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DEEDEEDEElalaladeeedoo oh theres someone here? opps...
To all my readers:

I am going to an international baccolourite school which in short means loads of homework
I will try and update every story atleast once a month k? *someone in back shouts NO* oh mr. Would you rather it be further? *same person shouts yes* no! :p… thanks to my betas yall r great
Anne Yuy
Brat girl
Now about me *prat groans:
Name: Pudnintaine ask me ‘gain I’ll tell you the same
Age: Fourteen soon enough
Grade: freshmeat (er 9th)
Fav. Book: Harry Potter, Time For Andrew, Chrestomanci, Eva Ibbotson’s work, Brave New World, the Giver, Gathering Blue, the Diary of Anastasia, Tamora Pierce
Fav. Radio show: Delilah
Fav. Songs: Bring on the rain
Thank You
I am already there
Family portrait
Graduation Song
Wind Beneath My wings (hero)
Here I am
Last Flight out
Fav. Bands/singers: Pink, Dreamstreet, Michelle Branch, Alanis Morisat
Fav. Movie: star wars EPII
Fav star wars characters: Jar Jar
Fav. Actress: Natile Portman (she is beatiful)
Fav. Actor: Hayden Christianson (or however you spell it cause hes hot)
Fav. TV show: 7th heaven
Friends: ashley, Carly, Cam, Abby, alii Jessi and all u peeps
Fav. Play: a midsummer night’s dream
Fav. HP character: Harry
Ships: Harry/Herm some Harry/Ginny cause I think that relistic Hermi/Ron I hate Cho Chang…
Slash? I read it occasionally. It’s a part of life. Never plan on writing it
Fav. Ice cream: Birthday cake
Life: soap opera Read Emilys lake and take out brad melody and amanda leaving… “Perfect” Student *Prat in back laughs and I nod emphtically*
Pet: Peaty!
Hermione’s story: Hermi and Harry adopt a little boy but can their relationship hold? Benjy has health problems and whats with the letters Harry been getting?
Hermione’s story 2 depression: Harry is back after four years he has been greatly shaken by the events that have pasted. Can Hermione bring him back to what he was? Or will it harm her too?

James and Lily Forever: a l/j love hate… Lily and her twin Alec are adopted by William Evans. His son is sickly and Lily cares for him when they go to hogwarts things go haywire.
Abusive: Harry has been brutally beaten by none other than his Uncle. One person can get to him and she holds a secret for him a secret that could change his future. And then another person he thought he hated might not be so bad

Kit’s Journey: Kit has been raised at hogwarts with the help of Ameber a promising student who took him under her wing. When he wants to find if his mum is alive what will happen?
Emily’s lake: a story of pain in a young girls wild life. A soap opera of life. Can’t seem to get a boyfriend is not the least of her problems though it probably should be.
Evil Future: perverted little fic
Invisable: Blending in never to come out
My bedroom: worth reading about my place of solice
The dance: what happens when I once again can’t go to the dance
One Day: About what happens when a girl tormented at school goes to a reunion
Three Long Years: About leaving Middle school and my friends behind
Sammi: Sammi had plans to take her life that night
A christmas story I’m working on
Maybe some Star Wars?
Thanks! R*R please! Luv
*Notebook Girl*

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The Eye of the Storm by smoo reviews
Voldemort has fallen, and Hogwarts is no more. Hermione has left the wizarding world behind, unable to cope with her past. But forever is a tricky word. Disclaimer: Nothing you recognise is mine.
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When Somebody Loved Me reviews
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