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Hi, I'm Kaity aka Mrs. Kennedy (yes people do actually call me that) I have had the unmistakeable pleasure of meeting my hero, Mr. Kennedy... Kennedy on January 7th, 2008 and it was by far the best day of my 18 years so far. I've been a Kennedy fan since he first graced us with his presence on WWE SmackDown on August 25th 2006, and I always will be.

My last birthday cake had:
18 candles
My hair is unnaturally: Dark dark brown
My eyes are boringly: Brown
I graduated hell in: 2007
I now work in hell as a: Pet Trainer/Dog Bather
My hero is none other than the one and only: Ken Anderson

AIM- MrrKennedyyyy

If, for some reason you have any questions about yours truly, ask away!

Kaity Likes:
Mr. Kennedy... Kennedy!
The New York Giants
Her friends
Going out to eat
Music, especially country
Her (Ken Kennedy commerative) tattoo
Cell phones
MySpace (
Her Mr. Kennedy autographs
All her Kennedy memorbillia (and she has A LOT)
Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Chicken, in general

Kaity Dislikes:
Whoever's in a fued with Mr. Kennedy
People who hated Mr. Kennedy, but now magically love him, it makes so god damn sense.
The Dallas Cowboys
The New England Patriots
When her computer crashes
How she never has any money
Getting her digital camera stolen from work
Her boss
Being disrespected and insulted
The majority of assholes that shop at the Plainville CT PetSmart
Being ignored
Walking over sewer grates in the street
The cold
Being in sticky sitautions
Having people mad at her

Now... .in case you were wondering, I'll list some of my other, liked, superstars, but note, if any of them are ever in a fued with Mr. Kennedy, I am trash talking them like it's my job :o)
Chris Jericho
Triple H
Mickie James
Shawn Michaels (not so much anymore...)
Randy Orton
John Cena (although he gets VERY annoying VERY quickly)
Candice Michelle