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UPDATE (1/10/13)

Dear God, it has been quite a long time since I last updated.

So here is my update. On Tuesday (1/15/13) (hahaha! I almost wrote 12) I will be flying to Morocco to be a part of the Peace Corps. I have a blog started, if any of you want to follow me and my adventures (and actually see what I look like, le gasp!). The address is http://thewanderinglemon.wordpress.com/ Yeah, my last name is Lemon, like the fruit. Hence the name of the website.

I'll be doing stuff in Morocco that will probably have nothing to do with this site (sorry guys, I think the fanfiction ship has sailed, even if I do have the idea here and there). I will be doing Youth Development, I will be living like a local, and (here's hoping) will be working on the dozens of novel ideas currently swimming in the mosh pit that is my head.

I have also decided to enter the Amazon.com Breakthrough Novel Award with one of the books I've written. I've gotten through two, and started quite a few more. I don't anticipate to win (but that would be freaking awesome) but I would like to see if I get further than the first hurdle. Who knows?

So yeah. You guys might not near from me for... three years? Ish? Technically two years and three months.

I hope all is well for everyone who sees this. :)

A bientot (for now).


Well, I'm finished. With my novel. That I wrote.

Two words: Boo and yah.

Anyway, it's all been checked for typos (by yours truly and believe me, it took ages). It has been read by a few professors and friends and they all say they really like it.

Anyway, as some of you might (or might not) know, I have been nominated to serve in the Peace Corps. So, I'm putting off trying to publish this as an actual, hardcover book for a while. What I plan to do is enter my story into the Amazon.com young novelist competition, which begins in January. I probably won't win, but I'd like to see how far my novel will go. After my service I plan to try and publish this book (either online or with an agent) as well as any books I might happen to write in the meantime (I have many ideas).

Also, here are a few stats:

Title: S.I.R.E.N.

Chapters: 28

Words: 116,887 (that's not even half of Odalisque though. Kinda funny, huh?)

Double Spaced Pages with Mirrored Margins: 441

And that's all she wrote.

On that subject at least. I am 4/5ths of the way through my second novel. As most of you know, I write my stories out by hand and currently I am on journal number 4, page number 555. This story isn't going as well as my thesis but I'm keen on finishing it, typing it in, and working out all the kinks. This, for me, is my summer project.

Anyway, tootles. I'll be back with hopefully more updates on either my PC Service or any new books. :)


Alrighty, to anyone who is just looking at this profile because they are bored, I will offer an apology for being so late with an update. I had to deal with things like school, work, and a personal zombie apocalypse. Smile! Life only gets better from here. Grumble.

Okay, so I have gone through one revision that was pretty intense. I printed the entire thing out and went through it with a pen. I have now put those corrections in and given it to my second reader, my mother, a former teacher, and a few friends. Apparently, they all like it (but then again, don't they have to?) yet I still have a few more things left to do in terms of characterization and setting.

It has to be finished by April 17th (but really by graduation in May) so I'm going to hibernate this weekend and work on it. I've also been looking at publishing guides as well as self publishing venues.

So yeah, that's about it. Thanks to anyone who keeps up with me during this process.

NOVEL UPDATE (1/27/12)

I feel so proud each time I remember to do this.

Okay, so I have exciting news for everyone here (or, you know, just me). I have completely finished editing my novel and have submitted it to my advisor, my mother, my sister, and even my father. So I'm waiting for them to bring me back feedback. In total, I have 162 single-spaced pages and well over 80,000 words.

What's even more exciting, however, is the fact that I have started ANOTHER NOVEL! It's an idea I've had since high school and all of a sudden, I had gotten so sick with Story #1 that I began Story #2. Now, Story #2 (which I have affectionately named Grimbie) is 148 handwritten pages and is growing by the day. Now, my goal is to finish both books before the end of my school year (which is in May). If not, I have the summer to finish Story #2.

So that is the update I have for you now. I will give updates on both novels now. Story #2, by the way, deals with fairytales (with both the light and the dark sides of them) and is also for Young Adult readers.


NOVEL UPDATE! (1/3/12)

Hahaha! I remembered to update! Don't count on too many of these though. Just a fair warning.

As for the update, I've begun editing my novel. I'm trying to get ten pages a day finished during my school's January term.

So the math goes like this:

10 pages x 17 school days = 170 pages. And mine is only 153 so... yeah. But don't expect me to be too TOO productive. J-Term at my college is about as exciting as a pile of mulch and people tend to get a little bit listless.

Myself included.

Now, I have a question for all you people checking out my profile. If you have read my stories then you know that there is a lot (a LOT) of explicit situations in them. My current novel, however, is for the young adult variety and involves no sexuality, no sensuality, and only a little bit of flirtations and suggestive language. I have plans to write and publish both YA and erotic romances in my lifetime but since THIS particular story is PG I would like you know:

Would you still read it?

Let me know! I love receiving PMs (even if it takes me a while to respond to them.)

NOVEL UPDATE! (12/29/11)

So, since a lot of you are asking me for updates on my novel (and I LOVE receiving those emails!) I'm going to try and post a running series of notifications about how my novel is going.

Here we go:

The novel is called S.I.R.E.N. It is about a girl named Meena Scott and her "adventures" as a freak science experiment. And if any of you want to know what that science experiment is about go ahead and open a French to English dictionary and type in the word "sirène" into the French side.

I'll wait...

Yeah. There you go. I've had an obsession with them since I was a kid and finally decided to write stories about them.

Anyway, this is the first book in what I hope to be a series. During the summer and the autumn I wrote the entire book out longhand and then typed it up into my computer. It is currently 153 pages (single spaced) and 80,739 words and it's only going to grow as I begin the editing process.

Editing, by the way, will begin on the first on January and last until around May-ish. Some of you already know that this novel is actually a school assignment. As an honors English student at my University I was given the opportunity to write a creative thesis for my senior year. So... this is my thesis! (I have named it Thesius Maximus and thus far have already started handwriting the sequel, Thesia Minima, as well as another totally unrelated novel).

Since it is a school project I must have it finished by May and when it is finished I plan to self publish it as an e-book via Kindle (I love Kindles, mine especially).

That's about it for now. I have made a resolution to update you lovely people on a regular basis so you can expect more of them.

Profile overhaul.


First of all:

I have erased Coloring Outside the Lines due to the fact that life has gotten in the way of writing it. I am currently doing a lot of stuff--none of which has to do with writing fanfic. I miss it, but at this point in my life, I really just do not have time to write. Also, I got extremely tired of the snarky comments people kept leaving for reviews. People don't seem to realize this one thing about fanfiction: there are the writers and then there are the reviewers. The writers do not work for the reviewers, they work for themselves on their own timetables. That's it. Voila, no big secret. You want to write a snarky review about a writer not having time to write, go ahead, but at least have the balls to post it under your account name so I can explain why there is a delay.

Anyway, I will repost Coloring Outside the Lines if/when I ever begin writing it again. I don't know if that will ever happen but it's always a possibility.


Working on a novel. Going nicely.

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