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"'Ello everyone!"

My name is Hope...

No it isn't. I won't tell anyone my name, but for all intents and purposes, my name is Hope, okay? Okay. Now that we are all familiar with my internet name, I'll say this:

My computer at home crashed, so I can only get on from my library and school. UNFORTUNATELY, I cannot post fics from either of those locations without getting in trouble! SO! I won't be able to post any more chapters to my funny marauder fic. = I might get a computer for christmas, so it's POSSIBLE that I will be back in January. For now, I will just be able to reand and review, so I will try to do that... !

SO! Here's the deal. I had an account (ForgivenOrForgotten130, I believe), forgot the password, and now I'm back as little miss abyss! YAY!

At this point I would like to say hello to all of my friends here on FANFIC!! SO! Hey there to:

magicalfeather411 (, mokubanohatsukoi (, and romanticserenity ( !!

I am mostly a Harry Potter writer and reader; RonHermione are my favorite, with a little HarryGinny interest in the background. Now that the series is over, however, I like to write Marauder Era fics, OC fics, fics disregarding the epilogue, Harry & Ginny's or Ron and Hermione's kids in school fics, and in-between fics (meaning stuff that happened over the summer where we have little information from J.K and can therefore let our minds make up the crap that happened in between the books, thus the name in-between fics).

However, I will also read anything written by my friends (as long as I can kind of grasp the concept of what is going on), and sometimes Avatar: the Last Airbender or Teen Titans fics. Don't ask why I like them. It's just that a while ago practically my entire class liked Teen Titans, so it just sort of stuck with me, even though I don't, like, make sure I never miss an episode of it. If it's on, I'll watch it. Avatar is just something that my younger siblings watch, and after a while I got addicted to it, so I'll read those fics if there are no Harry Potter ones I feel like reading or if I am not in the mood for Harry Potter.

Shout Outs:

Suki- We do not all live in a yellow submarine! The beetles might, but we live in the black one next door!

Well, here is the link to my RonHermionnne quiz if anybody would like to take it:

Quiz results:

SOMEONE GOT 100 on my quiz!

Hope: 100 (yes, that is me)

emi: 100 YAY!!


blakey...trying again: 90

Fiona: 80

yellow: 80

Goldenfeather: 80

tinkerbella: 80

Gelly scored 70

Allyy = : 70

Amaya: 70

Soccerstar: 70

kaleidoscopicepic: 70

blakey: 60 (the first time around, I'm assuming)

Elina: 60

'Suki: 40

Here is a list of my favorite ships...:






...and my least favorite ones:


SiriusHermione (I mean, come on; he's old enough to be her dad)




HarryCho (even though that was true in the fifth book... I mean, come on ONE BOOK!)

Any slash, especially SiriusLupin

Copy and pasties:

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o o

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