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Welcome to Live In Fantasy's profile!

What's your name?

Live In Fantasy...Cheesy name, I know


Like heck will I tell you that!


Same as above

So...You interested in anything at the moment?

Other than drawing or reading fanfics, nothing


Yes, nothing

What are you listening right now?


Anything you would like to say?

Yeah... I HAVE WRITER'S BLOCK!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry to hear that

Sure you are


Kindom Hearts Series (except COM, so frustrating . )

Final Fantasy 7, 9, 10, 10-2

Tales of Symphonia

Rainbow 6

Tony Hawk's Underground


Lunar Silver Story Complete

Favored Themes


Romance (NOT EXTREME. Just fluffy, kinda "cutesy"...sappy)









Have I mentioned Angst and Tragedy?


A/N: Soon to come!

Let's go to the main things authors write:

(Drum Roll please!)


Kingdom Hearts

Sora X Kairi (Sokai / Kaiora)

Roxas X Namine (Roxine/ Namixas)

Hayner X Olette

Axel X Larxene (Larxel)

Leon X Aerith

Sora X Kairi X Riku (Either "wins" is fine with me. But not if they tried to kill eachother)

Roxas X Namine X Riku (Only if Roxas wins)

Axel X Larxene X Marluxia (Only if Axel wins)

Kairi X Sora X Namine (Not if either girls are mean)

Namine X Roxas X Olette (Only if Namine wins)

Final Fantasy 7

Cloud X Tifa (Cloti) (Both living and close friends)

Zack X Aerith (Zerith) (Both dead)

Vincent X Yuffie (Yuffentine) (Strangely...O.o)

Hated Pairings


Clerith (Like Aerith but not with Cloud)

Tifentine (No, no, no!)

Sora X Yuffie/ Aerith or Tifa (All them to old for him)

Kairi X Riku (Brother, sister type)

~~~~~Too lazy to wirte anything else~~~~~

My stories...My three stories at the moment. Both weakly reveiwed. No one likes it. NOBODY CARES!! (Sob) Just Kidding. I'm not that dramatic. Or am I? (DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!!!!) More to come. Hopefully.


I am currently working on this. It's unsubmitted. It's basically a 'sequel' to "Zap". It's about the gang and the troubles before college. The groups gonna seperate to different towns. Sora's too busy. Kairi's worried. Tidus hangs a lot with Yuna. Selphie thinks he's cheating on her. Namine and Roxas are in the middle of it. Olette is reading as of the moment. Hayner is encouraging Sora to lie to his girlfriend. Pence and Wakka are 'useless'. Riku is in biiiig trouble in the future. Now worked on with my friend.

"A Boost From Darkness"

A desperate need to write. end of description. upadate : I CANT DELETE IT ANYMORE!!!! NO! I WANNA DELETE THIS!!!!


So...My cousin told me what his day was some weeks ago. Secretly between me and you readers...he had to-- Whoops! My cousin's here!

"Nami In Wonderland"

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, duh. I started on this by 2 a.m. and ended by about 5 a.m. I didnt add much of Authors Notes. I, Live In Fantasy, admit that I do like reading Author's Notes. Why? Because I'm interested in other people's lives. Anyway, I was surfing the net and I came across a drawing. Kingdom Hearts as Alice in Wonderland. Xemnas could be the King of Hearts since he's well, obsessed with hearts. Kairi could be the princess of heart instead of queen. I mean, princess of heart get it? Sora and Roxas as the Tweedle Twins...They look like twins anyway. The rest just fits in, y'know?

I don't beg for anyone to review. Not force or bribes or anything. "Review or not to review, that's your choice" which it truly is you reader's decision. But it would be nice though. Thank you for reading if you people did. My appreciations. Probly you could read some of my stories if you're desperate or bored. Really bored, that is.

OH! One more thing before you go away. My friend (who will remain anonymous) has a story called "Epilogue". It's about the adventures after the letter. Sora, Riku and Kairi would have to fight. Why? Becuase Malificent isn't dead, heartless and nobodies wont go away AND what if Anti is plotting a way to be seperated from Sora?

Gah...I'm not sure if my friend would care...then again I think my anonymous friend would be pissed. So...I'll leave that statement there, just in case anyone would be interested and might tell me in a review. You know what? I've been so bored. There's nothing to write about because the other authors already wrote it. I haven't seen any stories with the zap game so I tried. It was a total flunk. I'm sooo disappointed. I think I need someone to tell me what to write about, y'know? ...I'm insane...

~That is all~

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