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Author has written 6 stories for Twilight, Stravaganza, and Blue Bloods.

Name: I have many! I am known to some as "Bug" while others know me as "wd16". Then, there is the occasional "the weird girl who sits in the corner reading", but most people just call me "Halle".

Age: Sorry, but I don't want to be stalked by some crazy dude who's in his 40's. I can tell you though it is in between 10 (Yeah, right! You think that I would be on here if I were that young!) and 14. My mother however says I either act like I'm 30 or I'm 2.

I should be on medication, but apparently, my doctors think I'm perfectly healthy. So I've decided to diagnose myself.

Disease: Zoomtosis

Symptoms: Sleeps all day and stays awake all night, reads constantly, has a tendency to yell, gets unusally delirious when sleepy, laughs at least every hour, hyper-active, has the need to have a dictionary by their side, says random things, becomes paranoid easily.

If you have two of these symptoms, I am afraid that you have Zoomtosis.

Treatment: 1. Stuff your mouth full of marshmallows and run around screaming "I'm a big fat bunny and I love to sing!"to every neighbor you have.

2. Run around town and paint every person you find with shoes on red.

3. Don't do the treatment and live with Zoomtosis for the rest of your life.

If you choose 3, you're my new best friend! If you choose one of the other two, you're also my new best friend!

Funny Little Things About Me

LADY: When I was littler than I am now, I used to call everyone "Lady" including boys and occasionally, my parents. It would always be, "Hey, Lady! How ya doing?" and "Can you pass the potatoes, Lady?" Luckily, I grew out of that stage, but now, I have the habit of calling everyone "Hon" which I blame a friend of mine for. When will it stop?

Likes: Libraries Books Writing Reading Drawing Trees Flowers The Sky Purple Yellow Green Blue Family Sappy Romance Movies Friends Moon Stars Spongebob Squarepants


Dislikes: Surgical Needles (Shots) Cancer People Who Think They're Better Than Everyone Else

Admires: People Who Don't Care What Other People Think About Them My Sister (Died Awhile Back) My Family My Friends Tamora Pierce Almost Everyone Spongebob Squarepants Stephanie Meyer

Problems With: My Confidence (Have None) My Brother My Laziness My Sloppiness

Wonderful Books That I Love: Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn Maximum Ride Series Blue Bloods Novels Percy Jackson and the Olympians Stravaganza Anything Tamora Pierce Wrote Artemis Fowl Series

My Favorite Sayings:

TGIF!(Thank God it's Friday or Thank God I'm Female!)

Live, Love, Laugh!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants!

Woe is me!

Seasons(Favorite to Least): Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring

Tortall vs. Emelan: Can't Decide

Edward vs. Carlisle: I don't care! They're both dreamy! Sorry, I'm drooling!

People strive to be normal, but I strive to be different. I strive to be weird!

The person who created chilly cheese fries was a genius, but not very orginal. I mean I would have at least come up with a more creative name like Aryies or something.

If a genie gave me three wishes, I would wish 1) for vampires to be real (If they aren't already), 2) for Tortall to be real, and 3) for three more wishes. With those three wishes, well let's just say the possiblities are endless.

What's luckier than a four leaf clover? I'll tell you. A three leaf clover!

If apples were pears, and peaches were plums and a rose had a different name. If tigers were bears and fingers were thumbs, I would love you all the same.

I don't mean to scare anyone, but death isn't something to be afraid of. It comes sooner or later, so what's the big deal!

Inside this body lies that of a skinny lady. But I can usually shut her up with chocolate!- Goodquotes.com

Procrastinators unite...tomorrow!-Off of some random guys shirt

The best comeback in history, "Yo Mama!"

If I picked six (orginally, five) people to have dinner with, dead, alive or anything else, they would be the following.

William Shakespeare- Oh, believe me! He would get an earful! I want to know what could possibly motivate him to write Romeo and Juliet, and why did he have to kill them? I cry everytime!

God- I'm curious as to what all my deceased family peoples are doing. Also, I have a lot of questions I'd like to be answered, and who wouldn't want to have dinner with him (those in the Christian religion, that is)?

My Grandparents- Okay, I know I'm probably cheating with this one, but I'm counting all four as one item. I never got to meet them, they all died before I was born, and it would be really cool, I think.

Queen Elizabeth I- My friend, Grace, would totally be agreeing with me right now. I liked to know how it was to rule over a powerful country alone for fourty years (I think). It would be amazing to just talk to her!

Leonardo Da Vinci- He was a man ahead of he's time. Brillant and artistic. It would be awesome to sit down with him and have dinner! I wonder how good his manners were.

All the Characters Out of the Books I Love Including the Evil Ones- I know, I'm cheating big time. So shoot me! I really would like to have dinner with all these guys! And it would be hilarious if they all had dinner with me at the same time! Oh, I can just see it know!

My Quotes of Me

"People always say that there are things that are impossible. I however say that there are things that are improbable. Anything can happen; everything is possible. Things are just more probable than others are."

“He who wants all will never be satisfied. He who wants nothing will never be happy. He who wants chocolate will live long time.”

“There are three groups of people. Those who blame only themselves, those who blame everyone else, and those who know where blame truly lies. I put myself in group number four. That group doesn't really care whose to blame as long as everyone else is okay with it.”

“People call me foolish but I say I’m smart. People call me a dreamer but I say I know what reality truly is. People call me misunderstood but I say I understand everything.”

“The heart is the strongest muscle in the human body, and yet it is so fragile. It can break easily but it will continue beating until the end.”

"Happy people laugh, sad people cry, but I eat chocolate."

"I perfer to be called athletically challenged. Lazy's too harsh of a word."

"The point of a crush is to keep it a secret, or you will be crushed. Catch my drift."

"Boyfriends and best friends do not mix. Unless the guy you're dating is "the one", but I highly doubt that."

"You're never officially best friends until you hate each other."

"One day, I'll rule the world with flying monkeys, and you'll regret that you said that about me."

"I'm optimistically pessimistic. I look at the good side of the bad things."

"You're just jealous because I can act stupid, and people still love me."

"At the end of the day, if I got at least ten hours of sleep, watched some form of educational television, and made at least one person laugh, then I say it was a good day."

"One day, snowflakes will take over the world with their mind controlling powers. Well, at least Blaze and I will be safe. After all, you actually need a mind to be controlled."

"I have a life... It just consists of sleeping, reading, writing, eating, and breathing. But still, it's a life all the same."

"It's funny that no matter how loud I yell, nobody listens... How depressing... Oooo, is that a penny?"

Random Conversations

Me: Be careful!

Allie: I'm just walking to class. How paranoid can you get?

Me: I'm afraid the sky's going to fall on me! Does that answer your question!

Me: Did you just say you hate unicorns?

Katie: No.

Me: Oh, because I was about to say how can you hate unicorns. They make the world go round.

Katie:...Halle, are you on medication?

Ashley: Guess what?


Ashley: No, way! What makes you think that?

Me: It sounded like you needed to say something really important. That's all!

Me: Hey, Ashley! How's the baby?

Ashley: I already told you! I'm not pregnant!

Me: Sure you're not! So, is it a boy or girl?

After seeing the Mist...

Me: Mom, you'd never kill me right?

Mom: Of course not, Honey!

Me: Good, but...

Mom: What?

Me: I don't think Annie can babysit Blaze and me anymore when you guys go to Chicago.

Mom: Why?

Me: Because she said she would of killed us.

Mom:...I think you're right. How do you guys like April?

My dad's watching T.V. while I'm reading a book whose name I cannot remember.

Something bad happens in the book...

Me: OH, NO!! This cannot be happening!

Dad: Who you talking to, Hal?

Me: Myself. I know, I know! I'm crazy!

Dad: No your not as long as you don't talk back. You don't, right?

Me:...Sure. Why not?

In the car...

Me: Mom, what would it be like if everyone had to sing everything they said?

Mom: (sings) It would be like this.

Me: (sings... badly) Wouldn't it get annoying?

Mom: (sings) It sure would.

Me: (sings ... badly... again) Yeah!

Blaze: Can you guys stop it? I think my ears are bleeding!

Me:(... sings... extremely bad) Meanie!

The Eyes Behind the Clouds

When I was little and it rained, I looked to the sky

and asked "Why sky? Why do you cry?"

To this day, Even though I know better

I still ask that question outside in the rain while my clothes get wetter.

I suppose I'm foolish, but I think there are eyes

behind the clouds, and I wonder why it cries.

I long to help, to make it feel happy

but that's just the way I am always trying to be laughy.

I wonder why it cries. I wish I knew.

Why it cries and who.

-Halle 11/28/07

;-) :-) ;-) :-)

Okay, I enjoy helping people! So if you want to help someone without having to get up or with out any effort at all, check this website out. All you need is you're brain! If you don't have one, try anyway!

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