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Poll: ok i looked around fanfiction mostly on the naruto section any way should i make a new naruto story with the crossover being primal rage or not? Vote Now!
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Im 17 years old born in flordia live in wisconsin

no job but looking toward blockbuster, and i never get out enough

I play too many games for a junior in high school and my gamer tag on xbox live is DRAGORZA

I love the name dragorza for a few reasons 1 its original 2 most people are to stupid to care for names

im realy bored in school and write until i get my note book taken away fyi teachers cant do that only with cell phones or ipods or whatnot

im also a member of idiotzone.com so please go check it out

i also play a lot of halo1,2,and 3, and call of duty 4, dmc4, oblivion,mercs 2,just beat fracture and love to play the force unleashed

and i think a talk too much for my own good

f.y.i. most correction all of my stories i write in school mostly in class when im bored or have writing to do and hey my teachers some could care less but when they do care they steal my stuff then i just fall asleep thinking what to write next note im not one of those straight fs guys and not a straight a student ether mostly b's and d's if you go to where i study at youll find me at the tech department

and also i sometimes say and type things that i dont mean so if you find some thing offencive just tell me ill change it

and many of my o.c.'s are basicly set off myself one form or another

most of my naruto fanfics i plan to put up are ether narutoxsarukra, narutoxino or narutoxsakuraxino really i hate choosing whice girl gets naruto

working on making character bios for my story as well as writing a resistance fall of man story on a rouge chimarian

update!!--sneak peak to naruto rage from within future chapter

mason was looking around in a pile of junk has naruto walks up to him "what are you looking for?" mason turns around with a angry expression "That's none of your concern you traitor!!" then turns around to look for what he came for. time skip 3 hours mason found what he was lookin for a heatin coil for a toaster then the search party turns to go back to vault 47. time skip 30 minutes "hey mason when is it going to be ready?" mason turns from his place at the counter "hold on its almost done" then he turns back to waiting after several moments of waiting the pieces of bread they put in pops out "WHO WANTS TOAST!!" "I LIKE EM CRISPY!!" "I LIKE EM CRISPY ON THE OUTSIDE!!" with that all of the inhabitants of the vault start to eat their breakfast.

details on "naruto:rage from within"

any way i modified the cross over a little its now naruto with primal rage, fallout 3 and endwar xovers now for some characters



god of survival

alignment-neutral/neutral intelligence- very high, speed- nearly impossible to track with slower "gods"(very very high) , same attacks that are in the game, special-able to go into an "enraged" state allowing him to do lightning fast strikes and the ending of the state he moves slower making him an easier target(hey i had to give him some type of weakness)


Tyrannosaurus Rex

god of evil

alignment-evil/evil intelligence-some what high, speed mid on non fire laden areas high on areas covered in fire,same attacks as the game, special-able to gather the fire and molten rock around him and absorb it into his body increasing his size and power but slows him down greatly(same as talon...mostly)


giant Ape(most likely a silverback)

god of ice

alignment-good/good intellogence high, speed mid, same attacks as the game, special-able to lift ice from the land and turn all water into ice freezeing any enemies standing on any ice in the area but weakens him and dehidrates him


Tyrannosaurus rex

god of hunger

alignment-evil/good intellogence mid, speed mid, same attacks as the game, special consumes all wildlife in the area and doubles all stats but afterwards grows weak

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ok people this story is going to be remade at the start of summer wait and see how it turns out
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