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Author has written 2 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender.

Info on me I'm willing to share:

Real name: Amanda (and I hate my name). My friends usually just call me Angel.

Age: 26 and somewhat loving it. =/ It has it's perks and yet as the rule of balance it has it's downsides

Where I live: Canada.

Element & astrolgical sign: Eastern - Rooster. Western- Leo& Virgo mix. I'm born on the seperation date; depending what I'm reading and how they seperate the sign depends what I I read both. =) Which gives me the Fire & Earth mix for my element. Though one of my close friends says with 100 percent certainty I'm Fire element and my mom says Earth.

Pet(s): Well they aren't cats. I'm actually not even sure how to spell what they are. But they're almost like hamsters, but bigger and they have tails. They're very cute.

Places I'd LOVE to go: Japan, Australia, Greece, Hawaii, China. Or a neat trip to somewhere in the U.S. like New York, L.A., Washington...not really picky on a place since I've never been out of Canada. =(

And: Since it is currently the only fanclub I'm a part of I'll add it in here cause I can. And it's a fanclub for a Voice Actor. I am proudly a part of The Shadow Followers A J. Michael Tatum Fangroup. The forums are watched daily, in fact all the mods are in there at some point in time often on a daily basis and it is user friendly for any age group and strictly kept that way. Feel free to check it out, all are welcome.

Things I like (again that I'm willing to share):

Writing: Though I've not posted any of my pieces yet. But I'm trying to get an Avatar fic started that I intend to post.

Anime/Manga: I love the animation. Though I prefer the manga style usually, that and it's the only style I draw in. It's also the center of my soul...if I still have one.

Drawing: I used to have a knack for it while I was still in school. Though I'm very rusty now and would love to re-improve my ability of drawing. I only draw anime style and since Jr. High (which would be grade 7 for me) and had the childhood dream of becoming an animator.

Gaming: I love video games. Gamecube, Wii, PS2, PSP any Nintendo system really. OH and pretty much anything FF (Final Fantasy) related.

Things I don't like:

ANY Government: Including my own. I just don't trust them. I have my views on politics but avoid talking about politics because I generally get ticked off not even halfway through the conversation.

STUPID people: And there are many different kinds of stupid people. I'm talking about the ones that even common sense eludes them. And the closed-minded kind. It's all a very long story.

Being lied to: I'm a person who's calls them like she sees them and will tell you flat out what I think whether you're going to like it or not. If you can't be honest with me; don't say anything.

Other things you should know/ warnings:

When I get writers block I get it REALLY badly. I also work night shift so updates may take a while. So don't go flaming mad in reviews because updates are taking to long. I'm only human, and not Wonderwoman (though I make jokes about the wonderwoman thing at work all the time).

And as a current thing I do have a lot on my plate writing wise. I'm trying to find a way to get it all sorted. So patience is appreciated.

Favorite Quotes (though some I've altered to suite my purposes):

Damn! I left my WonderWoman outfit in my other pants! The actual version; I got it from the now canceled TV series of Dark Angel. Max says: Damn! I left my wallet in my other pants! I changed it for work purposes to suit the situation at the time. And I still use it.

Live and let live. Though I'm not sure who came up with that one; I do firmly believe it.

Three years ago today I was banished. I lost it all. I want it back! I want the Avatar. I want my honor, my throne. I want my father not to think I'm worthless. Prince Zuko in "The Avatar State"

You're like my sister. Everything always came easy to her. She's a firebending prodigy. And everyone adores her. Prince Zuko venting to Aang in "Siege of the North Pole part 2"

Captain: Princess, I'm afraid the tides will not allow us to bring the ship in to port before nightfall.
Azula: I'm sorry, Captain, but I do not know much about the tides. Can you explain something to me?
Captain: Of course, Your Highness.
Azula: Do the tides command this ship?
Captain: Uh. I'm afraid I do not understand.
Azula: You said the tides would not allow us to bring the ship in. Do the tides command this ship?
Captain: No, Princess.
Azula: And if I were to have you thrown overboard, would the tides think twice about smashing you against the rocky shore?
Captain: No, Princess.
Azula: Well, then, maybe you should worry less about the tides who've already made up their mind about killing you and worry more about me, who's still mulling it over.
Princess Azula speaking to the ship's captain in "The Avatar State". I LOVE this part of the ep actually.

I'll add more quotes later.

Prefered pairings in Stories:

Alec & Max : Dark Angel. What? I got bored of supporting the cannon. And well there are just more fun things a writer can write about with this pairing.

Zuko & Katara: Avatar the Last Airbender. Okay a lot of people don't like this pairing. Well I DO. I can see Katara bringing out the 'softer' (for lack of better word) part of Zuko that he's burried. And no matter when they hook up Sokka WOULD freak. It's just an inevitable truth. I COMPLETELY support this pairing and will only throw it off course for two possible reasons. One of them is in the list of 'can live with pairings'. And the other reason shall be my secret...for now.

Usagi & Mamoru: Sailor Moon. I have my own ideas of things that would make it a better relationship to read about, and in my world those ideas work really well.

Kagome & Inuyasha: Inuyasha. Yeah it's a cannon pairing. But one I don't mind.

Logan (Wolverine) & Jean Grey (Pheonix, Marvel Girl): X-Men (Whether it's old school, or the new stuff). I stupidly picked up a newer comic and discovered my hatred for Scooter (Scott/Cyclops). I used to tolerate him now I hate him, that and I've always thought Jean and Logan would be a much better pairing.

Will Riker & Deanna Troi: Star Trek-TNG. What can I say. It's the only pair I like from that Star Trek series.

Emma & Adam: Mutant X. She's tele-empathic and he's moody. grins Makes for good lover's quarrels.

Robin & Starfire: Teen Titans. It'd be better suited for when they're older and he's Nightwing. But I'll settle for the budding romance of teenagers. =) And THEN when they get older he'll be Nightwing so it's all good.

Peter Parker & Felicia Hardy : Spiderman. Well it's because I can't stand some of Mary-Jane's traits. That and the fact that Felicia Hardy is the Black Cat rocks (I love that character).

Cloud & Tifa: FFVII. Aeris dies! You can't leave the blond emo all alone even though it's what he thinks he wants. =P

Kyouya & Haruhi: Ouran High School Host Club. What can I say Kyouya is my favorite character. And well what can I say. They're both smart and grounded people. It wouldn't be your typical mushy 'baby I love you" couple. Which would be cool to see.

Kaname & Yuuki: Vampire Knight. I know all Zeki shippers will want to shoot me for this and that's okay. But I can't stand seeing Kaname looks so alone and sad all the time. It's heart shattering. And when you see him in the flashbacks of when he's a kid there's still some warmth in his eyes.

Jiro & Mimi: Black Blood Brothers. I hope they can find a way after Kotaro fully wakes up and remembers everything to make it so that he doesn't have to devour Jiro. Cause that would be really awful and sad. But she's good for Jiro and helps to bring him away from his 'lonewolf' mentality.

Yeah this will be updated too.

Pairings I can live with and/or don't mind reading:

Aang & Katara (Avatar): shrugs If it's the cannon pairing, it's the cannon pairing. If it's the pairing the author likes, then that's who they like. I have nothing against Aang's character really I just prefer the Zutara pairing, but as the title of the list says: Pairings I can live with and/or don't mind reading.

Aang & Toph (Avatar): It's a pairing that would work.

Max & Logan (Dark Angel): It's a cute pairing (and the cannon pairing) true and just the way it is.

Usagi & Seiya (Sailor Moon): It's an alternative that I like reading for something different

Kagome & Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha): Another pairing I like reading for the sake that it's different.

Kikyo & Inuyasha (Inuyasha) : If he REALLY needs to be with the now un-dead woman who for the most part only wants to see him dead, then who am I to argue.

Kagura & Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha) : I've never put any thought into the pairing so I don't dislike it or love it.

Emma & Jessi (Mutant X): I don't really mind ANY pairing for Mutant X I just have my one preference for it is all. Unless it involves Eckhart.

Zak & Aeris (mainly happens in FFVII Crisis Core): They're a cute pairing.

Sephiroth & Aeris (FFVII): Okay so if Zak wasn't in the picture and Sephiroth didn't go killer psyco and kill the poor girl... it could make for a decent pairing.

Tamaki & Haruhi (OHSHC) Yeah it's seeming to be the cannon pairing. And that's okay. They both just have to stop being so oblivious first. XD

Hikaru & Haruhi (OHSHC) Well, this one is hard to explain really. But it could work.

Zero & Yuuki (VK) Okay, I KNOW a ton of the people shipping this will kill me for it not being my prime preference for Vampire Knight. But I'm not against this pairing either. I just don't agree that just because the manga isn't over doesn't mean she can't end up with Kaname. New characters can be brought in to thwart and hinder the Kaname/Yuuki pairing. But I don't object to this pairing at all. In fact I find it cute and can't stand to see Zero heart broken either.

Yet another list that can grow.

Pairings that'll give you NIGHTMARES!:

Azula & well anybody really: What? That very evil, psycotic princess of the Fire Nation has A LOT of issues to work through before I can see her paired with anybody.

Rin & Sesshoumaru: Okay for one she's what 9 years old?? IF that! I know youkai/demons live for a VERY long time...but in my world it's just plain wrong.

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