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woo-hoo. both "they tried to love each other" and "a quartet" were removed for containing song lyrics. that happened a little faster than expected. so, don't expect any more posts here. i'm looking around for somewhere new to open an account, when i find it i'll make a note of it here. see below for the mini-rant that was posted at the end of chapter 24 of "they tried to love each other" before it was deleted.

On another, more serious note: I’ve been warned by Beauty-On-The-Run11 that a lot of stories with song lyrics included in them are being deleted. I’m well aware of this, and still very grateful for the warning. One of my friends, Bri, Fading Dusk has had stories of hers deleted, as have many other authors, many of them well-known and well-loved. I realize that the excuse given is something along the lines of ‘the song lyrics weren’t written by you, so don’t post them,’ but I highly disagree with that – songfics have been up on fanfiction (dot net) forever, and to ban song lyrics just seems silly – famous quotations that weren’t written by the authors that post here and used often as well, excerpts from poetry, quotes from movies and books and various sources, many of which are probably used unconsciously. In truth, the characters used at fanfiction (dot net) don’t belong to the authors either – they aren’t the property of the author, and I honestly don’t see the problem in using excerpts from songs or poems, quotations, or things like that – as long as they are properly credited. I’ve never had any of my stories deleted from fanfiction (dot net), for which I’m grateful – I’ve taken the time to rate them properly, or at least what I consider is properly, and I credit all the song lyrics used. I disagree very strongly with some of fanfiction (dot net’s) policies, but I also realize that to check each and every story reported for abuse or whatever would be difficult if not impossible. I highly recommend people on livejournal to check out the community “thegreatbreak” (do a search for it on livejournal (dot com), I’m sorry I can’t post links here). I will continue to post here, but if this story is deleted, don’t expect it to be posted again. I’m looking for a new place to post at the moment, but will continue posting here until this story is deleted here – which, hopefully, it won’t be. The link to “thegreatbreak” community on livejournal is located in my profile, I highly recommend that if you belong to livejournal that you join, and even if you don’t to take a look around. I’m not a very well-known writer around here, nowhere near the popularity of the authors that make up the moderators of thegreatbreakSolarism, Sarinileni, Christy Corr, to name just a few – but judging by the number of reviews on this story, and the fact that I’m on at least a few people’s favorite authors lists and author alerts, this gets read. Take a look at the livejournal community! Once again, the link is in my author profile. (Thanks for reading this, if you did. I know it was unorganized.)

check out the 'homepage' link to see the userinfo page for the livejournal community The Great Break. it's for the unfair deletion of stories at fanfiction (dot net), many of them well-known and well-loved.

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