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Author has written 16 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic the Hedgehog, Trauma Center, Pokémon, Golden Sun, Solatorobo: Red The Hunter, Kid Icarus, and Fire Emblem.

Age: Not telling anymore!

Gender: Male

Location: Somewhere in the world.

Occupation: Student, gamer, writer, and artist.

Personality: Good friend for anyone, will help someone in need, not foul with language.

Possessions: Wii, 3DS, DS, Gamecube, Game Boy Advance/SP, Nintendo 64. I also have a big collection of video games and games magazines.

Likes to do in Meet unique people or writers, read fanfiction that have a "special" way for characterization, people that are smart, have MSN talks with talented writers and reviewers, write fanfiction, play video games, and adding believable background story scenes for any kind of character that deserves more attention (meaning I like character development).

Dislikes in People who ridiculize Lucario (I really hate them), stupid people who don't know what a review is, writers that use Japanese terms all the time, Yaoi fanatics (mainly MarthXIke), and really poor sense of characterization to the point the character is not even himself or herself (I MOSTLY hate this if it's supposed to be a serious fic).

Hello, thanks to you for reading my profile (or at least this little intro. Chances are you'll skim over the whole thing). Yes, I am a gamer that knows a lot of many different games. My English has become much better as of late, so now I can write above average.

This is my Youtube account.

Join my little yet hopeful forum to talk about my main story and other stuff.

Here are my accounts that hold my artwork. Lots of promotional artwork for my stories can be found here.

GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL FANFICTION FOR THE SUPER SMASH BROS. SECTION. (This could work for some others as well...)

by AuraChannelerChris.

Hello. Thank you for being a stalker by entering to see my guide without my permission.

...Of course I was joking. We're all stalkers in here, after all.

Anyway, welcome to this special section. Why did I create this section? This section was created for the purpose to guide you, newcomer, to a (insert title here). Lately, the Smash Bros. section has been filling up with fics that don't make any sense.

In order to succeed, an author must use spelling, grammar, and the fic itself. (Microsoft Word or OpenOffice make the first 2 very easy).

So, what is important for you to succeed?

It is pretty obvious.


What's your job as a dedicated author? Your job is to entertain many people with your ideas. Your first fanfiction could show them the originality of your mind...or you could show them how ridiculous/absurd/stupid/dork/idiot you actually are without noticing by yourself. And no, I'm not saying I'm the best author there is. I have unfortunately been victim of this as well in the past until I learned from my mistakes and became more efficient in my fictions. So what did I do? Make this so you don't ridiculize yourself.

Sounds pretty understandable, right?

But you're asking to yourself how you can evade complete unpopularity.

Well, please scroll down and you shall see the rules to make a good fic. To make it funny, I've made the titles relate to the characters of SSBB.

Note: T = Translation.

The rules that you must always think about are:

1. Sheik and Edge (Final Fantasy IV) Shuld Be Tugethar.

T: Fanboyism is the first thing authors make. Normally this will always end with the first fanfiction being a complete piece of crap when the author realizes what he or she just made by comparing it to some more complicated stories. Always avoid this when you can.

2. R.O.B. Is An Original Character. Why Is It In SSBB?

T: The writer always wants to make their own OC (Original/Own Character) live with the main characters. However, authors should be always descriptive and make their OC original before the same abbreviation sturns into "Own Crap."

3. Meta Knight Is Gary Sue (AKA Overpowered).

T: Writers often go as far as not letting their OC suffer pain/defeat/death/emoishness/whatever except the main characters. This often tells the author's OC is far superior than anybody in there. Be careful if you don't want to make a Mary Sue (if the OC is a girl) or Gary Sue (OC being a boy). Every writer should always avoid doing this mistake.

Also, this goes for the main characters as well. For crying out loud, let Wolf mess up in something.

4. Tabuu Just Came Out Of Nowhere!

T: Whatever your crazy mind lets you think, DON'T create original bosses. Most people fail to realize their bosses are absurd, and no one has ever made a boss so successful. Do this if you want, though. But it's likely you're going to fail if you don't put EVERYTHING in your mind into.

5. Is Fox Cool, Serious, Or Shy? (Answer: All Of Them If You Didn't Goggle Him Up).

T: For those authors who don't have nothing better to do and create profiles for all the main characters (like sucky me), please, PLEASE maintain them with their personalities. People often overlook the same characters and commit a true error. There are some people who can't even tell the difference between Mario's and Kirby's personalities at all.

The result? Kirby has an IQ of 100 and knows what Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis actually means, whereas he acts like an infant.

There's one author out there who can't even see the difference between all the main characters saying kids' heroes' lines in every single chapter, making it irritable. What's the difference, you ask? Absolutely NOTHING. (I personally hate those authors who humiliate serious characters like Lucario or Fox without even noticing).

6. Marth Comes From The USA

T: Aw, people changing characters' much I hate thee?

Putting that joke aside...actually, it's not a joke. Authors often (and drastically) change characters' backstories to the point they become stupid. You may change them a little, but LITTLE BIT. Always try to make them understandable that "syncs" with their actual background.

An example of this would be to believe that Mario is Russian.

7. Link Is Toon Link's Clone.

T: Writers often get inspired by others' fics that makes them excited to write their story. There's a problem, though. Do your original fiction, not FREAKING PLAGIARIST the other guy's fic. I had this same trouble with a reviewer of mine before. What happened to him? He got a warning by me.

8. Bowser Is So Funny.

T: Listen to this if you want to make a humor fic. I mainly focus on humor, but there are 2 types of humor you should need to recognize:

Absurd Humor: Who cares if Bowser is wearing underwear or not in public?

Good Humor: Logic. Always apply logic in humor as well. Logic works really well in the SSB section. You can always make them ask about the currents events and sometimes do a joke (with LOGIC in it).

9. Naruto SSBB = Pure Win.

T: We all know anime is very popular at its section on the site, but do you really want to put up a fanfiction like that? Video games and anime don't mix well together. You're not mixing anime with video games, you're using anime as an excuse to obtain more reviews. It's every fangirl's dream to have Marth fall in love with Tsukasa/Tsunade/Akira Kogami/Kagome/every single pointless girl in Negima. Only do this if you have run out of ideas.

10. Atomic Betty Meets Falco.

T: True insanity is achieved if you thought SpongeBob pairs up well with Pichu. Combine this with altered character's background and the result is completely and utterly made of crap.

11. Hannah Montana Is Peach's Long Lost Cousin.

T: FORGET THAT SIN YOU JUST THOUGHT UP! You're at a loss if you ever thought video games and real life shows go well together. We all know there's a crossover section, but do you really want to make Samus mix with iCarly? If yes, you've lost all the respect from me (and many).

12. "Swooning Over MarthXIke scene"

T: Your ultimate mission is to evade Yaoi, Yuri, Harem, Slash, (insert sick Japanese definitions here). Yaoi has taken a lot of unnecessary attention in the SSB section lately and it must be stopped at all costs. This is not a trend at all; it's another excuse to get a lot of reviews by people who want to flood the frickin' section with threesomes...between guys.

13. Where Did Landmasters Come From? They Appeared Out Of The Blue (Sky).

T: And now we're talking about the OCs again. You should always focus in only OC and not a public of them so yours gets more attention. Please, only one OC is enough for the readers to know. Always remember the Mary Sue rule in this one, though.

14. Zelda Is Getting Married In February.

T: Aw, character development. This is something that makes a fic go around. You should always focus in the development of every single character in every chapter so there's ACTUAL development between characters. I'm not going to mention, but some authors don't know the words, and they ignore this a lot.

15. Olimar Is Emo.

T: Don't follow trends! Make them!

...Stupid saying aside, don't leave 'less' important characters behind. I'm sure you're not going to find a DK-centric fic in the whole section if your life depended on it. And when I mean DK-centric, I mean the whole fic and not just one chapter that later changed to Marth...and Ike. "Shrugs"

16. Link Wants A Kiss For Luck. "Winks at you"

T: Unless you're sane, don't put stupid and pointless internet memes in your fics. What if you do? You're surely a Yoshi-fan that loves fart sounds. However, it's possible to make the memes look funny...if you REALLY think hard. Only use them if you're making a parody and not an actual serious fic.

17. Mario The Italian Plumber Who Doesn't Fix Pipes Anymore Despite Him Being a Plumber.

T: Don't go too literal with the main characters and make them look more exaggerated. If you do, you're probably portraying your pseudo-hatred towards the character you hate the most, and most people buy that. In other words, don’t make them too out of character (OOC). As a reminder, Sonic is neither Amy's boyfriend or husband whatsoever (no offense done to SonicXAmy fans (and Amy herself)).

However, this rule can be avoided for people who make parodies. Parodies usually have twists in personalities, so they're very fine unless otherwise said.

18. Sonic! No! You Must Turn Into Super Sonic And Keep Going! (Long One).

What is a reviewer? A reviewer is a person who gives criticism to the author for the chapter or story itself. Reviewers are often known to criticize their favorite scenes, character portrayal (if ANY), or their favorite scenes in the plot.

But what does this have to do with the cheesy title I just put up?

It's very obvious.

Replace "Sonic" with "author," and then replace the sentence beginning with "No!" and beyond for "I don't need to be criticized at all. Praise me all the time!" Let me tell you something: you're a disgrace to other authors.

An author is an author if he or she receives good feedback and criticism. There are some authors that think they don't need to be criticized because they know they're good. You probably back that up with a stupid sentence that "relates" with your crazy policy about reviews.

If the reviewer doesn't want to review, then he or she wants to discuss something wrong you did...wrong, but this doesn't mean you're bad. Authors need to be criticized in order to improve their skills in what they write. If the author goes whiny kid to the reviewer, then do us a favor and die with bad grammar and wrong hell. Whiner authors don't have a place to be here.

19. Tell The Difference Between Ness And Lucas.

T: Critic and Flame... These 2 words can either make someone feel relieved or scare an author to their spines. However, you don't know the difference between these 2. I'll gladly tell you the huge difference:

Critic: This happens when the reviewer discuss something like the plot and characters (mostly personalities) in depth. Take in mind that authors who receive a good critic are authors with potential.

Flame: "U suck."

See the difference? Critics are more detailed, and flames are as simple as the idiotic sentence up here. You can always report the reviewer for the flame he or she gave to you, or erase it if it is anonymous.

20. Ganondorf Is The Lord Of All...Friendship.

T: In such action where the bad guy is changed to a hero THEN it should mean you're drunk. Most people manage to get away with this and make any villain their nemesis's best friend. I mostly hate this a lot.

However, there's a way to get around it before you make that mistake. You could try to make that villain be with the heroes as long as he or she doesn't get too out OOC.

How to do this? Read ahead:

1) Always keep his or her evil personality.

2) Watch the dialogues you write for him or her.

3) Don't make him or her befriend someone. Villains ALWAYS stay away from heroes. (This also implies the villains don't have comrades. YES, PEOPLE, they have to be alone). HOWEVER, you could make the villain befriend someone through a long (and sometimes stupidly long) period of time, and when that happens, always keep in mind the previous 2 recommendations.

21. Tell Pit How To Fight.

T: Or more commonly known as "Ask Fics." These fics usually ask you to put dares. Usually your mind tells you to ask things the author doesn't even know like why Wario eats garlic all the time. You even go as far as to dare Roy to make out with Ike (see "Swooning Over MarthXIke scene).

There was once a heated discussion with a guy in the Pokémon section (where I participated) where he told the author ask fics were against the rules of the site. Once the debate was finished, the author resumed his ask fics, enraging the reviewer who gave up on him. I'm so sorry to say this, but ask fics are absolutely pointless and a waste of your valuable time. If you want, go ahead and receive absurd thoughts of people who don't have nothing better to do to later force you to make someone like Squirtle suffer something absolutely stupid like take off his shell.

22. Isaac, Shadow, and Krystal shuld hav bin in Bruwl, lulz.

T: The point where fanboism is clear for the SSB section is made clear once you put "Geno" and "is a Smasher" together. No one has ever portrayed them well as a result, and this always ends in failure to meet your spectations. Don't do this mistake if you know the consequences.

23. Popo Liiikes Tho Dans. See ass Phopo dansez with Nanna.

T: Always remember the titles and summaries you write for your fic. People judge newcomers by their titles and summaries. Most stories get ignored if you ever put a misspelled word in the summary or the title itself. Also, don't put worthless things like "I suck at summaries" or "this fic is rated t: IN the summary. We know the rating of the story down below the summary as well. If you suck at summaries, then that space should have been left empty to begin with. Always, ALWAYS give good summaries with good prestige identification.

24. WHAT?! YOU DON'T HEAR ME, YOSHI?! WELL, THAT'S BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE EARS! (Or exclamation point rule.)

T: Why would you make the character yell so much during an adventure/action fic unnecessarily? This is a very crucial point for anyone who does this FOREVER. If the main characters yell too much, then that means they're the stereotypical kids' hero or villain. Always ignore such fics or yell at the author for doing it all the time in your review (irony intended). If you want to make them yell, then do it during fights, complaints that drag on, or when someone suffers pain or sadness (keeping in mind to not overuse mentioned recommended times). Exclamation points add emotion, but overusing them makes the characters annoying.

25. And Captain Falcon yells, "FALCON PAWNCH!" (I hate the meme I just wrote here, by the way.)

T: It's typical for you to copy TV's script and change it to sentences for your fic. However, have you ever checked the difference? Most people can't tell how cheesy the line they just published actually is. TV gives emotions, but fanfiction doesn't give them that easily. Explanations should be always used without making them sound wrong. And speaking of explanations...

26. "Lucario Felt All His Limbs, Fingers, Feet, Ears, Chest, Abs (if any (used for humor reasons), Fur, Tail, Frontal Hair, Forehead, Head, Eyes, Mouth, Whatever That Weird Blue Waist He Has, Belt, Wrists, Right Toe, Left Toe, Tongue, Teeth, Soul, Spirit, Aura Numb So Suddenly After Watching Hentai For The First Time Ever In All His 2394 Hours Of Living His Entire Life In The Smash Mansion While The Clock On The Wall Made Echoing Sounds Through His Room And Everything It Could Reach Within A 10 Feet Radius."

T: Since when did we ask for a whole wall text in the story with pointless explanations? Unless you like to be freaking Shakespeare, go poetic with your explanations but you will surely bore the heck out of everyone's mind. You should always balance length of explanations and dialogues. Otherwise, you surely have a lot of time in your hands to waste it all on a wall text to people who will surely fall asleep and hit their foreheads on their keyboards before they drool on the keys and cause a short circuit that later went through the cables and also affected the whole system inside the CPU that later caused a whole chain reaction with all the equipment in their house an-(you get my point now, don't you?)

By the way, since Lucario is being used as a joke here, let's clarify something here that most people think about him.

By any means, the Lucario in SSBB is NOT, ABSOLUTELY NOT the same Lucario from the movie. Why, you ask? Because of the fact that Lucario is inside a freaking green crystal besides his trainer. And please don't argue that it IS the same Lucario. As I've stated before, anime and video games don't mix or even interact with at all. This Lucario here is just as random as the Pikachu, Pichu, Mewtwo, and Jigglypuff, or are you going to say they all come from the anime? I'll tell you what, if that Lucario is really from the anime, then Red (PT of the 3) is DEFINITELY from the anime as well, which is in fact not true at all. Stop letting your fanboism getting in your ideas, please.

Now, Riley and Lucario? Those 2 are alive, and they came from the video game as well. Why not use them instead of the crystalized pair?

27. Jigglypuff Uses Sing! Foe Reader Becomes Asleep!

T: Why the HELL do you want to make a "song fic" thing with the song's script? This always happens when out of nowhere the real world (ours) and SSBB become one. You go fangirl on the fic and make the characters sing one of the overrated Jonas Brothers' songs. These fics ALWAYS fail to attract people with good common sense.

Oh, and the foe reader didn't fall asleep because Jigglypuff used Sing. The reader fell asleep because song fics are boring and a waste of time (admit it as well).


28. Sonic Swimming Is Better Than Final Smashes.

T: TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GOOD FIC AND A STUPID ONE. People often mistake fics as "being the most fabulous fic ever" and they keep telling the author to keep going. Always compare 2 fics with the same genre, and find out which one is the one that has more sense. You're probably overlooking something that you shouldn't have read before. People often encourage novice authors to please the same reviewer. This is extremely bad. Remember that reviewers have the unusual power to convince anyone that their writing is awesome. Please don't do this mistake and help authors out (without your own fanboism getting in the way, that is).


And that's all you need to know to make a good fanfiction. If you got offended by a rule, you're surely doing something wrong. Always check your reviews, your story, and you writing as well…

Or do you really want to mix Transformers in there, show how ridiculous you are to hundreds of people, and attract people who can't tell the difference between decent and stupid?


Motto: Be Original, Spread The Word.

Character Bios:

-Master Hand: The main boss of the Smash Mansion, and leader of the Smashers. Master Hand is the creator of the Smash World where people go to mix cultures and inhabitants. Nobody outside the Smashers knows that he's the definition of the god of said world, though. Every year, he holds tournaments to test the universes' biggest personalities so that his pockets get full with money (he can't create money, a skill he greatly laments). He may not show much love to his team, but Master Hand always thinks the best for them all, even if he gets on everyone's nerves from time to time. The bossies disembodied glove you'll ever meet. His birthday is January 21st.

I'm NOT Glover's brother or Glover himself! ...We're long lost cousins.

-Crazy Hand: A...not so okay in the head hand who is the twin brother of Master Hand. Crazy Hand is often said to be stronger than Master Hand, but that is just a misunderstanding: people can't get quite a hold of him because he's simply insane and unpredictable. Still, his heart(?) is in the right place, protected by countless of chains to keep it there. Insane troll logic is his best trait. His birthday is November 21st.

I'm going to fire my laser with over 9000 force while I eat lots of spaghetti for DINNER, pet my Mudkip (Mama Luigi) and Bidoof (Sparta) as I read the enclosed instruction book for the faces of Koridai. ;D

-Chris: A teenager who got used to live a somewhat normal life until one day destiny let an abnormally tall and powerful Lucario drop into the real world. Ever since then, his life has been changed drastically, for better or for worse. After spending over half a year bonding with the serious Pokémon, he ended up joining the elite of Smashers reluctantly. He's got a good and compassionate heart, but the insanity he goes through every day terrifies him in various degrees. The one most likely to faint during "Oh Crap" moments. His birthday is September 30th.

Special ability: Job System

-Aura Apprentice - Lucario - Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

-PK Kid - Ness or Lucas - EarthBound/Mother 3

-Swordsman - Toon Link - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

-Space Mercenary - Fox - Star Fox

-Pikmin Captain - Olimar - Pikmin

-Summoner - Luneth, Arc, Refia or Ingus - Final Fantasy III DS

-Ranger - Ike - Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

-Chosen of Mana - Colette Brunel - Tales of Symphonia/Fonic Hymn User - Tear Grants - Tales of the Abyss

-Fake King - King Dedede - Kirby

-Racer - Captain Falcon - F-Zero

-Monk - Luneth, Arc, Refia, or Ingus - Final Fantasy III DS

-Dragoon - Kain or Freya - Final Fantasy IV or IX

-Chozo Arts - Zero Suit Samus - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

-Musician - Hurdy - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift

-Psychic User - Mewtwo - Pokémon

-Thief - Random Hume - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift

-Scholar - Luneth, Arc, Refia or Ingus - Final Fantasy III DS

-Ioanian Sargeant Oracle Knight Fon Master Guardian - Anise Tatlin - Tales of the Abyss

-Moogle Knight - Random Moogle - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift

-Agent - Al-Cid Margrace - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift

-Juggler - Random Moogle - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift

-Black Mage - Random Hume or Vivi - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift or Final Fantasy IX

-Ninja - Luneth, Arc, Refia, or Ingus - Final Fantasy III DS

-Beastmaster - Random Nu Mou - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The moment a Pokémon got into my life, I knew I was somehow partially screwed.

Learned Skills By Purchasing:

Stickers: Dribble - Battering (Resistance 6)(2)

-Lucario: A very unusual Lucario that stands out among all other Lucario due to the fact he's over six feet tall and possesses Herculean strength. Despite this, he is serious in nature, though he yearns for battle whenever the chance appears. His dutiful trainer is Chris himself, and Lucario is the only one who can protect him from the dangers of their otherworldly adventures. He will listen and respect his trainer's wishes, having learned so many every-day teachings from him. Unfortunately, he is very protective of his trainer to a fault. The biggest overachiever of the team. His birthday is September 28th.

I AM the strongest Lucario in history. Dare hurt my trainer and your aura will vanish...

-Compatible Job: Aura Apprentice

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Aura Fists

Strike both sides of the target with two Force Palms at the same time, causing electric damage and paralyzing the target's body to deal more damage in the meantime. Deals moderate amount of damage and paralyzes the target for a period of time.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing: Resist: Dark lvl. 1

Stickers: Rachel - Aura (Attack 11)(2)

-Pichu: An energetic Electric type, Pichu has a very childish mind. He is the youngest of the whole cast and thus he might be the less-action-y character of the story. Pichu is often see hanging out with his spiritual brother Pikachu and the young Smashers the most. Like any other little kind, Pichu braces himself to become a force to be reckoned with in battles, no matter if he lives or DIES in the process. He is part of "The Young Smashers" as an active member. Has a big stash of candy hidden in his room. His birthday is November 21th.

I hope I can have fun in this new experience! ...Wait, what's the second thing about me?

-Compatible job: Scholar

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Spark Bullet

Charges magic and turns it into electricity on the user, fires the user at blinding speed after charging up and deals moderate lightning damage to whoever gets in the path of the bullet.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Roy: Roy is one of the many swordsmen of the cast. In contrast to Marth's calm and careful behavior, Roy tends to be a little more upbeat and less insecure of his actions. That doesn't stop him from being a good general although he's not one for the rest of the Smashers. He likes hanging out with Marth, Ike, and Link the most. The youngest king you'll ever meet. His birthday is March 29th.

I wonder if there are higher ranks than generals and lords...

-Compatible Job: Ranger

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:

Stickers: Kat - Slash (Attack 4)(1)

-Mewtwo: Probably the most serious of the Smashers, Mewtwo always means serious business when it comes down to matters at hand. Although he's extremely quiet during, he becomes a nightmare during a battle. Being a pursuer of knowledge, Mewtwo likes to spend his time learning about the workings of the world, though he shuns most people away from him. As a side note, Mewtwo abhors talking about his past life and feeling like a guinea pig for humans, also detesting Pokémon Trainers in general. The one most likely to blow people's heads off out of irritation. His birthday is February 27th.

I must fight back, or else, everyone will not have someone to rely on...and I need them sometimes too.

-Compatible Job: Psychic User

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Pikachu: This is not a random Pikachu but the very same Ash's Pikachu when he is away from him to participate in the tourneys. Pikachu acts like some sort of cool-Pokemon, but this is just the way he is to act with a mature mind so that nobody looks down on him. And he does it well. Pikachu likes to spend the time with other fellow Pokemon and the young Smashers, though he also likes other people that don't bother him a lot. Often argues with Ness for the leadership of "The Young Smashers" but forgets about it shortly. The most genre savvy of the team. His birthday is April 1st.

Ash isn't here? I'm free! ...Oh, wait... Right, the Subspace Army.

-Compatible job: Ionian Sargeant Oracle Knight Fon Master Guardian

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Spark Wave

Sends waves of pure volts through a floating sphere of lightning. Deals a great amount of lightning damage to enemies nearby it.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff considers herself to be some sort of singing diva, wishing that people don't fall asleep during her singing sessions (we are aware about why). She isn't necessarily the annoying type at all. She is a very good friend to have around though she gets easily distracted if she finds Pokemon that are attractive to her (ex. Lucario). She is part of "The Young Smashers" as a member. Cannot comprehend (or bother to know) why people fall asleep for the life of her. Her birthday is May 21st.

Everyone thinks I don't do anything but look at the mirror...t-that's not true, though!

-Compatible Job: Musician

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Absorbing Sonata

Create a peaceful and cheerful melody that makes enemies feel pain inside and steal their healths, deals a large amount of damage and restores/revives party members with large amounts of health depending of the enemy's health.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Ice Climbers: The twins aren't necessarily just a male and female version of each other. Rather, Popo tends to act little to a lot goofy at times while Nana is the most reserved and careful of the pair. Comically, their personalities might clash with each other with Nana trying to set Popo straight. Through hard times, they support each other a lot to keep walking forward together. They're one of the pairs of Smashers that have the strongest of bonds. Since they're both young, they're active members of "The Young Smashers". Often mistaken to be a very young couple. Their birthday is (assumedly) January 30th.

Double power, Nana!

...Please, don't listen to him if you can. "Sweatdrops."

-Compatible Job: Fake King

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Hammer Squash

Smash 3 hammers at the same time above a single enemy, dealing a moderate amount of damage.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Popo's Learned Skills By Purchasing:

Popo 's Stickers: Twincast (2).

Nana's Learned Skills By Purchasing:

Nana's Stickers: Twincast (2).

-Pit: Pit is the courageous general of Palutena, but he only acts brave in his world. When dealt with other circumstances, Pit is easily taken off-guard to comprehend what he's dealing with (mainly because most of the events don't have to deal with courage but dignity and some wisdom within every-day life). His insecurities are easily solved once he fights bravely, though. The one who considers darkness is evil and gross. His birthday is December 19th.

For Palutena, for the Smashers, for the sake of everyone...please...lend me your aid!

-Compatible Job: Fonic Hymn User

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Pow Ring

Turns both blades into Pow Hammers to spin them near the enemy, dealing moderate damage with squeaky noises.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash: Judgement Arrows

Shoot a golden arrow to the sky to call 100 arrows, then combinate it with Holy Judgement to turn all the arrows into holy lights to cure all the allies and deal extreme, massive light damage to all the enemies.

Learned Skills By Purchasing:

Stickers: Ana - Body, Spin (Attack 7)(1)

-Fox: The leader of Star Fox is a mature person of his age while still giving off that rebellious yet cool personality a teenager shows. Fox was always surrounded by events full of action in space until he stepped down the Arwing and started walking around on earth. His badassery is fully exposed unless he's outwitted, though he never backs down from imminent danger. The biggest hobo-with-a-job of his universe. His birthday is February 21th.

I know there weren't that many supernatural events in my world, but this just too much for me...

-Compatible Job: Space Mercenary

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: 100 Blasts

Fire 100 shots from 2 Blasters at the same time, increasing their speed to deal weak but quick damage to a single enemy. Deals moderate amount of damage at the end by firing a Charged Shot at the same time as the 100th shot.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:

Stickers: Fire (1), Fira (2), 18-Volt - Arm (Attack 4)(1), Fox - Energy (Attack 18)(3)

-Falco: The most experienced Arwing pilot is the most laid-back member of the crazy jamboree we call Smashers. Falco always prefers to step back and let the others do the fighting though he arguably packs more of a punch than Fox does. He likes to relax most of the time but he never misses the chance to do something interesting with others to have some fun. The biggest yawning couch potato of the mansion. His birthday is April 27th.

Somebody needs to act cool so...why not me? I just need to relax and everything will be fine, trust me!

-Compatible Job: Space Mercenary

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Double Fire

An attack in which 2 persons use the same attack with fire and crash their attack to their opponent, dealing great fire damage.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing: Double Blaster


-Ness: Ness happens to be a mature child despite his young age, and that has nothing to do with his psychic powers. The assumed leader of the "Young Smashers", Ness's adventures had an effect on him. Anything remotely surreal and weird is pretty normal in his eyes so he fails to see how everyone else acts so funny around such events, though he's fully aware of this morbid trait of his. Has the nicest cap of his town. His birthday is August 27th.

Adults these days think kids don't have what it takes to be useful to fight menaces. I mean, you're talking to a guy that fought the embodiment of evil inside some kind or something...

-Compatible Job: PK Kid

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: PK Volcano

Sends a small bolt into the earth to call forth a potent eruption of fire underneath the targets. Hits the opponents 4 times before dealing a stronger blow of fire, causing great fire damage.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Marth: The prince of Altea and a tactical legend among his men. Marth can be seen as a role model to many thanks to his careful thinking. He rarely breaks down with his emotions, displaying a stoic persona to hide his anxieties that he overcomes as time flies by. Very used to having many personalities in his army, the Smashers are no different to him other than their looks unless they're very weird. The one who can enter women's bathrooms without any problems. His birthday is April 20th.

For the kingdom of Altea, I must fight and prevent the people I care the most from dying.

Compatible Job: Ranger

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Whale Cleave

An enhanced version of Dancing Blade. Continuously slash the enemy with 2 swordsmen and deal a strong last blow at the same time. Deals moderate damage to a single enemy.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Lucas: Though Lucas managed to save his world from a great cataclysm, he stills shows traces of a coward; one that puts up some courage when thrown into battle. Lucas is a very shy and timid kid that does all his stuff carefully to avoid making somebody angry. Like Ness, Lucas isn't fazed with weird events unless somebody close to him or himself is affected in some way. Has the nicest sunflower garden. His birthday is April 20th.

If only I didn't get to learn PSI in the first place...

-Compatible Job: PK Kid

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: PK Detonation

Summon 2 bolts of lightning to be embedded into the target and exploding in a burst of flames inside. Deals moderate fire damage.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Kirby: The Super Tuff Pink Puff is the most docile and cheerful Smasher. Kirby is what people might call the best example of an everyday friend if they can ignore the fact he's got a voracious appetite. He's easily swayed if food is offered to him, though he can change his mind and do the right thing to avoid getting distracted. Despite his cutesy appearance, Kirby is an expert fighter in his own right. Rumored to have a black hole for a stomach. His birthday is April 27th.

Fooooooooooooooood...oh? S-sorry! I mean, as long as we're together in this...I can get more food! We can do this...right?

-Compatible job: Pictomancer

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Meta Knight: The one who gives that feeling of serious business is Meta Knight. One of the most professional fighters, Meta Knight's sole purpose to assist the crazy group is to recover his stolen battleship Halberd from the Subspace Army. However, he does know that the group has their uses and they shouldn't be taken lightly, as he knows himself that working together will help him achieve victory. Sleeps with his mask on all the time. His birthday is March 23th.

I must get the Halberd back. I hope this mission doesn't get reckless in the way...

-Compatible job: Moogle Knight

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Link: The Hero of Time/Twilight/Masks/Oracles/Seasons and wielder of the Triforce of Courage is a very skilled swordsman. He has a normal personality and likes to spend time with other fellow swordsmen. Because of his nature to help others in need, Link has a habit of lending a hand to a fault. Nevertheless, Link means well and is a great friend. The one who likes to yell a lot during a battle. His birthday is December 2nd.

I suppose this is another title that's going to be added to my business card?

-Compatible Job: Swordsman

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Zelda: The wielder of the Triforce of Wisdom is the most polite person of the mansion. She's very calm and passionate, takes things seriously, and is a force to be reckoned with. Zelda likes to develop her wisdom by reading books to pass the time. However, because she grew up in a castle secluded from commoners, Zelda is taken off-guard by small trivialities such as the concept of romance and other normal day events that a normal princess isn't exposed to, making her ponder if the Triforce of Wisdom works for her at all. The one with the cleanest body. Her birthday is November 29th.

I do NOT want to have implied affairs with Link over my dead body.

-Compatible Job: Summoner

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Wisdom Call

Guarantees a successful summon by using both a summoner and the Triforce of Wisdom. Only Ifrit (fire), Shiva (ice), Ramuh (thunder), and Titan (earth) can be summoned. However, summoning the desired aeon might end up calling another at random.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Sheik: Zelda's alter-ego is the same person, but when she's Sheik she acts a little bit more violent and capable to fight at close range. That sadly doesn't stop others from shipping her with Link. Often mistaken for a guy.

Darn it, I thought this costume was going to work!

-Compatible Job: Ninja

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

-Red: Red is the Pokémon Trainer from Pallet Town who started with the wrong foot, having almost no interest in becoming a trainer until he slowly got introduced into his world. Right after that, he gets forced to save the entire universe with his trusty Squirtle and Ivysaur in tow (against their wishes). Not sure of himself as a trainer, Red knows that there is more than he can see in the thrills of Pokémon. That is enough motivation for him to aim in becoming a capable trainer. Is able to get rid of evil organizations by himself. His birthday is February 27th.

Working with this people is weird... Can I get acquainted with them, though?

-Squirtle: Squirtle is the Tiny Turtle Pokémon. He's very cheerful and likes to help Red when he needs help. As a result, he backs Red up a lot and tries to make him see that Pokémon are interesting. Rumored to be a source of infinite water supply. His birthday is October 15th.

Yes, we know I'll end up in a bowl of soup soon enough...

-Compatible Job: Scholar

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Stalag-ice Gun

Water is sprayed around the enemy before ice stalagmites sprout out, damaging all foes within range by impaling. Deals great ice damage to enemies.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing: Aqua Ring.


-Ivysaur: The Seed Pokémon is calm and relaxed though he is the first one who gets freaked out easily in dire situations. He is very careful in keeping his growing bud healthy from hazardous stuff, especially fire and birds. The one most likely to squee around Grass-type Legendaries. His birthday is February 27th.

By all means, we should respect our gods...but screw the Fire-types. Big time.

-Compatible Job: Scholar

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Electro-Whip

Trap foes within shocking vines that greatly deliver a big amount of volts into their targets. Deals a great amount of electric damage to the targets, and may also paralyze them with big chances of success.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing: Spore.


-Wolf: The leader of Star Wolf who always a bone to pick with Fox. Wolf is a very serious and stoic lupine who can't seem to open up with a lot of people. He only sticks around to keep enemies from defeating Fox only because he has the right to do the beating himself, which gives a severe impression that Wolf is secretly a tsundere. He does have a heart of gold inside his jerkass attitude though he strongly denies it. Snores howls in his sleep. His birthday is February 24th.

I never asked to be in this whole "save the universe" insanity, but it beats boredom all the same...

-Compatible Job: Thief

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Steal: Will

Applies a forbidden spell to a claw used by thieves of long ago. Allows the user to rip out a single enemy's soul from their body, instantly knocking out the target. Occasionally will work if the target's health is reduced after a half is taken away.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Puchasing: Wolf Flash EX, Resist: Dark lvl. 1.

Stickers: Thunder (1), Summon: Phoenix (2), Penny - Arm, Leg (Attack 4)(1)

-Toon Link: An Outset boy who doesn't have to think twice about what to do should a family member is in grave danger. Toon Link has a courageous, stubborn attitude that somehow helps him be a very capable swordsman for his age. Being the Hero of Winds, his adventures across the Great Sea tempered him. Despite all this, Toon Link is a cheerful boy who is happy to help. Wishes to have his own farm with lots of pigs of different sizes. His birthday is December 13th.

Wait, are you telling me there is another Ganondorf?! "Starts to swing Master Sword madly before panting heavily."

-Compatible Job: Swordsman

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Crossed Parry

Parries the attack of a single enemy by rolling behind, and delivering an upward back slash with 2 swordsmen. Attack continues with another downward X-shaped slash to increase the damage. Deals a moderate amount of damage to a single enemy.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:

Stickers: Roger (Charge, Piercing Claw)(2)

-Captain Falcon: A legendary racer among the F-Zero championships. C. Falcon can be described as a hero due to his heroic built and attitude (but then again, so many racers are that way, too). Because he isn't seen hanging out with others in public, he is kind of a macho guy who likes flirting with ladies. He is still a reliable person deep down though he annoys the (small) cast of women. Secretly quite a looker under his helmet. His birthday is November 21st.

Justice, peace, and all that. Yeah, it's so overused these days. Live with it.

-Compatible Job: Racer

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:

Stickers: Young Cricket - Arm, Leg (Attack 3)(1)

-Olimar: One of the employees at Hocotate Freight company, Olimar is a family man who loves his family dearly and is able to count on his Pikmin's help to help him during skirmishes. Because he is forever indebt with the grass creatures, Olimar is pretty sensitive around them all should they even happen to pass on. The best one at naming nameless people without nicknames. His birthday is October 26th.

MY PIKMINS! "Mourns over fallen Pikmins."

-Compatible Job: Pikmin Captain

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Pikmin Plethora

Enables 100 Pikmins on the field and tosses them to a single enemy. Deals a great amount of damage (it can deal higher damage if the enemy refuses to shook them off).

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Yoshi: One of the many Yoshi from the island whose name is just that simple to remember. Although many Yoshi are known for being big eaters, this one is pretty mellow. He does have his own quirks, like for example having a very soft spot over anything that remotely looks like a defenseless baby (as he was the one who babysat Mario in his baby years). The greatest sport player among his species. His birthday is August 15th.

...Can I play now? Sweet. "Leaves."

-Compatible Job: Dragoon

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Dragoon Spear Impact

Rises high up in the sky with your ride and crashes down the enemy with a powerful descend using the spear, an enhanced version of the ability Jump by a Dragoon, deals a great amount of damage to a single enemy.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Puchasing: Color Change.


-Donkey Kong: The king of DK Island and a big mental wreck. DK's superb strength is only matched by his somewhat dull wit and his absolute love for bananas. Because he likes to act before thinking, Diddy often has to be the voice reason unless he joins in with his uncle's fun. Secretly, he tries to make his little brain work, but his heart is in the right place. Has a very stinky banana breath it could kill you. His birthday is November 21st (oddly, just like Diddy's).

Can't wait to defeat the Subspace Armada...what? Is that wrong again? "Snaps fingers."

-Compatible Job: Monk

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Beat of the Jungle

One target is thrown high up for 2 users to deliver a flurry of fast punches. After that, both users perform individual attacks to add more damage. Deals great damage to a single enemy.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Puchasing:

Stickers: Cliff - Sphere of Might, Hammer of Might (2).

-Diddy Kong: A very enthusiastic spider monkey and DK's best friend in a nephew. Diddy is always pretty cheerful and his antics can be seen as childish, but oftentimes he uses the bigger brain inside his skull to keep DK under control from doing something rash in public. Diddy has an adoration to music in particular, somewhat reflected in his unique weaponry. Best hat flipper in the team. His birthday is November 21st (oddly, just like his uncle).

Hmm, what's a good rock-pun involving bananas?

-Compatible Job: Juggler

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Dagger-to-Dagger

Execute this move with 2 jugglers and throws 4 daggers at one enemy continuously and towards each juggler. Deals moderate damage.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:

Stickers: Dr. Crygor - Arm, Leg 2 (1)

-Sonic: It's the favorite super egocentric hedgehog that everyone likes and loves. Yeah, that's all.


The fastest hedgehog in the world slash universe. Sonic sticks out like a sore thumb among the team members due to his lineage to another company. He dislikes working as a team by merely shrugging it off and not saying it outright, only appearing during the last moments to show off, something everyone else is annoyed at. He is a good friend whenever anyone manages to hold an actual conversation with him. Has very lucid dreams with chili dogs involved. His birthday is June 23th.

Okay, this is pretty tempting to say... Ahem... You're too slow!

-Compatible Job: Racer

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Fire Hedgehog

Pull the second user using Spin Dash to the air while the first user uses Raptor Boost to send the second user rocketing to the sky. Deals moderate fire damage.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Ike: Leader of the Greil Mercenaries. Ike is a potential good leader just like Marth and Roy. His convictions are pure and his ideals are respectable, respecting his team's unique qualities (though he feels that his new team is the weirdest bunch ever). Because his world isn't exactly advanced in technology, Ike often reacts violently around machinery unless he's restrained. He is learning slowly how to cope with this. Spicy food is the best thing in his list. His birthday is April 20th (just like Marth's).

Technology...RUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAA!! "Destroys main computer and many other computers."

-Compatible Job: Ranger

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Counter Draw

Two users wait for an enemy to attack. The first user will use Counter, and the second user will use Quick Draw. Once being touched while using Counter, time will stop and the first user will give a sword to the second user, who will then reach out the enemy whenever it is to deal a harsh cross slash. Deals great damage to a single enemy.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Snake: Sonic seems like an odd fit, but Snake doesn't even want to be compared to them. A normal badass, Snake can fight without much problem against any kind of enemy, no matter how nasty or big they are. He's as such a human killing machine who likes to snark and work alone, even though the others force him in some ways to work together against his will. The heaviest smoker among the team. His birthday is July 7th.

Hmph. Monsters, kids with odd powers, weirdos, foxes... Damn, this place is going to drive me nuts someday.

-Compatible Job: Agent

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Luigi: The assumed better Mario Brother who can't seem to make up his mind when danger is afoot. Luigi can be always seen cowering in fear against ass-creepy enemies, but a few words of encouragement (and a lot of stubbornness from his peers) can make him change his mind (and still bawl his eyes out). Although all villains make fun of him, Luigi nevertheless presses on. His 'stache is pretty damn stylish for your comprehension. His birthday is June 3rd.

Luigi time!... It is, right?

-Compatible Job: Black Mage

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Thunder Comrades

It's just a simplified version of Luigi's signature move, Thunder Bros., which only replaces Mario with Chris, and the use is altered a bit. The user charges an electricity sphere that later is amplified by a bolt of lightning. Once used, it shoots down into the target's area, causing sparks to cover a big portion of the floor. The attack causes very small electric damage to anyone that it reaches out, but it has a ridiculous high chance to decrease ten percent of defense on all enemies, including bosses.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing: Thunderhand, Resist lvl. 1: Thunder


-Samus: Legendary Bounty Huntress in the galaxy and a very capable woman under the manly Chozo Suit, Samus can be a little cold towards others at times, but she does have a compassionate heart. She is perhaps the most developed character among the lot, as she has suffered some traumatic experiences when she was younger. She welcomes a good friend to give her company. Totally a woman, no matter how hard you deny it. Her birthday is August 6th.

When are the people of the worlds going to stop thinking about me being a man? The nerve of all of them...

-Compatible Job: Chozo Arts

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Puchasing: Ice Missiles

Stickers: 9-Volt - Electric (Attack 8)(1)

Zero Suit Samus: Still the same person, in case people are still doubtful of her gender. The biggest eye candy in the galaxy for some reason you should know by now.

Stares that last beyond five seconds of silence are worthy enough of violent retribution.

-Compatible Job: Chozo Arts

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Scythe Whip

Use 2 Flip Jumps to cross the enemy from above to wrap the electric whips with small scythes around a specified area of the body, then pull them back to slice the enemy down. Deals a big amount of damage to a single enemy.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

-Mario: Everyone's favorite plumber in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is a very incredible person with the nicest heart of all. Just saving Peach from Bowser's clutches has become a routine to him, though he doesn't mind the rewarding kisses. It's pretty hard not to like him. Even the most fearsome of enemies see his worth, but Bowser likes to be a tsundere about this a lot. Under that fresh face and popular mustache, lies a dark past...maybe. Capable of attaining world peace. His birthday is September 13th.

If I do what I always do that I think it's right, then there's nothing to be worried about.

-Compatible Job: Black Mage

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Fire Mario Tornado

Gives Mario the power of fire in his fists to use an upgraded version of Mario Tornado on a single opponent, dealing great fire damage.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:


-Peach: The beloved princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and the easiest to kidnap. Peach is a very sweet woman with a heart of gold. To her dismay, she knows that she must do something to aid the team in stopping the Subspace Army or else her kingdom might perish even with Mario and Luigi(?) helping her out. Peach does enjoy making new friends and helping people in need. Her pink dress can potentially blind people. Her birthday is July 10th.

W-what can I do to end this without fighting?... W-why is everyone fighting and using violence to resolve everything? Should I really put myself in danger and go through this?

-Compatible Job: Agent

-Lvl. 1 Final Smash: Ballet of Romance

Such dance should be defined as romantic and strong at the same time. Instantly attacks an enemy by dancing and reflects projectiles back with an added 1.5x percent of potency. Magic will also be reflected as well.

-Lvl. 2 Final Smash:

-Lvl. 3 Final Smash:

Learned Skills By Purchasing:

Stickers: Sophia - Healing, Thunder Flare (2), Summon: Choco/Mog (2), Summon: Ifrit (2)

Smashing Abilities List:

In The Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest, the Smashers can purchase special abilities from the hands in order to survive and win harder battles. They gain money with each world they manage to save or accomplish a mission. Below is the complete list of the abilities that have been purchased:

Over Limit Lvl. 1: Enables a party member to use his/her Final Smash when the gauge is filled completely.

Smash, Hit, Punch, and Smash again: Over Limit gauge will fill faster when attacking or doing continuous combo attacks.

Taunt and Fill: Over Limit gauge will fill a little bit faster if you use your taunts on an opponent.

Items for everyone: Anyone can use the items.

Don't Trip And Follow Me!: When using the Racer job, follow Sonic's speed no matter how fast he goes around. To use this, you need to slowly run behind Sonic, and the ability itself will activate over time. Characters following from behind will also run at great speeds. Be warned: Sonic must be first in the line, then the second person with the ability (in this case, Chris).

Healing Hit: When knocking down an enemy with a critical hit, heals a party member from any kind of status ailment using a hit that "knocks" the status ailment.

Revitalizer: Adds a restorative effect for recovery items to revive downed party members. Very useful when your main healer is downed as well.

Learn: Allows Smashers to learn different moves in different worlds (except the World Traveler). However, these learned moves will soon disappear as soon as a Smasher leaves the world where he or she learned the new skill.

I hope you had a good time reading my profile. See you in my fics. ;)

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