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Hi y'all!

okay, i know i've been gone since 4ever but im back!! huzzah!! and now for important updates...

1. i have started a new story (please check it out: souless at 16)


...nothing else really goes on in my life hahahahahaha please review and read my stories


1. Johnny Depp: His cheek bones are AMAZING! And overall, he's is quite attractive and my fave actor! (Seen Sweeney Todd- he makes the serial-killer look like a rock star! A hot, sexy NOT OLD rock star!)


3. Orlando Bloom: So cute!

4. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies

5. Any movie w/ Johnny Depp (w/ 1 exception)

6. Hanging w/ my home-dogz!

7. GERARD WAY of My Chemical Romance! So cute! I wanna give him a hug!!

8. Bloo, from Foster's

9. Pete Wentz: Watch the "Beat It" music video. He licks his bass!! it is hot!


Favorite Things

Favorite TV show: Secret Life of the American Teenager- OMG!! It is amazing

Favorite Book: Twilight, duh

Favorite Band: Take a WILD guess...

Favorite Person:...I have so many, it's hard to narrow it down.

Favorite Cullen: Probably a tie between Edward, Alice and Emmett

Favorite Movie: Sweeney Todd or Nightmare Before Christmas- jack the pumpkin king is sexy!!

Favorite Quote: "Wash these cars, you sexy bitches!" from the house bunny

Favorite Breaking Dawn Moment: When Edward was like crying to Jacob b.c he thought Bella was gonna die!!

Freakiest Breaking dawn moment:...when Edward was like 'JACOB!! HAVE SEX WITH MY WIFE!!' That was just awkward

Favorite Pop song: Burnin' Up by the Jonas Brothers

Favorite Jonas brother: JOE!!

Favorite song in general: The Sharpest Lives, by My Chemical Romance (or at least it is this week)

Favorite thing to do: have a sleepover with my bffs Caytie and Mary

Favorite Actor: JOHNNY DEPP!!

Favorite Music Video: "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More 'Touch Me'" by Fall Out Boy- that's right pete, chug that strawberry smoothie!!

Favorite Musical: Legally Blonde- shut up!! it's amazing!!

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Moment in Twilight Trailer: "This is wrong, Edward. She's not one of us!" Hehe Emmett


Okay, so after finding out that Gerard's wife, Lyn-z is pregnant, and after freaking out for a little bit, me and Mary as well as an assortment of 8th friends, have come to the conclusion that Lyn-z is no longer a whore and that Gerard and Lyn0z are extremely cute together!! just...letting u kno...

THINGS I HATE- the ones in bold r thing i REALLY HATE

i hate when i take mcr quizzes on quizilla and the facts r wrong


ummm...when my sister wont. leave. me. alone


when i start to read a good fanfiction and i find out its been like 5 years since the person update- delete the story if your not gonna write anymore!!

when i lose reception and and cant txt a friend back



I absolutley want 2 meet Johnny Depp but if i did, i'd most likely faint.

Become a rich CEO for a make up company

Yeah, what more could u want from life?

People I Plan of Marrying... (No specific order)

1. Gerard Way- look at him and his sexiness!!

2. Edward Cullen- Bella is a heartbreaking flake, and the sooner he sees that the happier we will all be

3. Johnny Depp- Have you seen this fine specimen of man?!

4. Pete Wentz- me and my friends have made an elaborate scheme to get rid of Ashlee Simpson

5. Zuko- he is HOT lol

6. Robert Pattinson- the fact that he plays Edward Cullen is enough for me



People I Want to Hug, But Not Necessarily Marry

1. Mikey Way- If I said I wanted to marry him, my friend Mary would most likely murder me...

2. Frank Iero- come on!! Seriously!! Look at how cute he is! And his giggle is so adorable!

3. Bob Bryar- he just seems huggable...though he is cranky

4. Patrick Stump- He's just so cute and cuddly

5. Orlando Bloom- he's just hot; But I could never marry him

6. Jasper Hale- he's so innocent and sweet

7. Emmett Cullen- you know you want to get a bear hug too

8. Alice Cullen- I'm told I am a lot like her. And I have also been told I give good hugs. So maybe she does too

9. Ian O'Shea- if you read the host, you'd know what I'm talking about

10. Ray Toro: gotta love the fro!


The PowerPuff Girls: Honestly, who doesn't?

The Weekenders on Toon Disney: Best Show EVUR!

The shows Mew Mew Power and Totally Spies!


Dear Caytie...

Johnny Depp is not old and in my defense, he LOOKS 30!

And honestly, do people need 2 know my nickname:(







1. This is How I Disappear- my chemical romance: Come on!! It is so Edward in new moon! "Without you is how I disappear and live my life alone for ever now"!! "I'm just a ghost, so I can't hurt you anymore"!! And by "all the good girls go to heaven" it's like bella (good girl) moving on/being happy!! Really!!

2. The Sharpest Lives- My chemical romance- It is unbelievably Jacob's POV in breaking dawn, book 2; "Well it rains and it pours when you're out on your own" OMG!! Like when he leaves the pack!! "You're the one that I need, I'm the one that you loathe"!! He loves Bella!! She...kinda left him... "So why don't you blow me a kiss be for she goes"! "A kiss and I will surender"!! "So bright the sun is ashamed to rise and be
In love with all of these vampires"



"I love what you've done to the place! What is it, one bed & one bath?"-Stewie "No, it's a whole apartment.-Brian's girlfriend (Family Guy)

"We all deserve to die! Even you, Mrs. Lovett! Even I!"-Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street

"Gerard wants to be in a musical. Because he likes to sing."-My friend Nicole - "Really, Nicole?! Gerard Way, LEAD SINGER OF MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE likes to sing? I didn't see that coming." Me

" 'I love when he gets so protective' Jacob thought" -"So in love, so very in love" by Mrs. Weasley the Kataang Luver

"I gotta say Sokka, you continue to impress me with your ideas." Aang

"...and Momo was talking!! You said some very unkind things." Sokka

"Is he saying 'kiss my ass and lay me?" My Friends and I; If you listen to 'Prelude 12/21' the first time, it sounds like 'kiss my ass and lay me' not 'kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep'.

"I had a banana..." My Mom. She's...interesting.

"Frozen daiquiri? Ha...I'd like to freeze Gerard's daiquiri!" Me (It is so true!! Have you seen this man?!)

"Edward! This is wrong; She's not one of us!" Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen (twlight teaser trailer 1)

" WHY DID HE TURN INTO A BUNNY?!" My friend Mary (long story; basically she had a dream that Mikey Way turned into a bunny..."

"Are you a supporter of Frerard?"- Nicole --"What's Frerard?" Evey -- "It's Frank and Gerard having sex." Me

"Have you noticed that you have a serious problem? Why do you like older men...?" My mom-- "If being madly in love with a 31 year old hot lead singer is wrong, I don't wanna be right!!" Me

"Wash these cars, you sexy bitches!"-- "The House Bunny"


We were all fighting over who gets which My Chemical Romance member. Here's the whole convo...(i don't remember exact words...)


Me: Wow, really. Of course you get Mikey

Caytie: I want Frank!!

Nicole: No! I get Frank! I saw him first!

Caytie: Fine, then I want Gerard


(Caytie and I glare)

Nicole: She (Andrea-me) gets Gerard.

Me: HA!!

Caytie: Well who do I get?

Me: Do you want Bob or Ray?

Caytie: Is that even a question? I'll take Bob

Mary: Then who gets Ray?

Me: No one. No love for Ray...

Mary: Aww, poor Ray...

(Next Day walking into School w/ Audrey)

Me: Audrey, do you want Ray?

Audrey: No. I prefer Frank.

Me: What is it with everyone loving Frank? You can't all have Frank! Nicole has Frank already!

Here's me and Nicole fighting over men in general...

Nicole: I love Steve!! He's mine


Me: So technically I loved him longer! :p

Nicole: Fine; We'll share him


Nicole: Fine, we'll share Gerard.

Me: I AM NOT SHARING GERARD!!...unless you share Frank

Nicole: No way! You can be friends...

Me: Fine; than you and steve and gerard CAN ONLY BE FRIENDS!!

Nicole: Fine!!

Me: Glad that's settled...


1. I have written a version of "7 things": by Miley Cyrus, only it's about My Chemical Romance. If you would like to read it, send me a pm and I would be happy to send it to you. I am not publishing it EVER!!

2. Me and my friend Mary have written a random story (about My Chemical Romance) in which Gerard and Mikey are mermen, Frank is a flounder, Ray is a ray and Bob is a blowfish and Gerard has been captured by Burt the Kraken (haha, get it?) and must use mermaid magic and the power of the seaweed superfriends to defeat him. Oh, and Mikey attempts to start a fire underwater. I would send it to you...but it got deleted when I got a new computer :(

3. I have come with very detailed plans to make the people I plan on marrying (found earlier on this page) fall in love with me or even just meet and hug me.

4. My friends Mary, Jocelyn and, while not paying attention in spanish, made innapropriate and dirty comics about Twlight; It was fun.

5. I have tried and failed to write versions of "Fergalicious" for all the Cullens. It's harder than you'd think.


In a perfect world, Mikey Way would play Edward; He practically screams hot-sexy vampire!!

In a perfect world, celebrities wouldn't be allowed to marry.

In a perfect world, Emily Browning would have been Bella.

In a perfect world, Emmy Rossum would be Esme.

In a perfect world, 14 year old girls such as my friends and I would be able to marry older men; Age is just a number people!!

In a perfect world, my mother wouldn't feel the need to comment on a certain band and carry an air of disapproval with her when I mention said band; (one guess who it is)

In a perfect world, Breaking Dawn wouldn't have been so disappointing...

In a perfect world, nobody cries...there's only butterflies!! lol (from "Pocketful of Sunshine")


1. Whenever you see a sign that says 'one way', 'four way' etc, you start to laugh uncontrollably and no one knows why.

2. When you and ur friends txt, you say things like 'omgee' 'gee2gee', 'Oh my bob' and 'for the love of frank'

3. You don't really say 'freaking' and more; You say 'franking'; you also say 'what the frank?'

4. You call oreos ieros...

5. And when you went on a field trip, you made a special box for said ieros

6. You google them compulsively

7. You relate anything and everything to them

8. You have detailed plans to kill their wives and girlfriends

9. You write comics/cartoons and terrible parody songs about them

10. When you google them, and see a pic of them with their wives, you hiss loudly

11. You talk to their music videos, songs and youtube videos/interviews and posters as though they are actually there

12. You have a pillow which you pretend is Gerard...

13. And at night you hold it close...

14. And wake up in the middle of the night, find that it isn't there and scream 'WHERE'S GERARD!?'

15. They are your ringtone, but...

16. You really want Frank's giggle as ur ringtone cause it's so damn adorable.

17. You plan to make a build-a-bear after your favorite and give your friend one for her birthday

18. Since their pictures are your screensaver, whenever it goes on, you sit there for an hour looking at them

19. When watching a video, you practically make love to the screen

20. U And ur friends try to make a podcast to talk about Gerard when he dyed his hair, but you end up talking about everything else they do for no reason

21. U make comparisons to characters in tv shows and books to all of them

22. U are sad to say that ur friends actually had an argument over how many piercings Frank has

23. When you found out that your mom's friend at her job's husband does the landscaping for Mikey and Gerard's parents, you practically ran around your house all day screaming (tru story, btw)

24. You realize that you would gladly sell your soul to the devil just to spend 60 seconds with them

25. But you know you'd only last 10, after which you would either die from a heart attack or faint from shock


1. You can barely read about Edward without screaming in pleasure

2. You find yourself narating your life, like bella does

3. When in difficult situations, you find yourself thinking 'what would bella do?'

4. When things get rough, you say 'at least i;m not being chased my vampires. but that would be awesome!'

5. You yell at the book and talk to the characters

6. you and ur friends have made up a group costume for the movie premiere already

7. Your best friend called you at like 10 at night so you could see the cullen cast

8. and when she did, you spent like an hour insulting them and freaking out

9. When you went to the breaking dawn party, you screamed so much that a guy fell down, scared to death

10. You were disappointed in breaking dawn, but loved it anyway b.c at least everyone;s happy

11. But your sad because now all you have to look foward to are the movies


13. You always relate songs to twilight

14. You relate real life situations to twilight

15. You have your own cast for twilight, b.c the real one is disappointing

16. Everytime you watch the trailers, you scream and no one can stop you


1. Johnny Depp's age (he should be 15 and we should be dating!)

2. Gerard Way's, wife Lyn-Z (My friends and I could be his wives if he only gave us the chance!) and..

3. If he HAD to be with anyone that wasn;t me and my friends, COULDN'T HE JUST MARRY FRANK?! Please...they're kinda cute together...

4. My view on Hot Topic: It really isn't that bad, okay Caytie! I just wouldn't buy anything there!

5. Abercrombie and Fitch advertisments: For people who are advertising clothes, they don't really wear a lot of them!

5. People who think Aang and Katara should be together: ZUKO AND KATARA ALL THE WAY!

6. JACOB BLACK: You are ruining Bella's life and you are a homewrecker! Do us all a favor and die!

7. (Sometimes) Bella: When Edward left you in New Moon and it was like, 6 months later! Honestly! Get a grip! Move on! Stop being so dramatic! AND you seem to ruin Edward and Jacob's lives! Jacob I don't care about! BUT EDWARD DESERVES BETTER!

8. I wish I could change the fact that I have learned something about a certain person that I DO NOT want to think about!!


My friend Mary was saying how much she loved Mikey Way, who happens to be the brother of my true love, Gerard Way. If you don't know, they are in the band My Chemical Romance. Anyhoo, Mikey plays the bass. So, I asked my friend Mary, "Do you want to play Mikey like a bass guitar?" I think it's funny!!

HAHA!! Me and my Mikey Way-obessed friend Mary and I have always thought Mikey and Gerard should have their own underwear line. So, we came up with...


And then, the rest of our friends came up with a partner company, "My Chemical Cookies" with oreos, but they are now called "Ieros: the sexiest snack" and "Mikey's Pleasures." Yes. We have no lives!!



here's a lovely letter written to my by my...boyfriend...

Dear Andrea,

you are my sun, my moon and my hearts desire. I love you soooo much it hurts!!



(haha get it?? no? well u suck; ps, he really didn't write this to me. he's not my boyfriend; this is just my sad pathetic attmept to make me feel

now you can read my stories

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