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I have been writting stories ever since sixth grade. Latley I have been getting so many ideas not all of them will make the final light of my fanfiction story posted. People say I have a gift for writting really good stories. It isn't as easy as it looks. You have to learn a lot of english narative tricks and tecniques. So I share with you my profile. Enjoy what I have so far.

Upcoming Stories:

Time Switch 2: It has been ten years sice Itachi dissapeared and now he has come back to the past of Konoha. How will his family cope with the fact that their first born son isn't the man they used to know. And how about this mysterious Lycanthrope who claims to be a friend of Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto? There is more than meets the eye in this thrilling sequal to Time Switch.

Time Switch 3: With Darren Wolfe out of the way, the team can now focus on the holidays coming up, until an unknown enemy comes into contact with Sasha, a new intern. Now the gang has to figure out the clues before another person gets killed in this cat and mouse chase. Stay sharp in this third adventure from Time Switch and Time Switch 2.

The Origin of Haruhi Uchiha: The tale of all tales. A venture of Lust, Greed, Decaption, and Fantasy. Come join us on an adventure that will change the world of litarature forever.

"Construction" Stories:

Time Switch: Itachi caught this strange girl in Konoha. She claims to be a vampire warrior from the future but he doesn’t believe her, until he gets thrown into the far future. Now he must fight to survive in this messed up future of Konoha. Then he must choose to become one of them and live in the future or die. The saga begins.

Please send me ideas for characters and story perks. I will encorperate them into the story if I can. I appreciate the dedication to know your ideas. Please, I need your input.

Roleplaying: My name is Haruhi Uchiha and I am a Vampire Warrior. My mother is Sakura Haruno and my father is Itachi Uchiha. My uncle is Sasuke Uchiha and my Godparents are Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuuga. I am an artist I draw my pictures with words. I make you feel like you are there. My boyfriend is Drey Parker, a sexy Vampire. I live in the time of 2133 A.D. The world is at an eternal war within itself. People like me were born for one purpouse and one purpouse only, to make sure the world survives. My many teamates help keep the world in order. I have come back in time to tell the tale of one facinating saga of a legendery ninja switch through time and how I actually come to exist. Please, enjoy my site.

The Emo Code: The Emo Code is what keeps Emos well Emos, Nobody can recreat this code and nobody can know the code besides the one the code is for. All Emos know the Code inside and out. They follow the code to the letter. Those who don't fully understand or comprehend the Emo Code are just posers.

A Letter to My Viewers

Dear Viewers,

I know I haven’t finished everything I start, but I assure you that I will work harder for you all. And I shall start by debuting my completed book called A Test of Truth on September 11, 2011 for all of you fanfictioners.


Name: A Test of Truth

Rating: Rated: M for Mature

Content: Sexual Content, Graphic Scenes, Nudity, Smoking, Intense Violence, and Adult Language

Description: Karyn Daniels, a teenage servant, is sold off to a rich young man by her master and Father. Forced to do things she wouldn’t even consider doing, Karyn goes on a journey of truth, justice, and passion that will change her life and everyone she comes in contact with forever. Reader Discretion is advised.

I do so hope you enjoy this book and I hope you’ll enjoy my other works. But keep in mind, I am only a teenager and will not always be able to keep up with all of my updates. I still have school you know. But I do hope you’ll enjoy my fan fictional and novel fictional works for many, many years.


Haruhi Uchiha

P.S. I might just have to use my lawyers sometimes because I do forget the Disclaimer. Oh, and I am looking for an agent who works for free until I get my paycheck.

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