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Welcome avid writers!

My dA: DeviantART

Name: For Friends

Age: 25

Structure: 6'1'-195 pds

Birthdate: October 24th, 1988

Residence: New Hampshire.

Me: I'm just the average guy from New England. I am in love with playing sports and being active. My favorite activities are Football, Track, and Snowboarding. My favoite passtime is playing my PS2 and PS3...if not that then my Computer. Favorite games are the Spyro Series...FF7..Kingdom Hearts 12...Call of Duty series..Rock Band..Grand Theft Auto series..and Sid Meier's stuff. Just about any RTS will do. I have too many favorite movies to list lol..a few are...Gladiator...Master and Commander...Saving Private Ryan...Kingdom of Heaven...Old Godzilla movies to watch...The Patriot...Independence Day...The Last Samurai...Star Wars...some Star Trek...the list goes on and on. Favorite books are Lord of the Rings..Angels and Demons...Clive Cussler...The Inheritance Cycle...and Ender's Game. I love writing but not reading so much..but I can do it lol..just so ya know. I'm single with a binded heart...don't ask. Other then that I love hanging with friends and meeting new people...hit me up on Facebook if you want...and if you want to know what I look like just come up to New England yourself lol...we have lovely winters :D...favorite music is Meat Loaf...Disturbed...and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I do like many others though..those three are just my favs.

Education: High school diploma and now going for my certificates in computer networking.

Stories: Just look down...I have a lot of stories that I want to write about but for right now I'm just focusing on The Secrets of Convexity.

Work: I work for Coca-Cola. I am not anti-Pepsi...I actually like a lot of Pepsi Products. If your expecting coupons or some crap don't get your hopes up lol..I aint that special. It's a good job though!

Other Work: I am a member of the United States Navy Reserve. My current occupation is MA3. AKA Master-At-Arms 3rd Class. Hopefully I wont get deployed anytime soon.

Even more Work: I am now a snowboard instructor at Mt. Sunapee mountain resort in Sunapee New Hampshire. If any of you peeps happen to find yourself up in that neck of the woods and need a lesson look me up. I highly doubt you will though lol.

The guys on fanfiction: spyro n flame 2000, Mad Guns22, Scarlett O'Hare, Spirit Okami, Given-Inside, Fresh Blood, flyboy87, Torchwingfan176, TMHB77, Cazcat, jamieque, Neo Rabbit Keeper of NeoVerse, and several others. All great people who aspire to unleash their imaginations!

I do love to help other authors if you have any questions at all just give me a shout. I check my messages every night and I respond to if anything bugs you about the Spyro universe just ask and I will tell.

Enough about me! Don't you have something important to worry about 0.o...

My O.C. Characters:


Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark Crimson red with a body shape very similar to Spyro's. Very muscular and has elongated spikes positioned from his head down his back. His tail ends with a barb very much like Cynder's.

Characteristics: Arrogant, self-centered, believed he is the next coming of god. Shows very little affection if at all for others and is not afraid to take the easy way out to get what he wants. Hates Spyro above all others and Terradon almost as much. Seeks to claim Cynder's affections as his own. It is unknown as of yet where exactly he originated from.

Powers: Nearly rivals Ignitus and Spyro himself in the art of fire. Has the ability to sustain a high volume of flame for minutes on end. Moves very very quickly and prefers to defeat his enemies out of brutal trickery. Not highly skilled in close range combat but makes up for it with his speed and power.


Age: 16

Gender: Male

Apppearance: Dark brown with an appearance nearly matching that of his grandfather Terrador. Has stone grey eyes and sharp obsidian stones lining his back.

Characteristics: Kind, generous, and very proud like his grandfather. Holds a very deep friendshipt with all dragons besides Scorch who he cares nothing for. Very good friends with Spyro and Cynder especially. Never backs down from a fight and will do anything to help those in need. Although he shys away from romance, he has show affection for Ember on occasion..despiter her strong relationship with Flame.

Powers: Due to training under his grandfather, Terradon is unmatched by all other dragons in the element of earth. He is the strongest physically of the younger dragons but lacks in speed. Stays close to the ground so that he may feel his enemies through the earth. In physical combat he is rivaled only by Spyro and with element he is on par if not more skilled then Spyro himself.


Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blazing orange scales with a very slender figure. Two horns protrude from the back of her head and spikes that blaze like fire run down her back and along her tail. A very strange crescent like blade ends at its tip. Her eyes are as bright as the sun and she has a strange symbol on her forehead that nearly illuminates the darkness.

Characteristics: Loved by nearly any male that comes upon her and hated by almost every female. The strange symbol on her forehead grants her the power of the sun..thus causing her to become weak at night. Very kind and somewhat estranged due to a life of cruelty against her. Wary towards strangers and has little actual friends.

Powers: Commands suburb power over fire and suprisingly lightning..making her one of the first dragons to have access to more then one element. Although she appears fragile she does have a fierce fighting spirit that comes from years of defending herself against abuse from others. Reaches the peak of her power when the sun is at its hieght..and becomes most vulnerable when the moon has risen. Strong physical attacks with an undeveloped skill in elements.


Age: 17

Gender: Male (Twilight Dragon)

Appearance: His scales are black as midnight and his belly has the luster of pure gold. Two horns protrude from the side of his head and curve up in a crescent shape. One single horn extends from the back of his head to create a seemingly crown shaped helm. His eyes are a deep saphirre while the membrane under his wings is the same crimson color of Cynders. His tail ends with two sharp blades shaped like a crescent moon.

Characteristics: Very gentle and very passionate. Prefers using manners over force when necessary, but has vast power within himself granted through unknown powers. A very curtious gentlemen who shows a deep passion for life and love. This is believed to have derived from his hard upbringing. He does however remain blissfully unaware of his darkest past.

Powers: Has shown the ability to control objects with his mind. His powers derive from pure darkness, and as a result he does not willingly unleash his powers. The full extent of the darkness within his soul is still unknown.


Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Appearance: Humanoid. Has the exact same features as a walking human with the exception that his skin is an ash color. Instead of normal flesh he is covered by misshapen scales. Several cracks and scars line his skin; evidence of trials long past. Two small devil like horns extend from the front of his head and his mouth is lined with razor sharp fangs. His eyes are blood red and his spine shows evidence of extreme pressure. Wears nothing but a solid black cloak with a hood; complete with a ancient belt. His fingers and toes end with the sharp talons of a dragon.

Characteristics: Cruel and unjust, much as his master wishes him. He shows very little sympathy for any and holds a dark secret within himself that none except the Dark Master know of. Willing to go to extreme lengths to accomplish his missions and shares a very hated relationship with Gaul. It is unknown wether or not he obeys the Dark Master willingly, but he has shown both enjoyment and disgust with his work.

Powers: Has the devestating ability to control whatever element his enemy may use. Therefore he can wield the element of any character that he battles. Shows mastery in Fire, Lightning, Earth, and Ice. Prefers to defeat his enemies with superior hand to hand fighting skills; in which he applies a crude blade of his own design. He has been defeated by few and is matched in power by only his master and perhaps Spyro.


"Never go to a doctor who's office plants have died."

"Never take life seriously, no one gets out alive anyway"

"Time is a great teacher, unfortunately it kills all its pupils."

"A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing!"

"Women are like cell phones, they love to be held and they love to be talked to, but if you press the wrong button you will be disconnected."

"I am sorry officer, but as I was reaching down for my crack pipe my handgun fell off my lap and knocked over my bag of weed which got jammed in the accelerator causing me to speed out of control."

"If you die in an elevator, be sure to press the UP button!"

Okay so lets get this straight...

When your a think you can do anything and you do...your twenties are a your thirties, you raise the family, make a little money, then start thinking to yourself."what happened in my twenties?" your forties you grow a little pot belly and you grow another chin, the music starts to get too loud, and one of your old girlfriends from high school becomes a your fifties you have a minor surgery, you call it a "procedure" but it's a your sixties you have a major surgery, the music is still loud but it doesn't matter because you can't hear it your seventies, you and the wife retire to Fort Lauderdale. You start having dinner around 1 in the afternoon, lunch around 10, breakfast the night before. Start wandering around malls looking for the ultimate soft yogurt and muttering to yourself."How come the kids don't call how come the kids don't call." your eighties you have a major stroke, you start babbling to some Jamaican nurse who your wife can't stand but who you call moma...any questions?

If you want to read some good stories..take a look at Given-Inside's Angela's Gift and United..or Fresh Blood's The Future Begins. All three are Eragon related. For Spyro stories I can recommend TMHB77's The Legend of Spyro: Gale of Darkness and jamieque's Dragon of Destiny series.

Thats about all you people's need to know about me. Nothing really special anyways so go find something worthy of your time :D...but visit again!!


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