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Izzy, according to her friends, is just another socially retarded, hormonal, anglophilic teenager. She's old... 13, actually 14 this year. Yet, she's still slightly unsure as to why she's writing about herself in third person. Her English teacher's lectures on point of view must be rubbing off on her.

There's not that much to say, but she supposes she could tell you where she lives, provided you sign a contract stating that you will do your best not to stalk her. Please sign below :

I, insert name here, officially, solemnly, irrevocably and officially swear not to stalk Izzy, after so kindly provides us with the name of the city in which she lives. I also swear she is an uber fan-fricken-tastic writer, and that I will review ever single chapter she updates, because I love her so much.

Signature Date

Okay. That means she can tell you where she lives now! Yippee! But she has decided against, for she still carries an abnormal, paranoidish fear of being stalked. So sorry everyone. But her conscience has since decided it doesn't really want to work for such an insane master, so it has started a rebellion. It takes great pride in announcing to the world that she lives in Perth, Australia.

Now that her mind has regained control over her fingers, she has chosen not to break her unwritten rule of not back-spacing over errors. Her inner child is now taking the liberty of bashing up her conscience. She will soon have to hire a new one. Please watch this space if you are interested.

Hmmm... Let's talk about; HOBBIES! Actually, Izzy has none of those. Who needs to read, or collect stamps or go shopping when there's a whole world of Harry Potter fanfiction out there?! Yes, she has long ago admitted that her mum dropped her on her head as a baby. Not literally, of course. Otherwise she would be even more deranged that she already is. Not that there is a superlative to her present state.

So, let's keep this space nice and neat for updates. And guess what?! Izzy has a message for any poor soul who has nothing better to do that read this. A certain lowly mudblooded commoner, MudbloodAndProud, who unfortunately happenes to be her acquaintance, has decided to set up an account, after ogling at Izzy's work with obvious admiration for two days. It, being not as good a writer as Izzy, has not yet written any stories. It's told Izzy about a plan she had for one of them, but quite frankly, Izzy had to use quite a bit of effort to stop herself from being sick right on the spot. You can view her inconceivably mammothly depressing profile, just about... here.

You may be wondering why Izzy's very shallow mind even bothered telling her fingers to type the above paragraph, but the filthy mudblood did beg at her feet, and no matter how incredibly, inconceivably (jeez, I love that word - it's off the Princess Bride. Cary Elwes was so incredibly, inconceivably hot in that) godly Izzy is - let's face it, she's still somewhat human. So, she did the noble thing and wrote it up. She hopes it's happy, Mudblood.

Now, here's a topic Izzy's far more comfortable talking about. Today, she made a VERY VERY VERY significant discovery. Another, actually a friend of hers, seeing as the mudblood didn't count, actually uses fanfiction! So, to your right, ladies and gentlemen, is the link to her uber inconceivably shizzy profile. Read 'JAMES POTTER! PUT YOUR WAND BACK IN YOUR PANTS!' Izzy died laughing. This is her horcrux speaking. Actually, Izzy just fell into an induced coma. But her fingers didn't.

Perhaps they should stop typing, before readers either die of boredom and/or old age. Yes, that's a good idea. Actually, it's the first good idea her subconcious, sub-full (yes, she is an optimist) brain has had for a while. Ever since it decided to start reading D/G, as a matter of fact. That's a long time. Wow...


Vixen Malfoy : Lots of her favourite stories are, like, really, really, really good. And there's heaps of them:DD

Tears on the Balcony : My ex-favourite story, by ByeByeBirdie; it's, like, long. It took me two days (full on) to read. And I'm a quick reader. Usually anyway. But it's really good. It's revolves around the Marauders, Lily, Riley and Kay (her two best friends). Must read.

Kisses on the Balcony : Sequel to Tears on the Balcony. Uber cool. Good as the first.

Painting an Oyster : My new favourite story. It's so well written. It's novel length, like most of my favourite stories unless they're a oneshot fluff, and has a great plotline. I want Ginny's dog. Oh, it's D/G.

Yummy Links :

Izzy's MySpace profile.

Deep Thoughts Of Izzy's Shallow Mind - Izzy's blog. It's a crazy place.

Some random Mudblood's profile page, just in case you're incredibly, inconceivably thick enough to have missed it above if you really wanted to see it. Which, if you have half a brain, you shouldn't. It's a scary place. By the way, it copied my Hogwarts profile and used the main bit of my profile for her inspiration. Unoriginal, filthy blooded git... [runs into a corner and starts muttering nonsense about annoying, peabrained Mudbloods.

The Hidden Author's hidden profile page. Just in case, the case in question being similar to the aformentioned one, you didn't read it above because you were too captivated in Izzy's ramblings. Which were high quality ramblings, by the way. The only things that even half rival Izzy's pointless ramblings are... the Hamish and Andy show, and the very intellectual conversations Izzy has with her baby. Yes. It was a teenage pregnancy. The father was... no. She'll let you guess. The baby has platinum blonde hair and silver grey eyes. The first two guesses don't count. Nah. It's her dog. Yes, her puppy. The said baby is in actual fact her dog - namely Peter. Okay. Now that she's dedicated two paragraphs to Catie, this is the extent of her generosity. She ends here.

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My Dirty Little Secret by Aiyoku Saotome reviews
Ginny and Draco tumble into something they think is under control, but they are hopelessly wrong. They are put through multiple tests, including a pregnancy among their friends. They know Voldemort will attack the school so Draco, Blaise, and Pansy join the D.A and the Order to help teach everyone dark magic, and get ready for the fight of their lives.
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Failure Of The Light by LordJahel reviews
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 7,241 - Reviews: 41 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 2/7/2005 - Published: 2/17/2004 - Draco M., Ginny W.
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