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Poll: I plan to bring Duchess back on T.A.C. 3! Do you think she will change her personality towards Rita and Roddy, the fact that they are MARRIED? Vote Now!
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Hey Guys! Lemme introduce myself! Just call me Ashti or Ash and my pen name was Granny Malone. I like music, movies, cartoons and anime! Plus, I'm a huge fan of Flushed Away (Whoa! it's one whole year and I still love it, lol!) I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! But then Le Frog said: "This bizarre obsession with rats, it is not good for you. You are becoming what we French called...'Le Fruitcake'!"

There are other shows that I like other than Flushed Away. Let's see there's Shaun the Sheep, Chicken Run, Ratatouille, Shrek, Madagascar, Naruto, La Corda D'Oro, Samurai X, Colour cloud Palace, Kim Possible, The Incredibles, Mulan, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana, there are more but I can't type them all. It's too many! @_@

Anyway, HAVE A NICE DAY! ;-)

Real name: Samantha (I'm just gonna say my first name, that's it)

You must call me: Ashti or Ash (It sounds better)

Age: 17 with a childish imagination (Weee:-3)

Where I live: Philippines (Hoy! Pinoy ako!)

Likes: Reading and writing stories, Drawing, Watching movies, Roleplaying, and Daydreaming

Dislikes: Meanies! a.k.a. rude people

About me: I'm just a normal, average girl who is crazy about chocolates, plushies and cute things. I like wearing camo, cargo pants, any boyish or girlish shirt will do to go with it. My dream is to become a successful (or famous) animator and director, so my drawing skills may be my start to success, my animating skills needs more practice, and now I need is to work on my story-writing skills, and I have to be inspired everyday to keep my imagination working. Yeah, even the tiniest things can amuse me, oooh! shiny rock!

Personal Quote: "I love chocolates, except the ones with nuts"

Helpful Tips for writers out there: Before submitting your story, read it again to check if you have any errors to avoid misunderstandings. If you're tired of reading, let someone else read it (Just make sure he/she has an interest in reading stories)

Hey guys! Thanks for reading my story! As a treat, here are some pictures that I draw from my fanfic, Flushed away: The Adventure Continues

Chapter 4--Rita's dress

Chapter 6--Duchess

Fanfics I'm working on:

-Flushed Away: The Adventure Continues ((Completed))

The Toad yet again plans another plot to destroy the rats in Ratropolis, but he will take action after 3 days. Without knowing the danger ahead, a pet mouse from Roddy's past makes a deal with Rita to bring her back home Up Top.

Did you know...

-Instead of frogs that Le Frog rescued from a French restaurant, Le Frog was going to attack the city using a sewer gator. But it's too complicated if I continue that...

-Spike was suppose to be in love with Duchess o_0. Just be glad I didn't include that in the story!

-In Roddy's past, he promise Duchess that they would get married when they grow up. Then later I decided that Duchess should be overprotective of him for his future to be perfect...And I don't know which is worst, hehehe.

On the spot ((Finally! A title! But not done...))

Thanks to my friend Bailey's (or Rita's) help with her awesome lyrics. I think I'll turn this fic into a musical. Rita is terribly ill and doesn't want her family to know about it. She sneaks out of the house to buy herself some medicine. Curiously, Roddy followed her. Later, he was caught sneaking in the Jammy Dodger II.

A-Must-to-Work-On Fanfics (Plus spoilers):

FA: Lost Memories -- Our heroes found and unusual gem and it caught the attention of a certain gang of bad lizards. During the fight, a knock on the head gave someone an amnesia. Permanent or temporary? We'll soon find out...

FA: T.A.C. 2 -- GASP! A box with a diamond ring in it! Y'all know what that means. Unfortunately, Duchess knows about it and she'll do anything to prevent it from happening. How can Roddy propose to Rita? Will Rita accept his proposal(if he can do it)? We'll just wait and see...

FA: T.A.C. 3 -- I hear wedding bells! But that was 10 years ago. The heroes of Ratropolis are back! (and tied the knot, YES!) Rachel "Ray" St. James caused a lot trouble for her family. It gets more complicated when she makes an amphibian friend. Along with her overprotective younger brother, Rodney, they'll soon start an adventure coming soon to a screen you'll be staring.

FA: A New Life -- This story is about the life of Ash Li Wu (My OC). She works at her Uncle Charlie Wu's shop in Ratropolis but the story focuses on Ash's life before she came to the city. Let's just say she has a hard time with her family life...

Crazy for:

Maroon 5 (All their songs X-D)

Avril Lavinge (Hot, Happy Ending, The Best Damn Thing)

Hillary Duff (Beat of my Heart, So Yesterday)

Alvin and the Chipmunks (Witch Doctor, Bad Day)

Chris Brown (With You)

Favorite movies:

-Flushed Away

-Wallace and Gromit

-Chicken Run


-Harry Potter



-and other Disney Channel Movies

Favorite Couples:

-Roddy St. James & Rita Malone (Flushed Away)

-Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

-Ron Stoppable & Kim Possible (Kim Possible)

Before I forget, I want you all to meet my Original Characters (OCs) from Flushed away. Don't worry they won't bite...well, some of them anyway...

Mary Duchess St. James

A pet mouse just like Roddy but she's the pet of Tabitha's cousin, Nicole. So Roddy and Duchess are like cousins. But ever since their first playdate, Duchess started to think that she's his girlfriend but Roddy doesn't feel the same way as she does with him. She despises anything from the sewers, and she mostly despises Rita so she's always acts rude towards her. Duchess may be a pampered pet mouse from up top, she's not as clumsy as Roddy but she's actually smart, skilled and resourceful as Rita.


Tall, dark, and handsome (to some viewers out there) French rat. Le Frog's old friend and partner during their past spy work. But then Fromage quit being a spy and a calling made him become a poison dealer. Plus, developing a hobby of collecting rare doll accessories. He may have gave up on spy missions but he still has some mean moves, so don't make him angry.


a.k.a. Bubbles of Bukinghamshire. Tabitha's lovable pet cat who call him Bubbles but his friends call him Bob. He eats rats like any other cats but he never eats his house buddy, Sid and his sewer friends. He's a kind of cat who's always willing to help his friends and being nice to everyone. For short, he's a friendly cat.

Dr. Limburgh

But everyone in Ratropolis calls him Doc. They respect him for his professional medical skills for such a young age. He works in the Central Hospital and he is also Roddy and Rita's #1 fan.


Spike's innocent-looking, little 10-yr-old sister. She may be a sweet little angel towards other people but she likes to torture her brother every waking/sleeping moment when no one's looking. She thinks that her brother's depression and frustration brings her happiness. She secretly has a crush on Whitey.

Ash Li Wu

Your first impression of Ash may be shy, quiet or timid, but once you get to know her better she has a friendly and cheerful personality but can be clumsy, laid-back and absent-minded at times. She works at her uncle Charlie Wu's shop but she always gets yelled at by him when she's not doing her job right (Rearranging, cleaning and delivering antiques and more important stuff). Her uncle calls her by her Chinese name 'Ming-ming' which is embarrassing for her. She likes people to call her by her English name. She's also a slug lover.


--SOON TO POST-- with pic-->LINK


--SOON TO POST-- with pic-->LINK



There are still more but I won't put them here...for now...Btw, I'll put the pics of my OCs soon

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