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Hello to everyone reading this page. I joined fanfiction.net when I was 17 and have been reading ever since :) Also on another note I changed my profile name from SifuZuko8.15.16.5 to Oya.22 haha a bit more universal as I have expanded the kind of fanfics I read. Anyway, I started reading fan fiction a few years ago (mostly to cope with the season three wait for Avatar the last air bender NOT the movie. that was awful.). I've been hugely into Merlin on BBC lately, and also LOVE some of those stories :) I am a complete theater nerd and acting is basically my life. I also love ceramics, drawing, and just art in general. I started writing a couple years ago, but can't really see any fanfiction in my future. I did have two stories up a while back but lost interest and I HATE it when authors get me hooked on their awesomeness only to pull out, so unless I'm fully dedicated to finishing, I'm not going to post anything anytime soon. though anything is possible :)) I basically love anything fantasy/scifi and am an incredibly dedicated fan. I may get a bit too invested but whatev, I'm among friends.

favorite TV shows: Merlin, Stargate, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Firefly, Friends (yeah... still love it), True Blood, and Game of Thrones

favorite anime/manga: Lovely Complex, Bleach, Nana, and Rurouni Kenshin (the manga)

favorite books: Harry Potter, the "his dark materials" series (Golden Compass..etc), Eragon (yes the movie was crap, but I liked the book), Lord of the Rings (I have so much respect for this series it's disgusting... I recently read an article that traces the plot of every fantasy novel out there back to LOTR. Just brilliant)

music: LOVE classical and movie scores... a little weird but it's really my favorite thing to listen too. Being a musical theatre major and an actor, of course I love me some good showtunes :)) I also love Mumford & Sons and Florence the Machine

All Things Merlin :)))

Thoughts on season/series 4 (Spoilers to those who don't live in the UK or don't cheat like me and get everything online... I also watch in the U.S. to support the show)

So, like many of us out there, I'm pretty much obsessed with Arthur finding out about Merlin's magic... I mean REALLY. It's getting ridiculous. Like that fact that Arthur KNEW Merlin stayed behind to lead their pursuers away in the caves (during the season/series finally) and NO ONE is at all questioning why everyone, including Agravaine, turned up dead???? (On a side note, how scary was Merlin when he killed Agravaine?) Sometimes I question if the writers are just worried that they won't have anything to work with if they reveal the secret, but I'd like to think they are more creative than that. That being said, this season was by far the best since season/series 1. It was so much darker and sophisticated, and that is coming from a Game of Thrones fan (it really doesn't get darker than that... it's almost to an uncomfortable level). And I LOVED the episode where Gaius is tortured and at the end he tells Arthur of his "allies" from other religions... definitely setting him up... hopefully. and I love that that high priest bowed to him... *sigh* one of my many Merlin based fantasies is Arthur finding out about Merlin's magic, enlisting the help of the druids for some dire reason and all of them bowing to him and calling him lord and stuff :D I can't wait for season/series 5!! I really hope Morgana doesn't find Aithusa and use him :/ Although that would give Merlin the opportunity to use his dragon lord powers (and that awesome deep magic-laced voice of his) to free Aithusa from Moragna's clutches as a last resort during a major battle in front of everyone!!! yeah... wishful thinking I know, but doesn't that sound like a pretty awesome reveal? I have so many different reveal scenarios I mused about writing a drabbles series dedicated to them. Anyway I have high hopes for the show and just hope they keep the plot natural and realistic (in terms of human emotion, thought, etc... obviously not in regards to magic and dragons).

The whole Merlin Slash phenomenon:

Let me stress that I'm no stranger to some man on man lovin' (Several of my favorite Avatar stories are slash) but I'm just not into it when it comes to Arthur and Merlin... I love their bromance/friendship relationship too much to want to change it :))) Although for some reason if it's AU modern I don't mind.

Morgana Complaints (more spoilers):

Ok, I'm not sure if I'm the only one who thinks this but I feel like Morgana got evil really fast. Like pure evil. I'm mostly thinking of smirky Mcsmirkyson during season/series 3. Season four Morgana is much more pained and it's all more believable. I feel like the show would have been deeper and more complicated if she was a bit more conflicted about the whole thing and not SO evil... I mean really she's going against her entire life pretty much, and not to say that she still wouldn't have done everything Morgause told her to do, but realistically, there would have been more emotional turmoil. Not just missing for a year, then all evil smirkyness (I know more than that happened but still... no one is that fundamentally evil). Idk I guess I just prefer my stories with a bit more gray areas, and less black and white good vs. evil. I just don't prescribe to that philosophy.

Favorite Authors/Stories... this is here because some stories/authors just need a little extra appreciation. I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY picky so when I find a story I like, I tell the world (or at least the 1 person a year who glances at my profile).

Past and Present Danger by laurajslr: AMAZING. So well written, and she knows the characters extremely well. Also just a very creative idea for a story. The reveal and consequences thereof are all told via flash-backs throughout the fic and it's done seamlessly.

Hidden Motives by laurajslr: Another AMAZING story. This one is so suspenseful and literally every chapter has you begging for more. just so good.

What Goes Around by MoonMargaret: This is like living in Arthur's head for 24 chapters. Literally the most realistic reveal scenario ever. I mean ever. A very emotional read, but still with its funny moments. And ridiculously well-written. I don't think I found a single mistake.

Alaia Skyhawk: Her "question" series is definitely a favorite of mine and literally the only episode by episode novelization of the show I've been able to read. Very creative and really fun reads. I also have a soft spot for it because it was the first Merlin fanfic I've ever read :)

All Things Avatar: The last Airbender... man I miss this show...

thoughts on the ending of Avatar... I can barely type it out: I loved it. It was absolutely beautiful!!(visually). and the score... I thought I was going to die. The music they played when Zuko and Azula were fighting was so agonizingly tragic. Just their fight in general was visually stunning. And holy crap Aang's Fight with Ozai... speechless (Though me and my sister burst out laughing when he grabbed his pointy beard thing). And yes of course I was torn up about Zutara. But was it just me or were the writers, excuse my French, fu#king with us in those last few episodes?? I mean really soooo many Zutara moments. Like blantent ones. Seriously, He took a bolt of lightening for her. But whatever, I need to remember that this show is geared for kids and, think about it, to a little kid Katara would never get with Zuko. It would be like Jasmin ditching Aladdin for Jafar... or something (sorry if you don't get the Disney). But all pairings aside I really did love the ending. When they showed Aang all zen before Zuko's speech and played that deep gong like music in the background, I got all giggily and excited. Just a message to all future Zutara writers out there; please do not forget the total kick-assness of Aang. In too many zutara stories his character gets put down, and After reading one where his power was not forgotten, I realize that it is an unfortunate product of being the rejectie. But now I'm just rambling. Oh and the episode, "The Ember island Players"... Im convinced that the creators read up on their fanfiction before writing that one.

Me and my sister during the Lion turtle thing

Me: "Is that a... WTF is that?"

My sister (who already saw the episode): "A lion Turtle!!"

Me: "Really... ?? Really?? and Aang just asks it for help. Right cause that would be my first reaction... oh g-d, its answering...

My sister(19 yrs of age): Ashlie, Its avatar. if they decide that the secret to saving the world and stopping the fire lord happens to be a really huge talking hybrid lion turtle, then that the way it is, and its awesome.

Me: ...

Avatar parings: i honestly dont care who ends up with who. i try to find good things about every paring and while i admit, i do have preferences, i love the show to much to really hate any outcome. but really the maiko was a little corny. "your so beautiful when you hate the world" yea i would puke no matter who used that line. whatever the show can do what it wants. While I will always have a soft spot for Zutara, lately (thanks to OneXLostXSoul and more recently ScuttleButt Inc.) My new favorite paring is... Zukka!! I know... Life's a kicker isn't it? (for anyone who doesn't know, thats Sokka/Zuko.)

Favorite stories: so i decided to add this section because i feel some stories just need to be appreciated. All the stories i have on my favorite list are a must read! I'm very VERY picky. Its a little disgusting. Sooo here are my sifu awards!! oya awards?) yay! (I know i'm lame)

Most Romantic Zutara: When the Mask Comes Off by Jamie Hasaku

Most awesomely awesome fight scenes: A Hatred Born of Scars by The Twilight Rurouni

Best AU: The Blue Rose by Kelly the Great and Transference by ScuttleButt Inc. and Another Brother by AvocadoLove

Best Post-War/Best OCs: Parts of a Whole by MacFie and Borderlines by ScuttleButt Inc.

Best Zuko Centric: Shore by Lavender Skies

Best BoyXBoy love XD: Love and Honor by OneXLostXSoul

I highly recommend all of the stories written above :):):)

favorite avatar quote: " 'I know something thats going to make you feel better.'
'you do...? SHOPPING!!' -- Sokka and Katara in 'sokka's master'

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