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Author has written 19 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, Digimon, Gakuen Alice, Princess Bride, Game X-overs, Super Smash Brothers, Yu-Gi-Oh, NiGHTS, Fragile Dreams, and Mega Man.


Edit: Updated again as of 2015

Personality: Nice, curious, smart, caring, hyperactive (Which drives my brother crazy lol)

Name: Sarah, which is a very common name where I live XD

Color: Blue. It's very colorful!

Age: ...I'd tell you...But then I'd have to kill you o3o

Food: Give me my Gluten Free White Cheddar Popcorn anyday X3

Favorite shows:

There are tons now. Pokémon, Digimon(Mostly the 3rd and 5th seasons), Family Guy(More of the older seasons), Yu-gi-oh, Slayers Revolution and Evolution R, Sonic shows, Ouran high school host club, Soul Eater, basically anything Anime esc.

Favorite Games:

Anything Pokémon esc, Sonic games are becoming a favorite of mine, (Didn't really care at first because they were so damn difficult!), NiGHTS into and Journey of Dreams.(Those games ROCK. I grew up with NiGHTS. That'll be all.) Harvest moon games, Rune Factory, RPGs mainly, Kid Icarus Uprising (BEWARE: This game is addicting lol), too many to list...

Favorite Characters:

NiGHTS: One of my favorite characters. :) Like I said I grew up the guy. I'm trying to get back to writing his stories. (Me: NiGHTSU!!! *Hugs him* I'MA SORRY FOR NEGLECTING UUUUU!!!) (NiGHTS: O.o;;)

Pit and Dark Pit/Pittoo: New favorites of mine. Kid Icarus Uprising ROCKS. Anyway, these two are awesome. That, and I love that Dark Pit gains the nick name Pittoo. (Pittoo: *Eye twitch*) (Me: O.O;;; Uh Hey look! A butterfly!)

Pokota: He's a new addition as well. He's a cute magical bunny from Slayers. :D (Pokota: >/////>) (Me: What? You are.) (Pokota: Th-Thanks I guess...)

Lucario: If you say anything bad about Lucario, I'll kill you...Just kidding. He's also another favorite mine :D How he looks like a cute doggy, acts like a ninja, and the way he talks through telepathy. 'The arua is mine' So cool...(Looks at audience) Umm...Hi everyone!

Impmon: He is probably one of the most cutest digimon in the WHOLE 5 seasons! (Impmon: I'M NOT CUTE!) (Me: Oh crap...O.O) Anyway, I felt really bad that he saw his tamers play with a puppy. And then he turned evil, and then he felt bad, and then he reunited with Ai and Mako, and became the cutest digimon that ever lived. The End. (Impmon: SHUT UP!) [Me: Hehehe )]

Sonic: Who never grew up this blue hedgehog? The speedy guy. :)

Knuckles: He's a ec..ech...Whatever who- (Knuckles: I'm NOT a whatever! I'm an echidna!) (Me: Oh...) He's cool. Also my eldest brother's favorite. Mostly because he's red and has a hot temper. (Knuckles: Hey!) [Me: :)]

Espio: A chameleon Ninja...One word, two syllables. AW-SOME.

Tails: A hugable fox that has a lota brain. :3 (Tails: S-Sarah!) (Me: Ya?) (Tails: I can't breathe!) (Me: Oops...[Lets go]) (Tails: [BREATHES])

Shadow: So awsome...He's so sad though :( I know! I give him hug! (Me: [hugs Shadow]) (Shadow: Get the HELL off...) (Me: Gulp...)

Yugi, Bakura, Tea, etc: These guys were my childhood just like Ash from Pokémon and NiGHTS. Good LORD I still remember being ticked off at Pegasus but then feeling sorry for him, then the same with Marik, then (blabbers on) (Joey: There she goes again...) (Yugi: *Sweat drops*)

There's more but...I'ma lazy :D

Favorite Pokémon:

Well, I tried making a new list but...*Looks at the tower of crumpled paper* Nvm...

Favorite couples:

FMA (Full Metal Alchemist):

Ed & Winry (CUTE!)

Roy & Riza


Aaron & Marenia (From I.M.R Duelest's story.)

Ash & Misty (IT'S THE TRUTH!)

Neon & Kirlia (Neon is my Lucario...I nicknamed him that in the game...For some odd reason...Anyway, this couple is so cute!)

May & Drew (It's cute)

Lucario & Umbreon: (Umbreon Mastah's pokemon. CUTE!)

N & Touko: (Like I said before, this is SO C-) (Buizel: WOULD YOU GIVE THE CUTE THING A REST ALREADY?!?!?!) (Me: Hmph...Kill joy...)


Yugi & Tea (Yes, I'm a fan of this couple. Think about it. They were childhood friends, so I think it's safe to say that Tea has more feelings for Yugi than she does Atem/Yami even though she does have slight feelings for him as well. Tea has just interacted with Yugi more, and I think it's adorable with the height difference. I also think it's quite funny that Tea looks ready to kill people who flirt with Yugi. XD)

Atem/Yami & Emily (My fan couple which seems to be actually quite popular in the current fanfic I'm writing. :D)

Ryou Bakura & Sara(Now Kelly) [This one is also another fan couple I made in the current fanfic I'm writing. It's also doing quite well to my surprise :)]

Yu-Gi-Oh Gx:

Jaden & Alexis (They belong together. :D)

I have a full harbor of OTP Ships. Try to sink them and I will be ready for yo ass. >83

Proud member of: The Meta KnightxJigglypuff army; position: 2nd in command

(Online friends)

I.M.R Duelest :)

Umbreon Mastah :)

SesshyShadowSatoshiSonic :)


To marry a nice man who treats me like my bro's and to have at least 4 children and to become a Manga artist, a voice actress, and an RPG maker(This one mainly for fun)

Favorite lines:


(Genie jumping out of an air plane) GERONIMO!! AGARAPAHO!! NAPAHO!! (Genie dressed up as girl Indian) Pocahontas! (From Aladdin and the King of thieves)

Woah! Don't be zappy! Your making me all embarrassed here with that junk! (Impmon: Episode 43)

Three days? That's Tomarrah! We gotta get going! (Peter: From Family guy)

Hey pal you can't just walk into my house without-Holy crap it's Peter. (Brian the dog: From family guy)

"Dear Mr.WhateveryournameisbecauseIdon'tgiveashit." and "Ooooo, presents! *Changes to coal* AAAH! COAL! What is this madness?!" (From Amnesia: Custom Story: Gary Snowy Secrets)

Cry plays:

"That thing's ADORABLE!" From Corpse party

"YOU'RE NOT SANTA! THIS IS SHENANIGANS! " From Amnesia: Custom story: Oh Silent Night

"I don't like it..." From Ao Oni

"Heartless BITCH >8C" From Which

(And tons more that, again, I'm lazy to list...)

Favorite Bands/Singers:



Within Temptation


Breaking Benjamin



Shania Twain

Trans Sibrean Orchastra (Not sure I can them a band cause they're a Orchastra)



And more...Yes I'm lazy again. Leave me ALONE! T.T

I'm a member of DeviantArt, so please go if you want to see my art. I am Light-girl. Look me up sometime ;D


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