doesn't poison her food.Her horns are purple with gold hoops on them.

Clothing:Black tight shirt with a fire nation symbol on it, black tight shorts, and fingerless gloves

Wings:She doesn't have them, but she flies like a Saiyan.

Weapons:She can use lightsabers, hammers, guns, swords, ect. But if she can, she can use her fists or her claws on her enemies.

Powers: She gets the power of a Super Saiyan later.

Type:Female Super Saiyan Firebender (A rare one too, even if she IS female)

Personalities:Calm, Quiet, Agressive, arrogant, upset, fightful.

Description: Fuego is a female Dragon who helps Trippz rescue her hometown Flamesville from the source of the Fire orb. She helps Trippz out on her joruney. She can be helpful with great information since she's been studying literature and history.Like helpful characters, she can know the species of the enemies while they are fighting.She herself hates stupidity,meaning Bobobo, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler gives her a headache if they don't stop goofing around her.). She loves hot stuff because the fire in food gives her strength to make her fire powers stronger and fatal.Fuego is friends with Jeff, Dexter(Ham-Ham),Panda(Ham-Ham).Goombella,Maxwell(Ham-Ham),and Trippz.Fuego isn't a nerd, she just wants to befriend people who has the same knowledge as her. She's rivals of Zuko, Azula, and Ozai.

Theme Song: Headstrong by Trapt


Species: Possibly a mix of harpy and bird.

Age:12 or 13

Hair:Light green

Feathers:Blue with red bird's feet.

Clothing:Airbender amulet, orange shirt, and yellow shorts.

Weapons: any weapons she's half-brain to use.

Personalities:Hyper, Happy, scared, active.



Description:Airwing is a half-brain harpy bird who does or doesn't know anything. She'll usually squawk like a parrot or chirp like a bird sometimes. She doesn't like eating meat because she hates harming people. She was found by Trippz when she didn't know where she was at as she was lost. She can be helpful sometimes, but she suffers short-term memory losts when she forgets sometimes.She's also scared of Micheal Jackson, Sephiroth, and Voltemort.Why?I haven't figure it out yet... She's also the Great-Granddaughter of the infamous "The Grand Duke of Owls."

Theme Song: Hamster Dance by Hampton the Hampster

Name:Fang Wolfspear

Species:Humanoid Werewolf.


eyes:blue with yellow iris, like a werewolf.

clothing:Black vest, blue shorts, and blue goggles


Hair:Alone with the fur.

Weilds:His own White Lightsaber he built and a two way sword.

Powers:He gets them from an item called an Element Crystal.

Type:Alchemist Werewolf

Personalities:Happy, calm, quiet, friendly, protective.

Description: Fang used to have a normal life until he was taken by the UMBRELLA corp. He spends almost about three or four years doing alchemy for UMBRELLA and it's owner, Albert Wesker. Ed and Alphouse Elric rescued him from the prison. Fang decided to travel around, then he met Sabrina all alone and took her with him. He then met four outlaws who were mistaken criminals a few months ago. He got a letter saying to meet Trippz in the Cul-De-Sac. He rescued her but due to Trippz's phobia of Werewolves and Vampires, he scared her away. After Trippz and Fang got used with each other, the two became friends, possibly secretly in love with each other.

Theme Song:Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy

Name:Sabrina Shootstar

Species:Kirby-like thing


Eyes: Purple




Weilds:nothing, she gets the weapons when she swallows up her friends or her foes.

Powers:Look above.

Type:Kirby-thing copier

Personalities:Happy, calm, quiet, scared, upset, angry.

Description: She is unknown, All everyone knows is that she met Fang and nothing else. Most of the time she's around him like a little sister. She's usually quiet too, maybe shy most of the time. Her powers allow her to copy her allies or her opponents powers.

Theme Song: Gotta figure out soon...

Name:Cecilia RainStorm

Species:Same with Rayman



Clothing:Pink camouflage shirt and shorts with black shoes and blue gloves


Skin:same color like Rayman

Wields:Punching Gloves and koopa shells.

Powers:Whatever I guess.

Type:...I really don't know.

Personalities:Goofy, insane, happy,cheery.

Description:Cecilia is a somewhat a knotjob to the team of Unity Hearts. She and Airwing could cost major craziness to annoy the team, either than that, trying to keep everyone calm.Cecilia also has two vampiric siblings.Trippz thinks she's helpful, although she's alot a knockjob. Her skills doesn't match anyone else though, but she is helpful by distracting the enemies for extra time. She loves Dav Limbnon, but General Gong loves her for some reason too, but she doesn't know about it so he tries his best to show love to her. As long as she doesn't eat it.

Theme Song: Waka Laka by...Is it a DDR song or is it by Aqua?

Name:Dracruel Rainstorm

Species:Same with Rayman and Cecilia


Eyes:Dark blue

Clothing: Dark hood shirt with a blue bat symbol on it and black pants and shoes with red gloves.

Hair:Emo black hair with dark green strands

Skin:Pale grey

Wields:Guns and daggers

Powers:Dark, dark Earth, psychic, freezes time


Personalities:Calm, aggressive, friendly, angry, mad.

Description:Dracruel is a gothic, emo teenager who is also a vampire. He and his sister, Popfang, are the only vampires in the family. They won't turn Cecilia into a vampire because she's too stupid and may start hurting people like a mad cow. He also dislikes stupid people, except Cecilia even though he wants to hurt her but won't. Trippz and Smallfry calls him a "Handy Limbless Vampire". He can grab any enemy within a few yards and grab them back and bite them, fatally or making them his slave.

He also has a relationship with someone, but is pretty much protective over her due to him being worried she'll die again someday without ways to coming back.

Theme Song: Don't Stay by Linkin Park

Name:PopFang Rainstorm

Species:Same with Rayman, Dracruel, and Cecilia



Clothing:Dark Green and Dark Blue jeans and shoes, and dark blue gloves.

Hair:Red tied to a ponytail

Skin:Pale Grey


Powers:Not much, she just sprouts black wings.


Personalities:Friendly, calm, happy, aggressive, mad, angry.

Description: PopFang is a sister of Cecilia and Dracruel. She is also happens to be the oldest sibling of the family. She's also the smartest in the group as well. she also dislikes idiots, although she doesn't mind Cecilia. She is the one that doesn't agree to turn Cecilia into a vampire. She's also talented of thiefing and good at dagger throwing. she likes drinking Diet Soda and not blood.

Theme Song: Disturbia by Rihanna

Name:Darksmoke the Dragon





Clothing:Spiky collar and bracelet and Gothic-type web on his left leg.

Wings: Dark violet red.

Scales:Dark violet red with black spikes going down his tail and a black scar on his left back leg and yellow horns and purple chest scales going down his tail.


Powers:Red, Darkness, and light.

Type:Gothic Dragon

Personalities: Calm, happy, angry, aggressive.

Description:Darksmoke is one of the surviving dragons that their eggs weren't destroyed by the apes. He and his two siblings, Strongbad and April, are only born by their parents. His family are also rich and his home is hidden in a dried up volcano. When Trippz got sick by a strange hot fever, her group had to travel to the rare dried Volcano where it grows the peppermint flavored peppers. But Darksmoke and his siblings caught them getting some and decided to challenge them in a sing off. Although Trippz's group bested them and got the peppers they needed. The Dragons also joined them to search for the orbs.He and his sibling also created the Ham-Ham and Dragon club for all Dragons and Hamsters to join.

Theme Song: My time is now by...I don't remember the artist...

Name:April the Dragon




Eyes:Light Green

clothing:A necklace with a half of heart with the word "Sis" on it.


Scales:Light green with a pink heart on cheek and a flower between the hearts and purple spikes and light green horns and pink chest scales going down her tail.


Powers:Light, Earth, and Psychic.

Type:Hypnotis Dragon

Personalities:Calm, happy hyper, excited.

Description:April is Darksmoke's and strongbad's sister. She's not much of a arguing dragon, she doesn't like fights but if it means to protects the ones she knows. She also has a beautiful voice that could put anyone to sleep or at least put them under her control if possible. It only works on her opponents.

Theme Song:Everytime we Touch by Cascada

Name:Strongbad the Dragon




Eyes:Dark Blue

Clothing:Necklace with half of heart that says bro

Wings:Green with yellow frame skin on the wings

Scales:Green with red spike hair and yellow spikes with black marks on them and spiky green ball with black spikes and black claws on the paws and horns and green scars on sides and back legs and yellow chest scales going down to his tail.

Weilds:Maces and spears.

Powers:Earth and Darkness.

Type:Heavy Wrestler Dragon

Personalities:Calm, friendly, happy, buff, headstrong, agressive.

Description:Strongbad is a brother of April and Darksmoke, he's may look like he could kill someone by the look of his muscles and the spiky ball and the spike and...Well he's very friendly. The reason his muscles are so tough is because he kinda works out, or maybe he just beats the baddies out.He trains very hard so he can help out anyone that needs his help. He'll also stand up to a fight with any other brute as well.

Theme Song: Spin me right round by marliyn Manson

Name: Shadowfire





Wings:Red skin with black frame.

Scales:Red with black claws, spikes, and chest scales going down to his stomach and one spike on his nose.


Powers: Water, Fire, and Darkness

Type:Friendly Punk Dragon

Personalities:Quiet, happy, friendly, calm.

Description: Coming soon...




Eyes:Blue Green

clothing: Red cape and yellow armour and bracelets with red oval gems and a purple wing-like tiara and black chest plate.

Wings:Blue skin with light green frame.

Scales:Blue with orange hair spikes, black spikes on each of her cheeks, and some few black spikes.

Weilds: Staffs.

Powers: Water and darkness.

Type:Genious Dragon.

Personalities:Calm, Agressive, anger, serious, headstrong.

Description: coming soon...



Species:Hamster or ham-ham


Clothing:Dark black purple mage rope with a pink cotton on the hood tip with a blue star, a blue amulet with golden medal string and glasses.

Fur/Hair:Orange hair with the left bangs covering his left eye and light purple pink fur and purple mark fur on his ears and dark blue paws.

Powers:What Mages use.

Type:Mage Wizard Ham-Ham

Personalities:Nice, shy, genius, smart.

Description:Wizham is a ham-ham mage that practices magic whatever he can to help out Trippz when needed. When Trippz was stuck going against some bad guys of Mortal Kombat, he came to aid Trippz for winning the tournament. Warlic is his teacher to magic spelling and practicing spells.

Theme Song: Somewhere I belong by Linkin Park

Name:Du Clus


Species:Chinese Dragon...kinda...


Clothing:Green long sleeve chinese shirt and pants with red streaks


Scales:Cyan with purple spikes, claws, and a dark green horn. He also has light green spikes like hair and some like a beard some chinese dragons have. On the tip of his tail is shape like a fan colored light pink purple, dark blue and green.

Weilds: The abilities of Chi and other combat weapons.

Powers:Any element depends on his Martial Arts moves.

Type:Kung Fu and Martial Arts Chinese Dragon

Personalities:Calm, serious, aggressive, knowledgable.

Description:Du Clus is a a very trained combat teacher and a martial arts teacher. When Trippz has problems of Mortal Kombat, he comes her aid as well as Wizham and helps her win the tournament and gets the orb she needs. He dislikes stupid people as, to his word, don't have knowledge and will to know the true martial arts. He's also very unique when he uses his weapons. He'll also focuses on where his enemies will strike.

Theme Song: Mortal Kombat by...ehh it's a movie song okay?

Name:Etovoleur Ratonange




Eyes:Bright green

Clothing:Fancy violet red shirt outside from the white shirt with green tie, grey pants, and black shoes and he also wears a purple-wired glasses

Hair:Light green

Fur:Light blue

Wields:Kitana he can summon with his will power.

Powers:Light and be able to turn into an angel

Type:French Angel Raccoon

Personalities:Calm, happy, serious, friendly, gentle

Description:Etovoleur is a very rich raccoon that owns a nice palace with a pool and an underground game room and arcade with a little restaurant too, just like Trippz. He has a little crush on Popfang, even though she's a vampire. Etovoleur turns into his Angel form when something evil comes along to threaten his friends. He is also an orphan, but Trippz willingly shares her fortune with him in case he goes low. Eddy thinks about adopting him for his money, but Trippz disagrees about letting Etovoleur be adopted by Eddy because he'll waste money on jawbreakers instead of the Angel Raccoon boy.

Theme Song: Lying from you by Linkin Park

Name:Draco CurseTail



Age:100 (Even though he looks almost 18-20)

Eyes:Dark blue

Clothing: Violet red clothing with a dark blue spider on shirt, black pants, and dark blue boots, black hood cape and and gloves with kanji for curse.

Hair:same with his fur

Fur:Violet red


Powers:Able to raise the undead, create dark holes in ground.

Type:Necromancer Wolf

Personalities:Calm, friendly, agressive, happy.

Description:Draco escaped the world Lore to avoid being killed by the Paladin Order. Later on he became Trippz's servant for her, serving her whatever he wishes. When Trippz had to go rescue E.Gadd, he had to get away from the group in order to hide himself from the Paladins and Artix Krieger himself. Artix still doesn't like him, but since he's Trippz's servant he respects Draco as long as Trippz is around. He can also be violent if someone dares hurt Trippz in process. Yes he's overprotected sometimes. His undead minion is a Dry Bones name Mr.Rattles, who rattles between sentences.

Theme Song: Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park

Name:Dav Nonlimb


Species:Limbless creature


Eyes: Purple

Clothing:Blue shirt with a yellow bandana, white gloves, and blue shoes with yellow pokemon symbols.

Hair:Silver and he also has Raccoon Ears and Tail liek the one in the Super Mario Bros 3 game.

Wields:Pokeballs to summon his pokemon and lightsaber.

Powers:The Force.

Type:Limbless Pokemon Trainer and Jedi.

Personalities:Calm, happy, Protective, agressive (If anyone messes with his pokemon).

Description: Dav was born where Rayman was born, but until then the Cullen family came looking for his parents as they were jedis hiding from Darth Vader. He was sent to the real world where they wouldn't hurt Dav and the Cullens killed his parents. Until then he didn't know they stopped killing people so he's been avoiding them since. He was raised by Du Clus and raised to be a Jedi Knightm at age 10, but after that he learned about pokemon and asked his master if he could travel to both raise pokemon to battle AND learn the skills of the jedi. Du clus would've disagree, but whatever his students wants to learn something as well and still practice their beings, he allowed Dav to become a Pokemon Master, his first pokemon is a rare blue pikachu with one left wing name Angel. So far, during his 5 years traveling, he collected different pokemon and captured the legendary pokemon. He dislikes the Cullens because of what he did to his parents. Fuego also protects him like a brother because he was the only one without a family, besides Du Clus. Cecilia also seems to have a crush on him.

Theme Song: Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin




Age: Level 45 (Dav wouldn't allow her to change because he likes her as she is.)

Eyes: Blue

Clothing: Yellow scarf.



Powers:Lightning, duh she's a pikachu.

Type: Um...Pokemon?

Personalities:Sassy, agressive, angry, calm, happy.

Description:Angel first met Dav during his beginning of being a pokemon trainer. At first she thought he was one of those stupid Team Rocket trying to get her because she was a rare blue pikachu, but things turned out all right as he is very kind. Angel REALLY dislikes rabbids and Team Rocket because they think they're all this and that. If anyone tries to hug her in her bad mood, she electricutes someone who picks her up. She also has a fear of Vampires, excludes Smallfry, Dracruel, Popfang, Frostblood, and Bloodstone.

Theme Song: Same as Dav's



Species:Fourtailed fox



Clothing:Brown native clothing

Fur:Grey with ps controller button marks on his tails.

Wields:Spears, axes, bow and arrows, anything the patapons give him.

Powers:Able to use the drums as well.

Type:Drum playing Fourtails and also leader of the Patapons.

Personalities:Calm, commanding, happy, cheerful, party-animal(As the Patapons love music and dancing.)

Description: Fourtailpon is the Leader of the Patapons. He loves the beat to the music, partying with his patapons, and doesn't like backing down the battles. Fuego, Trippz, Smallfry, and Anti-Drug Ninetails seem to be the ones from the legends about two females, a male, and a ninetailed fox

Theme Song: Patapon 2 Theme Song

Name: Kastar the Mahopon


Species: Wagyanba Mahopon Patapon

Age:Unknown (appears to be either 13 or 14)

Eyes: Cyan around the pupil of the eye

Clothing: Black robe with stars & moons and boots with stars on them, and she also wearings a red mask with a heart on it.


Power: Anything.

Type:Skittish young patapon

Personalities: Skittish, happy, calm, aggressive, shy.

Description: Kastar is a young patapon girl who adventures around in three season; fall, winter, and spring. She also visits a special island called "Summer Island". Apparently that's where her parents explored before they went missing. No one found her parents since. Kastar felt grief and disappointment of loosing two people she loved. Warlic was her babysitter back then so he told her that he'll raise her to be a great Mahopon. Kastar didn't grow up because the Flying Dutchman cursed her into being a 13 or 14 year old forever. Since then every Summer she visits Summer Island and searches around the island, both sides of good AND evil. When summer comes to an end, she leaves the island as it disappears and then travels around the world every 9 months until Summer comes again. She also keeps records of her summer life in the Peach Creek School Library, her book was found by Trippz Grissom. She's rivals of "The Grand Duke of Owls", Demon Lord Ninetails, and Orochimaru.

Theme Song: I'm with you by Avril Lavigne

Name: Nimbus the Megapon


Species: Pyokoran Megapon Patapon

Age: 16

Eyes: Orange around the pupil of the eye

Clothing: Dark blue-grey cape and wearing a blue mask with a teardrop on it

Wields: Horns and Trumphets

Powers: Sings and blows notes to his enemies, sometimes his beautiful singing puts anyone to sleep just like Jigglypuffs

Type: Shakespeare type brave patapon

Personalities: Happy, charming, calm, protective, lovable, singable

Description: Nimbus is a charming traveling patapon who loves to sing and play music on his horn. Trippz sometimes calls him "Shakespearepon","Pretty-boy","Romeo", or any other name she can think of. He always has his eye on Kastar as she is "Like a flower in the moonlight sky that lights up her beauty in the light". Trippz always gags because he thinks he's this and that. Nimbus also dislikes monsters and villains as they are a nuisance to him. He can be able to trap himself into crystal to protect himself from danger. He also wraps his cape around Kastar to protect her as well.

Theme Song: Sex Bomb by Tom Jones.

Villains Of Unity Hearts:

Name:Yang and Yung

Species:Siamese cats



Clothing:Yang wears a black outfit with boots and Yung wears light blue shirt with dark midnight pants and shoes.

Hair/Fur:Yang has black hair and yung has dark blue hair/same with their fur

Wields:Any type of weapons they dangerously use.

Powers:Yang uses Darkness while Yung uses psychic powers.

Type:Two Twins who loves nothing but boys, shopping, and fine jewelry and gems.

Description:Yang and Yung are Twin sisters who love boys, money, and any rich life they can think of. Trippz hates these women because they're nothing but trouble to her and her partners. The twins's favorite food is cakes with sweet frosting and dark chocolate. They also have a big crush on Dark Fourtailton, Fourtailpon's Nemesis.

Theme Song: Our Solemn Hour by Within Temptation

Name:Dark Fourtailton

Species:Zigoton Fourtailed Fox


Eyes:Red like the Zigotons

Clothing:Black and red armour

Hair/Fur:Very pitch black, making him evil.

Wields:Wields the same scythe as General Gong's, only this one has three blades on it, making it look scary enough not even his prey can get any nearer to him.

Powers:Able to control minds, put his enemies to sleep, duplicates himself, and controls the weather.

Type: Heartless Fourtailed Fox Zigoton Commander.

Description:Dark Fourtailton was just a lonely man with nowhere to go or anywhere to live. He had no friends nor family until he was taken in by the Zigotons. Fourtailton is a really evil Zigoton Leader. He respects Queen Kharma and he dislikes the patapons and their leader, Fourtailpon. He loves no one, except he accepts the Siamese Cat Twins as he overhears them of how cute and handsome he is. He is handsome, Dark, and Tall, but within him is pure evil. He is good friend with The Grand Duke of Owls because he dislikes light so Fourtailton makes it dark enough for him to travel easier.

Theme Song: Planet Hell by Nightwish

These made ups are mine, the rest belong to their owners.

The Fuzzballs:

Fuzzy the Fuzzball(A violet blue Fuzzball cat with ears, no-arm paws,and tail.Supports Trippz Grissom)

Bowie the Fuzzball(A pink Fuzzball with orange bow tie and bow on her head. Supports Magic)

Killer the Fuzzball(A dangerously red Fuzzball with black swirls on his body,ears,and tail, also has blood-stains on his claws.Supports Killa)

Solid Fuzz(Named after Solid Snake.a Blue fuzzball with green eyes, black stripes, green headband. Supports Smallfry)

That should be it for now until the later chapters of "The Unity Hearts."

Any Characters from above are mine and should not be stolen,GOT IT?!

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