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I apologize for not updating my stories on ff.net. RL has been taking its toll.

I've decided not to repost Sinking, the Fixing It Series and Revelations. If you want to read these stories please e-mail me and I will direct you to the website where they are posted.

My stories will always be Buffy and Angel. I hate this whole Buffy/Spike and Angel/Cordelia story line this season. Those who don't share my view Cool. To each his own.
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DEDICATION: I want to thank everyone who has supported my stories given me reviews.

LUV YA!!!!

RANT: This season has left me at a loss for words. And now that I know that BtVS is ending at season 7 and Angel will be staying with WB for season 4, I know I will be writing more and reading more fan fic than ever.

Joss, Marti and David *Please* give us back the TRUE Buffy and Angel!!! Give us a crossover episode!!!

Rant on the Season Finale of both shows is in the intro of Healing Part 2. I will be posting another chapter to The Face of Evil Friday, May 31st.

I will post the update to Healing Part 2 and In My Dreams - Hellish Bells June 7th.

Reviews: I accept all reviews(signed and anonymous). All flames will be sent directly to where I feel they belong. (smile)

If anyone has a personal issue with my stories please send me an e-mail and allow me to address your issues.

Okay, I think that's it. Read and enjoy!!