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Yet another update. Now with the added bonus of Twilight!Rants. Well, rant. Enjoy, if you feel so inclined.

I'm Hana-chan. Not literally. One of my friends told me Hanajima-san of Furuba was the manga incarnation of myself, thus the name. I'm pretty much one of the biggest geeks on the planet. Name a nerdy thing, and I've probably been involved with it or something like it. I'm a total bookworm. I am also, a screaming fan girl of Doctor Who, namely Doctor 10. ( David Tennant ) I've read just about everything published by Tamora Pierce, and that's quite a bit. I'm an avid Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, and remind people of that fact continually.

I'm also a huge band geek, having played my trumpet for 6 years. I dunno how good I am, but there you go. I used to dance, but after 9 years of lessons, I finally figured out I sucked and quit. Now I take Tae Kwon Do and it's much preferable. (Is that even a sentence?) I'm also in love with acting and the French language, which I've only studied for two years but adore.

Now that I've finished boring the heck out of you by telling you about myself, I'll list what I read and watch and ship. Oh yeah. Because you care oh so much.


Bleach. Because it rocks. I've read the whole manga, and I'm pretty much a fan of the random anime episodes I've seen.

Full Metal Alchemist. Because who doesn't love angry short people and their adorable brothers?

Her Majesty's Dog. Because Hyoue is hot, the monkey is hilarious, and Aname's naivety makes me happy.

Fruits Basket. Does this really need an explanation?


Anything by Tamora Pierce. If you don't know who she is, look her up and read her books. She is a goddess of medieval fantasy.

Harry Potter. Just because.

Artemis Fowl. I love evil-ish geniuses. (genii?) Don't you?

The City of Dreaming Books. Yay obscure German books!

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Because I like saying the name and it's an amazing book.


Doctor Who. David Tennant is the ultimate man. Plus he has great hair. And the show is hilarious too.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I worship Joss Whedon.

Angel. See Above

Firefly. See Above. Plus, you know, WASH!

The Office. Ya gotta love it.

House M.D. Cuz I've got a thing for doctors, alright?

Monk. Obsessive. Compulsive. Detective.

Psych. Fake psychics, clever writing, rather attractive star. What's not to love?


And the moment you've all been waiting for...


Ichihime: I think they're cute. Live with it.

Uquihime: It's freakin' hilarious! And I love Ulquiorra.

Renruki: They're just so sickeningly cute.

ByaRen: Canon? No. Crack-y, creepy and delicious all at the same time? Yes.

Ikkachika: I may or may not have just made that phrase up, but they're awesome, and it was a long time coming.

UkiUno: They're perfect for each other, I swear

UraYoru: It's... sort of canon. If it's not, it needs to be.

HitsuHina: They both deserve someone nice, and it's slightly canon.

Stark/Lilinette: It's more of an adorable sister/brother sort of deal. I wouldn't mind a bit of romance though.

ShunNan: It will happen, plus he deserves it for what me and my best friend did to him with some fanfics we're plotting. (Cackle cackle)



EdWin: Because I said so.


AmaneHyoue: It's so canon it hurts. And they're cute.


ShigureMitchan: Poor, poor editor...

AyaMine: SO CUTE!

Kyoru: I was for it before it was cool.

HatoriKana: So... much... sadness...


RLNT: -sob-

RonHermione: I pulled for this since day one. Well, since I stopped thinking boys had cooties. I started the series when I was little, okay? I count that day as day one.

LunaNeville: They will create wonderful awkward social situations wherever they go and have awkward and wonderful children.


10Rose: The original. And the best. (well, sort of the original. The NEW original)


WillowTara: YAY!! I love them.

WillowOz: Because Oz is the guy I would date. And any couple that can talk about monkey pants is a good couple.

Spuffy: My best friend will hate me for this :D Only because of a few episodes.

XanderAnya: It wasn't to be... -SOB-


SeanJewels: It will happen someday. They will eventually figure it out.

AntiShips: I felt it was time to add this section.


Tousen/Anyone: Because I hate Tousen and he deserves no happiness.

Mayuri/Anyone: -shudder- Good Lord, people, really?

HitsuKarin: ??

KenUno: Seriously? What the hell. There is ONE cracky fic I enjoy this in and it is entirely one sided and there is alcohol involved. That's IT.


RoyEd: NO! Just... just STOP IT! ROYAI FOREVER!

Fruits Basket...

YukiRu: Yuki just bugs me. I dunno why. Too much angst, not enough personality.


SnapeHermione: OH GOD. SO. MUCH. BADNESS. Mental images are just... oh god.

DracoHermione: Wait, what? When did Hermione's strict moral code go kaput? And WHY would Draco ever find Hermione attractive? WHERE IS THE LOGIC and/or ATTRACTION??

DracoHarry: See above for most of my issues with this one. Although there were some truly awesome slash moments between these two in HBP movie. Just sayin'.

Blaise/Anyone: Would anyone like to explain to me why there are 52 pages of Blaise Zabini fics? He DOESN'T HAVE A GENDER TILL THE FIFTH BOOK. HEADDESK.


WillowKennedy: Kennedy is annoying. Period.

GilesBuffy: EW. Just... just EW. Can you say father figure?

Okay. I'm done. If you read all that without crying at least once, I applaud you. And I direct you to the below paragraph to see if THAT will jerk some tears out of you.

I love reviews, and I WILL review you if I like your story, btw.

A rant on Twilight:Don't read if you don't like rants about nothing in particular.

Okay, seriously, folks. I don't understand the passion behind this series. I pride myself in being one of the few individuals on this Earth that is in the gray area on Twilight. I don't want to have Edward and/or Jacob and/or Jasper and/or Carlisle's admittedly illegitimate and supposedly-impossible-but-not-really-jk-lol babies. But I also don't scream in fury every time I hear the words Twilight or Edward. (Partially because I'm often talking about Edward Elric). I really dislike people on both ends of this totally insane spectrum. People who must nitpick at ever detail of this series bug the heck out of me, although there are some decent crackfics about it. And people who insist that Edward is real and will ride in on his magical silver Volvo of Love and Beauty and Low Female Self Esteem and Stalkerdom to carry them away to Isle Esme will probably get slapped. They're a decent series of books whose characters I (mostly) enjoy and whose story I find intersting. Is is predictable? Of course! Is it unnrealistic? There's vampires. What do you want? But everyone needs a little shameless fluff now and again and Twilight is my option other than writing horrific ByaRen fics. So leave me alone and let me go back to mocking/reading/thoroughly enjoying the books.

P.S. The movie sucked. Robert Pattinson = Awkward Creeper. He was MUCH hotter as Cedric.

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