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Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews I have received. Quality is definitely more important than quantity in this case!!!!

I just realized that they have me listed as living in Japan...ummm I wish? I'm from the mid-west US and the only place I've been (besides canada but that doesn't count) was Scotland for Junior Year Abroad. I'd like to go to Japan, maybe when I'm not working at a job I hate while trying to get my masters...yeah, nice to dream though

Future Story Ideas:

One Shots-

Idea One: As the day of their wedding grows closer Kimiko's Maid of Honor brings up something that Kimiko can't seem to shake. But when she approaches Raimundo about it she may learn more then she wanted to know. Is there anyway to make it right?

Idea Two: Jealousy can do funny things to a man, even one of honor like Clay. But what do you do when the girl you love, loves someone else? Clay knows he has to do something, but what?

Chapter Story:

I may or may not pursue this after "Of Life and Love" is finished. Depends on my amount of free time:

(AU That sort of follows the original story line. RaiKim with some one sided love from others) The world is on the verge of chaos. With the Shen Gong Wu activating but no Xiaolin Dragons to retrieve and protect them the Heylin have easily started to take over the world in a very noticeable way. When the the remaining three Dragons are finally found and brought together at the Xiaolin Temple the world finally stands a chance...or not. First the four must learn to over come obvious differences and become a team, though there seems to be little chance of that happening.

There is Omi, the Dragon of Water, an orphan and ward of the temple who has never been outside of its walls. Though he is the youngest, only fourteen, Omi's self righteous ways and naive views grate on everyone and his attempts at leadership seem only to drive the team further apart. But in his naive ways is also a purity that the others strive to protect and preserve.

Clay Bailey, 19, Dragon of the Earth and in many ways, naive like Omi, though he'd never admit it. Born and raised in the countryside of the Neo-Republic of Texas he hasn't seen or experienced the true moral decay that much of the world has undergone. He lives by a high set of moral standards that aren't always workable in the "real world" but he is kind to a fault and uses his strength only in noble ways.

Kimiko Tohomiko, 17, daughter of multimillionaire Toshiro Tohomiko, as well as Dragon of Fire. She is her element personified though and though she tries to control her temper, she often can't making her stand out hard in a society that has reverted in years on the conditions of women. Kimiko knows without a doubt that women are equal to men and has made it her mission in life to prove to others that she's just as good as they are- often getting frustrated and losing her temper in the process. She is a beauty, there is no doubt about that but she wants people to look beyond that and has little success in finding people to do so, making her trust hard to earn. And as much as she hates to admit it, she is spoiled, but also knows she's blessed in life. Living in Tokyo she's seen and knows that her world isn't like others, seeing the suffering that the majority goes through.

Finally there is Raimundo Pedrosa, 18, Dragon of the Wind. A smart ass, cocky, and full of himself Raimundo's almost comical attitude doesn't reflect the harsh life he leads. He spent his early years in a traveling circus but when the circus is attacked he is separated from his family and has not seen or heard from them since. Living the last eight years on the streets of Rio has made him hard, and somewhat cold at the core but he covers that with being a wise ass. He is the least eager of all the Dragons, figuring it to be a lost cause, that is until he realizing he has something he wants to protect.

There doesn't seem to be anyway for four people, so different in so many ways, to come together. But they must, or the world is lost.

Basically I'm here to try a different type of writing. I've been writing personal fiction and nonfiction as well as dabbling in fanfiction from time to time but I wanted to try a new style, a new type.

What does that mean exactly?

I guess you'll have to read my stories to find out but I can give you fair warnings that my stuff will be for mature audiences.

If that happens to get me kicked off I will be opening an account of deviantart in a short period of time under the same name, granted that it isn't already taken. And anyway if I get banned here I'll just come back so here's fair warning, don't read if you don't want to see.

Understand that mature doesn't always mean lemon or smut or anything like that, it could very well just mean mature.

So enjoy and tell me what you think.

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