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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto, X-Men: Evolution, and Lord of the Rings.

I'm BACK!! X3

I'm formally begin with an apology, before I dive into my personal bio-I took a LONG hiatus, and recently my love for fanfiction has returned! In about a yer's absence, a lot of good writers have dissapeared and several stores (mine included) had stopped updating, and have stopped. I was lucky enough to come to my senses to realize my readers (the few out there thank you so much!) deserved a conclusino to my stories, and possibly new stories, and I owed it to them. Therefore, I've finally hit the inspiratino to begin writing ocne again, and I hope to bring along plenty of fan fics along with me for readers to enjoy, or not-your chocie.

Now, for the bio.

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Favorites: Anime, drawing, writing, Music, Grey (the color), Fantasy, Cold weather, Romance, ANGST!! (My best forte' I think...) um...anything else, really...

Other: I'm southern-hope that explains my accent...if I come across as having one, that is...I'm weird, but that doesn't really matter nor do I expect you to care...I have a habit of seeing a show a long time ago, and then after several years (When I should be watching something new and broadennig my anime experience) I end up remembering that old show, and end up re-watching it (Digimon, X-Men, etc...) So, sometiems I'll be random, adding a new show that you mgiht look at and think, "How long ago was that?" Give me a break, I love the classics! Sorry...

My FAVORITE animes/cartoons/comics (the ones I'm gonig to bother listing, though trust me there's plenty more) would be-

Naruto; Bleach; Full Metal Alchemist; Shugo Chara; Princess Tutu; Kenshin; Fruits Basket; Midori Days; Ouran Host Club; Tsubasa; Fairy Tail; Eyeshield 21; X-Men Evolution; Digimon (Frontier, hell yeah!)

Favorite pairings- Oh boy!

KibaxHina (All-time favorite, Naruto)

TemaxShika (Naruto)

NejixTen (Naruto)

HitsuxHina (All-time favorite, Bleach)

UlquixHime (Bleach)

IshixHime (Bleach)

RukixRenji (Bleach)

IchixRuki (Bleach)

IkutoxAmu (All-time Favorite, Shugo Chara)

NadexRimu (Shugo Chara)

YayaxKukai (Shugo Chara)

LinxRan (All-time Favorite FMA)

EdxWinry (FMA)

RoyxRiza (FMA)

AhiruxFakir (All-time favorite, PTT)

RuexMytho (PTT)

AoshixMisao (All-time favorite, Kenshin)

KaoruxKenshin (Kenshin)

SanoxMegu (Kenshin)

HaruhixKaoru OR Hikaru (All-time favorite, OHC)

KuroxTomo (All-time favorite, Tsubasa)

SyaoxSaku (Tsubasa)

KittyxLance (All-time favorite, X-Men)

KurtxAmanda (X-Men)

ScottxJean (X-Men)

There's plenty others, mostly smaller shippings of minor characters or ones I can't think of right now, but there's the main ones, hopefully it gives you an idea. Also, I'm not a yaoi writer myself, but I respect those who are die-hard yaoi fans. I'm guilty of enjoying some yaoi couples myself from time to time (I have a soft spot for incest, specifically twincest TT_TT) but for some reason I never could get into fanfics of yaoi...they're jsut not as good as fanart in my opinion, sorry...I obviously don't read enoguh...oh well...


Oh! Well, so far my only stories are Naruto fanfics, but I plan VERY SOON to release some OUTSIDE the Naruto community. I'm jsut nervous about treading noto unfamiliar territory. I'm nervous about treading into NARUTO territory (Almsot everyone of my stories is reserved in KibaxHina, where I've comfortably been submitting stories with little flame and positive feed-back, which keeps my confidence alive! X3) However, I'll man-up and submit some stories soon and HOPE that you readers enjoy them! And if you don't, I'll take flames-I expect them, honestly...

White-My story-in-progress, I jsut RECENTLY updated it. I plan to continue and see it until the end, for despite the lnog lapse in time, I do like this story. I just hope everyone else also enjoys this story! TT_TT Expect the next chapter MUCH sooner than the last one took!

As mentioned earleir, I plan on very soon releasing other fics in not only Naruto. I'll start slow, I believe, but I hope you enjoy them all the same! Well, please take care and hopefully enjoy my stories! Sorry!

OH!!I did it! I finally updated a fanfic NOT in Naruto! Like taking a step on the moon!! X3 It's really bad, but at least I did it! XD Now, I jsut have to build up an egotistical confidence level so it can be shattered when the flames start rollnig in! X3 Thank you!!


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