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Hey there, I've decided to make a little bit of an effort with this now.

I should really be sleeping, but what the hell. I'm pretty much an insomniac, at least until i'm asleep, then i love staying in bed.

Age: 19.

Sex: Male.

Hair Colour: Brown.

Eye Colour: Brown.

To be honest, now I've put a picture up there's really no point in putting those details up but whatever. One thing i would ask: If I disappear now that I have put a picture of myself on the internet, err... it was probably suspicious. SO CALL THE POLICE! Hehe... random. Ooh, ooh actually I want to know what I'd look like as an anime character so if anyone can draw me... I'd probably explode with happiness. And dedicate a story/oneshot to you. Or both.

Height: 6ft 3".

Location: England.

Occupation: Student (a lazy one).

Likes - Some stuff I enjoy:

Football (not American, you might know it as soccer, but i just can't bring myself to call it that) - This is something which i started at such a young age it's just an everyday part of my life. In case you want to know, I support Liverpool FC.

Swimming - Again, another thing that i started really young.

Watching Anime - So far my favorites are Naruto, Chobits, Kanon (the 2006 version), and Lamune. As you can see i'm kinda into the whole romance thing. I've watched a whole bunch of others but i won't bore you with the details. I recently watched Full Metal Alchemist, it was great. I am currently obsessed with the fourth ED "Rewrite". If anyone really thinks I need to watch a certain show then by all means suggest something.

Playing Computer Games - I've gotta say that the Final Fantasy series is truly awesome. My favorite is FFX, but that's cos it was the first one i played. I have played most of the others since.

Watching T.V - This is a problem at the moment though cos I'm at Uni and I don't have a T.V. Anyway, my favorite shows are Scrubs and Heroes. J.D. and Hiro are so damn funny. I've recently developed an obsession for CSI too... it's so damn cool.

I also feel I have to put up some of my musical intrests on here too. One thing I've actually noticed while looking at other people's profiles: Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE likes Linkin Park. Including me. Go figure. I actually saw them live in February! It was awesome. Anyway, other bands: Muse, Counting Crows, the Beatles, Fountains of Wayne, Evanescence, the Fray (who I've also seen live), Nickelback, Oasis (most people should at least have heard of them), the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tenacious D, Snow Patrol, various anime and game soundtracks and then two artists I doubt most have heard of Madness (a band) and Joshua Radin (a solo artist).

I see lots of nice quotes from people in here but I'm gonna put my own original one in here: "Two wrongs don't make a right. But three rights make a left". It's true. And totally pointless.

The greatest quote i've heard off the cuff was at the end of a long story: "Once again the Karma Llama spat at me in the face". Genius.

What else to say... Oh yeah, i'm in the middle of writing a story. Better get back to it.


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Correspondence by Lucky Chan reviews
Set during the years that Naruto was away from the village to train with Jiraiya. No one knew where he really was at this time, or how to reach him. Still, Hinata wrote letters to him during these years,regularly,even when he wasn't around to read them.
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History repeats, though oddly by Coco Cow reviews
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I'm So Scared reviews
A Chapter 437 Fic. I think i was the first to post one here, for whatever that's worth... This isn't a carbon copy of what happened in the chapter, it's an inner monologue from Hinata's point of view. Open ended in terms of what might happen next...
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