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I just have one thing to say, and this profile is so outdated! I haven't been on here in months! Well whatever, right. I'm going to try and get my partner in crime to help me right the next chapter. I mean, I love you ashie! Not the freaky sort of way though! I probably dont have to worry, i dont think she ever reads this anyway. Yes! I'm sixteen, I live in Wisconsin. My favorite movie is hsm of course. who doesnt like it? and i adore disney channel. you are never to old for disney channel. Hasta La Vista!

aloha!! my name is... hahahaha, you'll never know!! actually, its on my seperate account. um, ok. so... i'm fifteen too, only i think i'm younger than her above me (figuratively speaking), and i live in england. in leeds actually, which is in the north, for all you people that live in england. if you dont, then look at a map. i live on the internet (i dont really, but i spend so much time on it that i might as well) and my all time favourite band is MCFLY!! look up their new single on youtube, its called the heart never lies. i also like the beatles. my fave films are help! a hard days night, yellow submarine, hsm, just my luck and thats it. for more info, contact my account on... haha, i am weird too. i sound like an advert. below are my fave parings from disney channel:

SLOZAC: Zaddie


CodyLondon, but i'm not as big a fan as the above ones

Hannah Montana: Moliver


Riley (thats Rico and Miley. yeah, i'm weird)


High School Musical: Troyella





yeah, so... thats about it. here is the link for my individual account: www.fanfiction.net/aislingmonica byeeeeeee!!

there they are, incase you want to read any of our individual accounts.

My fave band is i dont have one but i love country music! Keith Urban is the best! YEah! I'm sorry, but we are weird, and proud of it! Boo yah!

Um sorry if we seem to be blabbing on about nothing, we couldn't think of anything to write.

another hannah montana pairing that i like is lilyXoliver, i dont know why nobody likes that pairing!


A Whole Bunch of Mayhem reviews
Gabi's friends want to throw her the perfect party, but along the way Gabi cant help but feel left out, and her suspisions arise even more, when she believes Troy is cheating on her for Sharpay. All original characters, with a few added of our own.
High School Musical - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,396 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Updated: 1/11/2008 - Published: 10/14/2007