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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto, and Final Fantasy VII.

Konichiwa!! I am UlquiorraVarroiuqlU. I enjoy Bleach,Akatsuki, Code Geass, and ALOT more.

I can be mean when I wanna be, but i'm not if I like ya! I LOVE MAKEING FRIENDS!! I can be annoying, due to my ADHD, I tend to bounce around alot, and I end up never finishing stroies...I might one day!!

I look up to Black Karassu and Wutia Flea. They both write AWSOME stroies!!

My spelling kinda sucks, but thats okay.

I like to draw and write.

I am 14

and I'm going to eigth grade.

I am a Virgo Sept-15

I am a Boar Spet-15

I accept story requests of all kkinds. One-shots, whole storys

Just ask for some and they will become my first priority!!

Fave Couples


KenXYachi Yachinny

RukiaXIchi ichia

ShiroXRangiku Toukiku

GinXAizen Ain


ItaXSaku Sakita

DeiXSas Sasodei

DeiXTobi Tobara

SakuXLee Leakura

SakuXPein Sein

KonanXPein Konein

Favorite Games

Final Fantasy VII:Dirge Of Cerberus

Final Fantasy X-2

Kingdom Hearts 1&2

Guitar Hero




Dynasty Warriors 4

Halo 1,2,&3

Tales of Symphona


The City of Bones, Ash, and Glass

lol, thats it for now.

I also enjoy Gaiaonline, Photobucket, and Myspace!

Gaia: iJynxChan

Photobucket: _OniFox_

Myspace: Temari

Facebook:Hannah Leon Justice

MSN: Samurai_Sakura2020@hotmai.com

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If you think Vincent Valentine is hot, post this on your page.

If you think Vincent and Yuffie are the cuteist things in the world together, post this no your page.


A Kunai's Kiss- On pause, because I only have eight reviews, I need ten!!

Blood and Jashinists- On pause, yet again because I only have 3 reviews!!

Crimson Tears-COMPLETE!

Sadistinc Love- Sorry to the people who are waiting, but I've got some writers block, it should be up soo though!!

The Albino and The Uchiha-Still at Two reviews!!

Organazation IIIX:A Garden For Two- A Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction, soon to come. Couples: MarluxiaXJynx, ZexionXHanhanx, NexiXAxel.

Basic lives of everyone in the organazation, includeing the new girls, numbers 13, 14, and, 15.








Code Name:The Unlucky Charm

Wepon:Her hands. She touches something, it eather dies, or breaks.





Number: 14

Element:Beast Mimicry Shape shifting

Code Name:The Divine Beast

Wepon: Her forms.


Eyes:cyan blue

Hair:Black with blue tips




Code name:The Deadly Flower

Wepon: She touches something, they die.




Kingdom Hearts

Code Geass

King Of Thorn

Orange Crow


Fruits Basket

Boys Over Flowers

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Fallen Angel reviews
This is about a year after Omega. Vincent starts to get over Lucretsia, and more into Yuffie. For Wutai Flea. If you don't like it, don't read more and don't flame!
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Under The Sakura Tree...
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