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Hey fluffy little fans, I am sorry to say that I am (being forced against my free will) to shut down this account...

If you've learned anything about me, besides my obvious insanity and poor updating schedule -hehe, sorry 'bout that- is that my parents like to ground me and they have this very negative view of the internet. And yet they both work on computers all day...how strange, but anywho. My parents would KILL me if they found out i had another email than the one my school supplies (that's monitors, and has a crappy interface, and all that retarded stuff) so lets just say that they weren't too happy when they found this account -_-

and because both of my parents are computer genius (how in the hell did i end up with parents who know how to work the damn computer?) they have told -cough- threatened -cough, cough- me that if i do not shut down this account then i will never be able to get on the computer again...yes it is horrible and yes i wanted to bash my head against the table at that very moment.

But! being the sly, stubborn-ass bitch that i am, i convinced my parents that every account has to be shut down by the staff of ff.net and that can take up to a week. i just didn't want the kind people who have review/favorited/alerted my story to randomly decided they want to read something and click on my story only to have some wierd message pop up n_n

And again, being the sly, stubborn-ass bitch I is (hehe, that was not a grammar mistake by the way, it's just how i speak sometimes n_n;) i will most likely make another account here and repost my story considering i've worked so hard on it. my parents told me not to start somethin' without finishin' it so i guess -in my warped mind- by going against what they want i'm actually going to be listening to their orders.

hehe, i need to add 'manipulative' into my 'sly, stubborn-ass bitch' thing XDD if you have any questions feel free to PM me, and i will update you on that new account n_n