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Dearest readers,

First of all, a friends of mine by the name of Kieran McKiel has published his short story "Flicker", about people trapped on a broken-down elevator being terrorized by a mysterious assailant in the elevator shaft around them. I've read it, and it's pretty neat. It's a bit short, only 12 pages long, and being a character-and-atmosphere driven horror story with very little violence and profanity and no sensuality it might not appeal to everyone. But it's not bad at all; I highly recommend it. You can pick it up for 13 US on a website called Lulu. Look up "kieran mckiel flicker" there, and you'll find it. There's many far worse things to spend 13 on than a copy of this story.

I've also been thinking about doing a truly serious and scary Monster Emblem fic (basically where I think up the most deranged and repulsive creature I can and throw it into the Fire Emblem universe). The last three I did were either not serious or not scary, but with this next one that I plan to do sometime after TE 2, I want to at least try to write one that plays it straight and delivers some genuine scares, if only as an experiment of sorts. Although this probably won't be final, I'm thinking of doing this kind of in the vein of John Carpenter's The Thing.

Even more insane, I'm contemplating a Ben 10: Alien Force/ Tokyo Mew Mew crossover. I have no idea what the hell all would go on in it, but I'm inexplicably compelled to contemplate it.


I like monster movies. And I like stupid comedy. And sometimes, I get very strange ideas. There are three things that you can usually expect from most of my stories: Monsters, Dumb Comedy, and Violence. Lots of all three. I'm a very weird guy, you see.

You can contact me at

-FAVORITE MOVIES: Hot Fuzz, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Jurassic Park, Little Shop of Horrors ('86), Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, Cloverfield, Gran Torino, Watchmen, Let The Right One In, Monsters Vs Aliens, Fight Club, Die Hard, Bagi: The Monster Of Mighty Nature

-FAVORITE GAMES: Super Smash Bros Brawl, Fire Emblem series, Halo series (except Halo Wars- who's idea was that, anyway? A Halo RTS where you can't even play as The Flood? What?)

-FAVORITE BANDS: Dragonforce, Rhapsody of Fire, Fairyland, Coheed and Cambria, Luca Turilli, Nightwish

-TOP SIX SONGS BY FAVORITE BANDS: (NOTE: Prone to change depending on my current listening habits and preferences)

DRAGONFORCE: 6 - My Spirit Will Go On; 5 - Storming the Burning Fields; 4 - Inside the Winter Storm; 3 - Soldiers Of The Wasteland; 2 - Heroes of our Time; 1 - The Last Journey Home (Fav Album: Sonic Firestorm)

RHAPSODY OF FIRE: 6 - Eternal Glory; 5 - Dark Tower Of Abyss; 4 - Heart of the Darklands; 3 - Dargor, Shadowlord of the Black Mountain; 2 - Warrior of Ice; 1 - Emerald Sword (Fav Album: Symphony of Enchanted Lands)

FAIRYLAND: 6 - A Dark Omen; 5 - We Ride the Wind; 4 - Lost in the Dark Lands; 3 - The Storyteller; 2 - Of Wars in Osyria; 1 - Look Into Lost Years (Fav Album: Fall of an Empire)

COHEED AND CAMBRIA: 6 - The Suffering; 5 - Welcome Home; 4 - Devil in Jersey City; 3 - Blood Red Summer; 2 - No World For Tomorrow; 1 - Gravemakers and Gunslingers (Fav Album: Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV)

LUCA TURILLI: 6 - The Miracle Of Life; 5 - Black Realm's Majesty; 4 - Kings of the Nordic Twilight; 3 - Lord of the Winter Snow; 2 - Dark Comet's Reign; 1 - War of the Universe (Fav Album: Prophet of the Last Eclipse)

NIGHTWISH: 6 - Ever Dream; 5 - Sahara; 4 - Nemo; 3 - Seven Days To The Wolves; 2 - Dark Chest Of Wonders; 1 - Sleeping Sun


TOP PRIORITY: The Tripredicus Emblem


ON-HOLD: Ren 10

POSSIBLY UPCOMING: The Night Mantis (Tokyo Mew Mew... It wasn't my idea, I swear... Oh god, help me...), Tripredicus Emblem 2: Electric Boogaloo or Something, Transformers: Human Alliance (Inspired by the Human Alliance action figures from the Revenge of the Fallen toy line, because seriously; any of you TF fans have Human Alliance Bumblebee yet? If not, consider saving up for it, because it's awesome; and yes, this will replace Galaxy At War because I have a lot more good ideas for HA than for GAW), Something, ANYTHING, about the forgotten Osamu Tezuka gem Bagi: The Monster Of Mighty Nature (Don't know what yet, but I promise to myself and the maybe ten other Bagi fans on I'll write it eventually)


1 - More Tanith in my Fire Emblem fics. Seriously, Tanith needs more attention. As it is now she's practically completely ignored!

2 - Less stupid romance. Platonic relationships are cool too. I need to write more of those.

3 - Snippets of lyrics from my favorite power metal songs prefacing select chapters. For example, if there was a chapter about someone in a severely messed-up situation contemplating suicide to save someone else, I'd use the chorus of Black Realm's Majesty by Luca Turilli, which goes "Black Realm's Majesty, Light my sad destiny, My death may free his world, Chaos will not use me any more". What kind of logical sense does this make? None, I guess. But then again, neither does fan fiction, and here we are writing and reading it.

4 - Less transforming robots not in non-Transformers fics. So looking at this and #2, one would think I'd be ashamed of Green Spider, which features romance between Soren and Lyre (What the frag, Me. Just what the frag) and a ballista that morphs into a rejected boss from Shadow of the Colossus.

5 - Something about Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew. Why? What would it be about? I don't know. It would just be Zakuro doing something for some reason for three or four pages. And every now and then, something funny happens. Maybe it would just be Pudding annoying her and Mint sacrificing small animals to her.

6 - Find a way, some way, to make Lyre not suck. Some people might think I've already found a way or that other writers have found ways, but I beg to differ. Seriously, she's Lethe's kid sister, she should not suck just on principle of that alone. And yet she still sucks! Such are the mysteries of the world.

7 - Something about Ben 10. You know, because he's slimy, freaky, fast, and strong, he's every shape and size. Maybe it'd be centered around Ghostfreak or Ripjaws. Those two are a bit underused, if you ask me. Or perhaps the complications faced while being Humungousaur. I mean, he's a giant dinosaur. You can't tell me he wouldn't occasionally get the urge to stomp on a car every now and then.

8 - Another Monster Emblem fic, only one that's actually trying to be scary and serious. So obviously, it would have nothing to do with those other three goof-fest ME stories I wrote.

9 - Something about Bagi: The Monster Of Mighty Nature. Any Osamu Tezuka fans (or anime fans in general, really) who haven't seen this little flick yet, seek this out, because I can pretty much guarantee two things: 1, you'll like it, and 2, I'm eventually going to write a fic about it.


-AUTOBOTS AND MAXIMALS: Jazz (G1 and Animated), Prowl (Animated), Ironhide (G1), Dinobot, Rat-Trap, Tigatron (All three from Beast Wars), Blur (Animated)

-DECEPTICONS AND PREDACONS: Blackout (Movieverse), Blitzwing (Animated), Starscream (Animated), Megatron, Inferno, Tarantulas, Waspinator (All four from Beast Wars, BW was awesome)


-BARAGON: How can you NOT love the giant purple mole that pukes fire and has a big yellow horn protruding from his forehead?

-KING CAESAR: Giant stone ninja dogs are made of pure win.

-BIOLLANTE: A 120 meter tall Venus plant monster that spits acid and has loads of mini tendril minions is also made of pure win, albeit even purer win.

FAVORITE POKEMON (AKA, the only Pokemon I find cool, the rest I find lame)

-GARCHOMP: Silly name aside, Garchomp looks cool and kills stuff dead.

-PALKIA: Where walks the Spatial Lord of Water, all is wet and soggy and Spatial Rend-ed.

-GROUDON: Where walks the Lord of the Earth, all is dust and stone.

-ENTEI: Where walks the shaggy doggy Lord of Flame, all is fluff and ash.

-CHARIZARD: Since my previous reason for loving Charizard was dumb and narrow-minded, we'll just say that I really like dragons.

-SKITTY: I love cats. They're adorable and hilarious. So sue me.

LEAST FAVORITE TRANSFORMERS FIGURES (WOAH CURVEBALL. Note that I'm only critiquing the ones I have, otherwise I'd go off on a huge tirade about how retarded ROTF Supreme Devastator looks)

-ROTF Deluxe Blazemaster: He doesn't stand up, he's nearly impossible to properly transform, and he's got all these convoluted, fragile joints that make you constantly worried that he's going to fall apart in your hands.

-ROTF Scout Dead End: Again, he barely stands up, and his joints are so tight and awkward that it complicates what should be an easy and innovative transformation. That, and what the hell is with his face?

-2007 Legend Starscream: He just looks terrible and he's an inarticulate brick.

-Universe Voyager Heavy Load: While his Minicon companion and Cyber Key gimmick are decent, his transformation is moronic, both of his modes look horrid, and he can barely move his legs.

-Universe Voyager Blaster: His bomber mode is okay, but his joints are awkwardly placed and a lot of parts of him pop off at the lightest touch. That, and he's just Cybertron Soundwave painted red. He's not even remolded or given any new accessories or gimmicks!

-Animated Voyager Cybertron Megatron: While his jet mode is adequate even though you can't tell its front end from its back, his robot mode is absolutely ridiculous. Seriously, he does even look like Megatron in the show (he was actually pretty cool and menacing) or like any decent Transformer; when G-Whiners complain about the new TF figures looking like PlaySkool toys, this guy is the epitome of what their talking about. His arm cannon is also so ridiculously huge that he has trouble articulating and standing because of it. You almost feel sorry for him he's so universally retarded.

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