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12/14/14 : I already said most of what I had to say in my last post. For now, I'll just post the update.

Weekly Update

Untitled(HTTYD) : Story Text 2100

12/9/14: Wow, time flies. Very, very fast.

I put off updating this page because a) I wanted to have something worth creating an update for, and b) because I'm a coward and didn't want to admit that five weeks had gone by without me doing anything at all.

In fairness, I've done more than nothing. I almost completely rewrote my Final Plot Synopsis, I added a few more notes to the characters, and I've narrowed the story name down to two possibilities. But as far as actual story writing goes, I've done nothing on that front.

There's not a good excuse for this, but I'd like to try and explain. I've been on this site for quite a long time, but I haven't actually done much. I started several stories, and I finished a few short stories, but even the most recent of those was written over two years ago. The last time I actually buckled down and wrote more than a single chapter was, no joke, almost five years ago.

Trying to get back into things, five years after the fact, has been a rough journey, and while I've taken a lot of steps toward it, I've yet to make a very serious effort.

With that having been said, I'm going to try something. I won't make any promises, but I'm hoping that this week, I'll finally have something positive to put in the update.

11/1/14: Misfortune seems to dog my ever step these days. I managed to get some writing done, and not just a little either. But pretty quickly I came down with something rotten. To put it mildly, I was dead on my feet, when I could be bothered to stand, and coming off of that problem, I ran straight into computer trouble. All told, I lost 5 solid days to all that.

Still, progress is progress, so...

Weekly Update

Untitled(HTTYD) : Story Text 1000

10/25/14: I'll be honest, no progress this week. No excuses, no obstructions, I was just lazy. I'm sorry.

10/17/14: Progress, at last. Or more than I've been doing, at least. I made some modifications to my outline, but I also got some writing in. Which is good, since I've had very little of that up until now.

Most of this past week has been reveling in my new-found lucidity. All told, I didn't spend a whole lot of writing this week, but I probably put in more time than all the work I've done since completing my prep work combined. Still, a lot of room for improvement, and my goal is to double this week's output next week.

The benchmark I really want to hit is 1000 words per day, which is really ambitious, given what I've done up to now. In the short term, though, getting something written every day is the biggest step I can take, and what I'm going to try and aim for.

Weekly Update

Untitled(HTTYD) : Story Text 600

10/11/14: Bad news first. I've gotten very little done this week, and it's all my own fault. A couple weeks back, I started taking new medicine for some inflamation, and after a few days I started getting tired. Some general mental fuzziness, but mostly I was sleeping longer, more frequently, and still feeling more tired after. Eventually, I put two and two together and ditched the pills, which helped a lot, but I didn't start feeling back to normal until Thursday.

So basically, I lost two weeks of progress, which is a bit painful.

Good news, though, is that I did manage to get some things done at the tail end of the week. Once my head was clear and I wasn't sleeping more than my cat, I finally had a chance to work on my projects. It's not much, and far from what I was hoping to have done by now, but it's better than I have been.

Expect better updates to come. In the meantime:

Weekly Update

Untitled (HTTYD) : Story Text 200

10/10/14: Friday's update is going to be Saturday's update, I'm afraid. I'd been planning to post a proper update tonight, but I lost track of time, and I'm going to bed. Tomorrow, though, I should have actual progress to report.

10/3/14: Very tired right now. It's been one thing after another this week, and I can't seem to catch a break, let alone a chance to write. Nothing at all written this week, which is really disappointing.

9/27/14: Missed the update last night. Mostly just tired. Things have been getting warmer in my corner of the world, and consequently I've been getting less sleep, despite turning in earlier. Briefer evenings plus less sleep equals very little progress.

Weekly Update

Untitled (HTTYD) : Story Text 300

9/19/14: As expected, this week was not very productive. Still, I managed to get a non-zero amount written, so I guess that's something. And with the prep work I've done, most of the narrative has been ironed out, so the actual writing should come pretty easily. I don't want to set any really ambitious goals this week, but I'm aiming to at least double the amount of story text I've written thus far.

Weekly Update

Untitled (HTTYD) : Character Profiles 20% (completed), Final Plot Synopsis 80% (completed), Story Text 300

9/17/14: I feel the need to vent my frustrations a bit. Since Friday, I have had virtually no time to work. For the most part, I've just been extremely busy, but the few times I've actually had time, I've been tied down away from my computer by one thing after another. I did manage to knock out a huge amount of prep-work for the still-untitled HTTYD story on Monday night, but it's still looking like this week will be one of my less productive.

I don't have a whole lot of time right this minute, certainly not enough to get much of anything done writing-wise, but I refuse to let this project stray from my mind, hence this update. I will have another sometime late on Friday.

9/12/14: Added to my profile the current status of my stories, both active and inactive. I'll work to keep that section updated weekly, and I'll be adding to it as time goes on and I get a better handle on how I want this to work. At the moment, I'm making this up as I go. Disappointing progress to report this week. Very little time to work, very little work done.

Weekly Update

Untitled (HTTYD) : Character Profiles 30%, Final Plot Synopsis 20%, Story Text 1,000

9/9/14: This post is mainly for the purposes of getting my thoughts down. I'll be expanding on my future plans once I get things going. For now, though, and for the immediate future, Servant of Entropy and To Cage The Beast are on hiatus.

Looking back, while I think it was a good first step, Servant of Entropy was a very amateurish attempt to introduce what I thought of as a mature vision of the Sonic Adventure story. I had some good ideas, but I also had a lot of bad ones, and much of the reason it has idled so long has been that my attempts to fix things behind the scenes kept stalling out. Earlier this year, I threw out almost all of my early concept work and started from scratch. All, and I mean all of the groundwork had been laid, and it was literally ready to be typed.

Unfortunately, real life intruded, and I decided it would be for the best to shelve the story for the summer and pick it back up in the fall when I had more time. And it was then that I became interested in How to Train Your Dragon. To make a long story short, I'm in the process of writing a story in that fandom, which I hope to begin publishing this fall.

For those wondering why I didn't just start back up on Servant of Entropy, I have my reasons. First, by my most conservative estimates, Servant of Entropy will end up being more than twice as long as this HTTYD project. Given my history of stalling out, I would prefer to start small. Second, I have a lot of momentum going into this project, and I'd prefer to ride this one out first instead of trying to jump off once it's gotten going. And third, while Sonic remains one of my preferred fandoms, I'm simply more interested in HTTYD at this moment.

To Cage the Beast is something of a special case. Unlike Servant of Entropy, it hasn't undergone a major overhaul, though most of what I have will be rewritten. However, it was always meant to help inform Servant of Entropy which, after five years, remains unwritten. In the end, I've decided that it can, and probably should, wait until that story is actually finished.

All of my stories will remain up for now, though Prelude to Anarchy, Servant of Entropy, and To Cage the Beast will eventually be replaced when they are rewritten. Bat in the Belfry and Last One Standing will remain up. I'm not all that happy with those pieces, but I'm not so proud as to delete them.

That's it for now. Status update coming on Friday.

9/8/14: I'll be making another post this Friday, but I wanted to get this out here.

I've never been able to get these projects off the ground. I'd like to blame the childish conception I had of story-writing in my early years for that, and while that's definitely true, the fact is I just couldn't stay focused. Projects would idle for weeks, months, or years before I got back to them, and I'm never going to finish them like that. And I definitely want to finish them.

For those interested, but primarily for my own benefit, I'm going to be making weekly progress reports on my writing projects. I'll flesh that out as it goes along, but I'll be starting on Friday. If I feel the inclination, I'll re-write my profile, but for now, I'll just leave this here.

Story Status

Sonic the Hedgehog Stories

Servant of Entropy (On Hiatus)

Concept Document : 100%

Story Summary : 100%

Character Profiles : 60%

Final Plot Synopsis : 100%

Story Text Written : 1,100 words

To Cage The Beast (On Hiatus)

Concept Document : 0%

Story Summary : 80%

Character Profiles : 100%

Final Plot Synopsis : 0%

Story Text Written : 5000 words

How To Train Your Dragon Stories

Untitled (Active)

Concept Document : 100%

Story Summary : 100%

Character Profiles : 100%

Final Plot Synopsis : 100%

Story Text Written : 1600 words

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