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Author has written 4 stories for Sly Cooper, Twilight, and Crescent Moon.

About me well.. not much to talk about Ijust graduated high School student in southern WV and as you can tell by my avatar I'm obsessed with werewolfs

Music Alt. Rock, Goo Goo doll, Nickleback, the Fray, Paramore

Anime Bleach

GamesKingdom Hearts I& II Sly cooper I, II, III Jack I-III Tekken III, IV&V

Books: Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, Artemis Fowl, Pendragon World of Lupi series

About My stories...

Dawn of the Shadow Walkers: My first story and the first of The Cooper Saga -Complete-

Rise of Lucifer: Sequal to RoSW. Tension grows as A fallen Angel begins a war with the Mortal Realm hellbent on throwing the world in Chaos.

Dawn: My first Twilight story and hopefully 1 of 4 (if I ever actually finish it.) But on the bright side I sent chapter 13 in editing right now...

Funtre Idea's for stories:

A Pendragon Story So far this ison permanent haitus until I finish PatW since I'm kinda ovelroaded with my stories and helping others with theirs. UPDATE!!! since PatW is offically on pernement haitus I might start it.. I have a few idea's but it needs a lot of work

BIG NOTICE!!! I'm thinking about continuing on Dawn... Despte the fact I have firmly moved into the Anti camp in regards to Twilight I honestly think I can get back into it and show the growth I've had as a writer...

Okay here's a brief description of my Oc's in Dawn that have been shown so far

Aiden Elijah Black: Jacob and Leah's only son and Keira's younger twin brother. He's 15, happy-go-lucky and Nessie's best-friend. He's ussually a nice guy but is a tad bit overprotective of his sister and Nessie. D.O.B: August 9th 2007

Keira Danelle Black 'Rai, Rai-Rai: Jake and Leah's daughter descriped as either pretty or beautiful (depends on who you ask) she is the older twin and is quite spunky though she is a loyal friend of Nessie. D.O.B. August 9th 2007 (15)

Caitlyn Nichole Cheney 'Cay': One of Nessie's friends from school. Sweet and kind hearted she is easy to get along with though many call her odd or gothic because of her fascination with the supernatural. she is currently unaware of the fact that Nessie is a half-vampire. She also has a small crush on Aiden which is hinted to be mutual. D.O.B. March 18th 2007 (15)

Levi Samuel Uley: One of the people whose 'in the know' cold and slightly rude he is disliked by the Black twins (most notably Keira for personal reasons.) despite Nessie thinking him a jerk she is aware that deep down that he's a nice guy as he loves Sherry. (His girlfriend/Imprint.) dearly. he phases in chapter 3 D.O.B. December 3rd 2006 (15 chapters 1-5 16 in chapter 6 and on)

Abigial Charisse Uley 'Abby': Levi's twin sister. She hasn't spoken much so far but she is nicer to the others then her brother and is a good friend of Nessie she is also 'in the know' she looks a lot like her mother. (minus the scars.) and loves her family dearly she usually helps her mother cook for the pack and cleaning (leaving her little time for anything else.) D.O.B. December 3rd 2006 (15 in chapter's 1-5 16 in chapter 6 and on)

Nathanial Leo Lincoln 'Nathan': Aiden's best-friend like Caitlyn he is unaware of the supernatural world around him. He has a habit of forgetting to do his homework he has art with Nessie and Keira he is infamous for bieng a womanizer-wannabe and has a crush on Keira (Though he is scared to follow through with it for fear of Aiden hitting him.) D.O.B. June 23rd 2006 (16)

Sherry Ann Tate: Levi's girl-friend/Imprint she is very sweet and almost never holds a grudge kind and open-minded she's trying her hardest to get Levi to accept Nessie for what she is.rld. D.O.B. August 14th 2006 (16)

Allen Gabriel Williams Irving: A Vampire currently staying in Forks. Charming and handsome he seems to have taken a interest in Nessie. he lost his mother a year ago he is organally from Columbas Ohio everything else about him is unknown as of yet. D.O.B. February 14th 1924 (98 (physically 19) Turned March 20th 1943

Maxwell Isiah Lahote 'Max, Maxi': Paul and Rachels son, He is a good friend of Nessie. He is suprisingly mellow compared to his father he is also pretty clever and feels that phasing is inevidable. He's infamous for bieng laid-back in the most dire crisis. D.O.B. August 15th 2009 (14)

Brody Andrew Markasan- The second wolf to phase as of chapter 8. He's a nice guy generally and he has feelings for AIden sister Keira though he's to shy to admit it... he shocks everyone when he imprints on her much to the displeasure of both the Black Twins.

Must read stories!

Everybody's Darling by Bringmeyourlove: If you like a little seth/Nessie with yor Blackwater you'll love this one!

Beautiful Disaster and A Fine Frenzy by H20 Just Add Blackwater: I say you'll like this one it's pretty good

I'll add more later so read these stories I trust that you would like them.

Dawn Playlist:

Chapter 1: New Soul- Yail Naim

Chapter 2:Over My Head (Cable Car)- The Fray

Chapter 3: Polaris- Jimmy Eat World

Chapter 4: When it Rains- Paramore

Chapter 5: How to Save a Life- The Fray

Chapter 6: Shrink the World- Yellowcard

Chapter 7: You Found Me- The Fray

Chapter 8: 21 Guns- Green Day

Chapter 9: All Fall Down- OneRepublic

Okay... this is the current playlist for my story done. I'll be adding songs as I update the chapters.

Pairings I like... This is just regarding Twilight but here's a few pairings I like

Jake/Leah "BlackWater" My reasosn.. well I think Jake/Nessie is disgusting he was in love with her mother for gods sake!!! Plus I don't see them having anything in common... Plus Jake hated imprinting so him imprinting ruined his character...

Nessie/Seth: I prefer this much better... I kinda wished Seth imprinted on her instead it'd fit better since he's an Edward fanboy and wasn't in love with Bella... plus I think they'd mesh well together...

Bella/Paul: Don't ask me why honestly don't... but I like this pairng mostly cause of a story called Death of an Alpha and another called I Changed Him... read them they are really good

My Fealing on BD...

I'll be hobest I hate the book... it was fine at first and I enjoyed Jake's story but it all went downhill after he imprinted... add in the anticlamtic Volturi battle and volia... My main gripe is that nobody lost anything... everything was so sappy... Though I do like the fact it gave us Nessie who is a blank slate and I do adore her just not with Jake...

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I Changed Him by 0.0-MIDNIGHTROSE-0.0 reviews
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Twilight - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 28 - Words: 92,753 - Reviews: 574 - Favs: 757 - Follows: 687 - Updated: 4/3/2014 - Published: 12/26/2011 - [Bella, Paul] - Complete
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Dawn reviews
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Cooper Saga: Rise of Lucifer reviews
It's been four months since Alex helped prevent The demon realm from spiling in the mortal realm. Alex has been trying to balance a life of demon slaying and school. Until they collide and sends him and both the mundane and magical spirling towards chaos
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18 years after the cooper Vault job and things are winding down for our favorite couple. Until they are kidnapped by a mysteries orginization. Leaving their 15 year old son Alex and his friends to save them.Good luck -Complete-
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Mai Yaramani desides to move to Tokyo after her parents vanish. She plans on moving with her Uncle hoping her life will be normal. Until she meets Akira a local boy. They become fast-friends andMai's life will never be the same when she learns his secret.
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