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Why do you keep deleting your stories only to reupload them again?

Some of you may be confused as to why I created an account on this site as far back as October of 2007 and why I am just now beginning to post stories. To my recollection, this has happened twice.

The first time this happened was back in 2009. I made the fatal mistake of asking an English teacher of mine to read a story I had uploaded onto this site, only for her to alert my school principal about it. Long story short, I was suspended from school, required to go to therapy, and my brother logged otno my account and deleted my stories at the request of my mother and therapist.

The second time this happened was fairly recently. Basically what happened was that a group of people started going around on the Internet spreading rumors about me and telling various people that I was posing as three to five different people on this site, despite the fact that they had no evidence to back up their claims and any evidence that they did have could have easily been explained away using logic and sound reasoning. The people I was accused of being were Marsha Kerr, Tony Greyfox, and someone who has been leaving anonymous reviews on my stories who goes by the name of Shadow Riders. Anyone who came to my defense was accused of being me. Even some of my friends who defended me were accused of being me and that I was simply using a different “alias” whenever these defenses would come up. Long story short, my account was suspended. Due to lack of Internet access, I didn't know when the suspension was over, so by the time I got back online, I logged onto my profile to find that somebody had hacked into my account and deleted my stories. I pray to God that this is the last time this incident will occur. Just to be on the safe side, I am using a password for my username on my computer.

The guilty parties who accused me of being several people on this site will tell you to your face that I am merely making up stories (for example, they will tell you that my story Write a Story, Go to Jail,whichis based on my misadventures in high school, is nothing but me spouting B.S.) and that I am posing as “Marsha Kerr” and “Tony Greyfox” just to compliment or bash my own writing. This is not true, and the guilty parties have no evidence to confirm this. I will not give out names, but let's just say that the guilty parties know who they are. They, among several other people, have made the claim that I pose as Marsha Kerr and Tony Greyfox and post nasty reviews on my own stories just to get sympathy and/or attention. No, I'm not kidding. People have actually said this to me.

Why do some people seem to think that you're Marsha Kerr and/or Tony Greyfox?

As I stated above, I have limited access to the Internet right now. Because of this, I will sometimes rely on friends to help me update my stories. One of these people is Marhsa Kerr, but we're not exactly friends seeing as how she thinks I suck at writing. However, she was kind enough to help me update my stories whenever I asked her to. On one such story, she left a nasty review underneath my name. It turns out she forgot to log out of my account once she was done, so she backtracked and posted the review yet again. Some people took this to mean that I was posing as not only Smitty91, but also as Marsha Kerr.

Some people also tend to believe that I am also Tony Greyfox simply because the two of us seem to have the same characters. Let me state right now that the only similarities between our characters are their names and species. You people probably know these characters as Erik and Colin.

It was in early 2009 that I was contacted by Greyfox via email. He stated that someone (I'm not sure who) had given him a link to my account on this site and he requested that I no longer use his Colin and Erik characters. Doing research on this guy got me in trouble at school because the story of his that I had printed off had adult content. My research didn't turn up any sufficient evidence that I had stolen his characters. Again, aside from their names and species, his Erik and Colin characters and mine are vastly different.

How are your characters different from Tony Greyfox's?

From what I understand, in Tony Greyfox's stories, Erik and Colin are furries. For those of you who don't know what a furry is, it's basically a human-animal hybrid (kind of like Alvin and the Chipmunks/The Chipettes). In my stories, Erik and Colin are regular animals. Also worthy of note is the fact that my characterization of Erik and Colin is vastly different from Tony Greyfox's.

For one thing, in my stories Erik is a very shy, overweight skunk who has extreme self-esteem issues. In Tony Greyfox's stories, Erik is portrayed as a young skunk fur who is fairly confident and has had a decent amount of relationships throughout the years. In Tony Greyfox's stories, Colin is portrayed very much the same way. Though Tony's descriptions of these two characters isn't very detailed, from what I can gather, Erik is taller than Colin and Colin is a gray raccoon fur with hazel eyes.

Erik and Colin are enver given a real backstory in Tony Greyfox's stories. In my stories, Erik's backstory is that he was depressed at a young age because of his workaholic mother neglecting him and forcing him to watch over his baby sister, Marshmallow. Bullied and teased on a daily basis, it became too much for Erik and he finally decided to take his own life. While doing research for a history project in the Vancouver General Library, he bumped into Colin, who was also doing research for the same project. The pair teamed up on the project and became fast friends. Colin's backstory is basically that he was homeless, stealing whatever he needed to survive, before meeting Erik and being taken in by Erik's family. Not much else is known about him than that. Also in my stories, Colin's actual parents are never brought up or discussed, neither are the fathers of Erik or Marshmallow. In Tony Greyfox's stories, both Erik and Colin's parents are brought up. Examples are in his stories A Night with Friends and Just a Splash, both of which you can find on his Fur Affinity page.

Tony Greyfox makes no mention of any of my other characters in his stories (Renee, Marshmallow, Rita, Tom, Nathan, Natalie, Marty, Artie, JC, Joanna, Rebecca, Mimi, Marty, Cody, Saul, Serena, etc). Given that I am absolutely in love with my characters (and my friends can attest to this LOL), if I was indeed Tony Greyfox, wouldn't it make sense that I would include my other characters and not just talk about Erik and Colin all of the time?

The timeline in my stories is also completely different than that of Tony Greyfox's as well. For example, in Tony Greyfox's story Study Session, Erik and Colin meet for the first time while both are in college. Again, we are given no background on either of these two characters. In my stories, Erik and Colin met at a very early age, at seven years old, in fact. The two of them have been best friends since then, raising Marshmallow together and discovering life's ups and downs as they grow up.

Why is it in almost all of your stories, your original characters are part of the main cast?

I do realize that this irking almost everyone and I can understand why. In a show like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or Alvin and the Chipmunks, original characters are extremely hard to pull off and pull off well. The goal with original characters is to make them unique, likeable, and, most importantly, make it seem as if they actually fit in with the other characters and the universe that they inhabit. In both Alvin and the Chipmunks and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, this is hard to do, especially since sentient, anthropomorphic animal characters don't normally exist in either universe. (To put it more bluntly, we are aware that cows are sentient in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but the pets of the Mane Six aren't sentient.)

Also, understand that I have been writing about my original characters since 2005, almost ten years now, so it's extremely hard for me to write a story, no matter what franchise, and not include them. As I have said, I am practically in love with them. They're like members of my own family.

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing ever since I was ten, so I have been writing for the past thirteen years (2001-2014).

What stuff do you write about?

Whatever piques my interest, really: childhood abuse, eating disorders, rape, addiction, various mental and behavioral disorders, and anything else that I can think of. I do have a few fetishes and I do have a tendency to include these in my stories as well. Most of my characters have at least a fetish or two.

Have you gotten any novels published?

I do have two novels published, but neither one of them have been a financial success. If you would like to read them, please leave me your email in a PM and I will be more than happy to email you a copy of either one.

Are you just going to write material for Alvin and the Chipmunks or do you plan on writing material for other franchises?

I am trying to branch out and write material for franchises other than Alvin and the Chipmunks. For example, you will see that I have posted some fanfiction for both My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop. Look forward to more in the future.

What are some of your favorite movies/TV shows?

To be honest, I don't really watch that much television. I prefer books instead, but I do watch some TV shows. Most of what I watch are reruns of my favorite shows: Family Guy, South Park, King of the Hill, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Littlest Pet Shop, 101 Dalmatians: The Series, Chip 'N' Dale's Rescue Rangers, and American Dad.

As for movies, my favorite movies are a little more diverse: Ice Age, Over the Hedge, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Black Dog, The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Road to El Dorado, The Prince of Egypt, Joseph: King of Dreams, Jesus (starring Jeremy Sisto),the Saw seriesthe Fianl Destination series,The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Green Mile, the Harry Potter seriesand The Passion of the Christ.

Who are your favorite authors?

I like James Patterson and J.K. Rowling.

What are some of your favorite books?

The Harry Potter series and the Bible.

What is the craziest thing you've ever done?

At the grocery store that I worked at, we kept having managers that kept popping in and out that just kept getting fired and they seemed to know that when they went in. It's like, “You only have a month,” so they'd run in, be like, “I must make all the changes that I can to leave my mark on this place before I die.”

So we got this guy in, this tiny, squeaky aficious prick who spent $2,000 apiece on these weird trapezoid-shaped shopping carts that were only open in the front, like book shelves. This happened when I was, hmm, in high school. Most of the baggers were supposed to, for every customer, put their groceries into one of these two stupid rhombus-shaped carts, wheel their groceries out to their car, put them in their car, and then not receive tips. Nobody like this idea. Nobody, except him, the boss.

I started basically asking customers, “Do you want me to put your groceries in this stupid trapezoid-shaped–you know, screw it, the things are going to fall out the front–and take it out to your car for you?” Most of them just said, “No, I just want to take my groceries and leave.” And I said, “Congratulations, you have sense.” I didn't begrudge them if they wanted me to. I mean, yeah, there were a couple of old ladies that were like, “Oh, you're taking my groceries out to my car for me. Thank you so much.” And then they would, you know, kiss me gently on the forehead. That never happened. LOL

So, anyway, virtually nobody, I'd say 95% of customers hated this policy. I told him that. I told him also, “No, I'm not going to do this anymore and the reason why is that you're my boss, but the customer is my boss above you.” And I wasn't just saying that to be a dick. I genuinely believe that. I genuinely believe that if the customer tells me to do something, doesn't matter if the boss has said it, I'm going to freaking follow the customer. Because, you know, if I piss them off, then they don't come back and we get less money.

He got pissed off at me and I had heard that he was planning to fire me, so I was like, “Alright, fine. I'm just going to come in tomorrow and quit.” And I was going to be really dramatic about it. I told the co-workers I was going to come in and be all Shakespearean about it, falling on the floor, crying and being like, “Oh, you've ruined my life!” He found out about this. In fact, he heard me primptively, which was like, “Oh, you sour old poop.”

So, I got my last check and I got a two-liter of Fargo grape soda, went to the cashier, cashed the check out, and bought the grape soda. I was just about to leave and then I picked up the speaker for the PA system and I said, “Attention, Oakridge customers. We are proud to announce that we are no longer serving E. coli contaminated meat on most weekdays.” And then I left.

As I was trying to bike away, he came out and he was one of those guys who couldn't actually scream. He's speaking in a normal voice. He was like, “I need you to get out of here right now!” I'm just like, “I'm trying to leave right now.”

“You're never allowed back here again!”

I'm like, “I don't plan to come back.”

“Go, then! Go!”

“Okay, bye!”

And then I left forever.

And then three years later, that grocery store was buldozed to the ground. So, I left my curse at the place. That's not too crazy, but off the top of my head, that's the craziest thing I've ever done.

Anything else I should know about you?

Despite what some people will tell you, I am not Marsha Kerr, nor am I Tony Greyfox. The people who accused me of being these users did in no way make any effort to contact me and get to know me on a personal level. I was just talking to someone one day and I mentioned my profile and they came off with this, “Which profile? You have multiple accounts, after all.” Another user contacted me and said, “We don't think you're pretending to be different people. We know you are. Yeah, the four of you are all the same person, and it's really sad seeing you pretend to be multiple people.”

Unlike these people, if you'd really like to get to know me, feel free to leave me a PM and talk to me any time. I'm sure you'll come to realize that I am a person who is very easy to get along with. We can talk about anything as long as it's not anything controversial (religion, politics, social issues, etc).

Original Characters:

Erik Matthews: Erik Matthews is an overweight skunk with bright emerald-green eyes. He suffers from binge eating disorder due to his mother not showing him any affection during his childhood and leaving him alone to take care of his baby sister while she went off to work. Because of this, he has a strained relationship with his mother, causing him to grow resentful towards her. It took him a long time to eventually work up the courage to forgive her. His unhealthy eating habits were contributed by his depression due to being neglected and being bullied and teased at school. His depression has gotten so bad to the point where he has made multiple attempts to commit suicide. Because of the stress of having to take care of a child and stay on top of his grades, Erik started having bedwetting accidents and started wearing diapers to prevent the bed from getting wet at nighttime. He eventually got over the dilemma, but continued to wear the diapers because he enjoyed them immensely and even went as far as to request that he be treated like a baby on special occasions when he was alone with a member of the family or with a friend. Luckily, neither party had a problem with this.

Colin Phillips: Colin Phillips is a brown raccoon with white fur from his muzzle to his stomach. He has baby blue eyes. Like Erik, he enjoys eating but also enjoys athletic activities like basketball, unlike Erik. He is Erik‘s best friend. It is hinted by other characters that these two are more than just friends. While Colin denies that he has any such feelings for Erik, the fat skunk will readily admit that he has a crush on the raccoon and longs that the two of them “hook up.” Erik’s sexual attraction towards Colin stems from the fact that Colin has saved his life on multiple occasions and is the only one to have stood up for Erik when the skunk was being bullied and the only one to actually befriend the skunk and show him affection. For the longest time, Colin lived on the streets of his hometown (Vancouver, British Columbia), stealing food whenever possible in order to survive. He was eventually taken in by Erik’s family. Like Erik, he enjoys wearing diapers and being treated like a baby.

Marshmallow Matthews: Marshmallow Matthews is a white and silver-gray skunk. She has golden brown eyes. She is Erik and Colin’s little sister. As such, she is oftentimes considered the baby of the Matthews family. Due to this, she enjoys being diapered and treated like a baby. Luckily for her, her brothers and mother don’t have a problem with this. Her love for diapers and being treated like an infant stems from Erik wearing diapers to bed due to his bedwetting. She began to miss the days in which she was a baby and had nothing to worry about. She was relieved when her mother and brothers decided to start diapering her and babying her. She despises baby food, but absolutely loves a warm bottle of milk mixed with honey for sweetener. Her favorite brand of diapers are Huggies .

Renee Matthews: The mother of Erik, Colin, and Marshmallow. She is a female skunk with bright brown eyes. She works as a hair stylist at a hair salon known simply as Cost Cutters. After realizing the damage she was doing to her son and realizing that she needed to be there for her daughter and adopted son, she stopped working so many hours at the hair salon so she could spend more time with her children. Naturally, it took her a while to regain Erik’s trust. After giving her son a sincere apology, he forgives her and the two pretend as if the incident involving her working so much never happened. Upon request, she will diaper and baby her children as they wish, going as far as bottle-feeding them warm milk with honey, spoon-feeding them baby food, and changing them. Usually, she will give them a bottle of milk before putting them to bed. Other times she will rock them while bottle-feeding them, singing a lullaby, thus luring them to sleep.

Melissa Daniels: A female skunk that is Erik’s love interest. She has baby blue eyes. She starts off as one of Erik’s daily tormentors at school, but eventually develops feelings for him, feelings that he doesn’t accept until he’s convinced that she has changed her ways and wants to be his friend. It is known that she sees Colin as a potential love interest as well.

Brenda Connors: A Virginia possum that is Colin’s love interest. She has baby blue eyes. She lives in London, England with her parents. She and Colin stay in contact via email and video chatting to keep their long-distance relationship from going under. Like Colin, she extraordinarily intelligent and wishes to work in the medical field after graduating from college with a Ph. D in nursing and health. On her rare visits to Vancouver, she stays with the Matthews. It is during these visits that she spends quite a bit of time with the family, particularly Erik and Marshmallow, but goes out of her way to make sure that she and Colin can spend some alone time together before she goes back home to start school again in the fall.

Angela/Lacey Lawler: Angela and Lacey Lawler are twin sisters. They are two light yellow dogs with beige fur from their muzzles to their rumps. They are known for engaging in incest, making love to each other when bored or in the mood. Angela has blue eyes and Lacey has green eyes. Like Erik, they are both overweight and suffer from binge eating disorder. They are among Mark’s group of friends.

Mark Walters: Mark Walters is a gray rabbit with beige from his cheeks to his rump. He has brown eyes and a small patch of white fur over his chest. He has four sisters: April, Christy, Jessica, and Mary-Anne. His lover is a skunk by the name of Jeff Bonaduchi. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his mother, Charlotte, and his father, James. He finds his sisters annoying, but loves and cares about them all the same.

Jeff Bonaduchi: Jeff Bonaduchi is, like Erik, a very shy skunk. He has brown fur from his chest to his rump and gray fur around his muzzle and eyes. He has baby blue eyes. He is Mark’s love interest. He is very quiet and usually only confides in Mark about his true feelings. He lives with Mark and his family. As such, the two must keep their love for each other a secret since Mark’s family has stated numerous time before that they would disown both of them if they thought the two were in a sexual relationship. Unlike Mark, he enjoys spending time with Mark’s sisters, claiming that they “are sweet.”

Rita Landow: Because of being sexually abused by her father for fifteen years of her childhood, from the time she was three to the time she was eighteen, Rita Landow is extremely moody and mean-spirited. It takes her a very long time to earn someone’s trust. Because of her father, she suffers from binge eating disorder, believing that the fatter she is the less attractive she is and therefore, will make her less sexually appealing. She enjoys binge eating and being extremely fat. Like Erik and Colin, she enjoys being diapered and babied. She is known to suffer from violent mood swings and has anger issues. She oftentimes takes her anger and frustration about her father and her horrid childhood out on everyone else, including friends and family. She is known to suffer from depression on several occasions, particularly during the Christmas season. She particularly likes chicken and fish, but also loves junk food and sweets, especially chocolate. She lives with her brother and his boyfriend, going out with them on the weekends to get drunk. She is an alcoholic. It is known that she sees Colin as a potential love interest.

Tom Landow: Tom Landow is Rita’s fraternal twin. Like Rita, he is a red fox with beige fur from his muzzle to his rump and he has blue eyes. The only significant difference between him and Rita, aside from the difference in gender, is that his head is less round than Rita’s. He works as a technical engineer, working on computers and other electrical devices like televisions and radios. When he is not busy working or attending school, he enjoys spending time with his sister and his lover, Nathan Woods.

Nathan Woods: Nathan Woods is a brown bunny. He has light brown fur from his chest to his fluffy tail. He has dark brown paws, feet, hair, and ears. His tail is two-toned: one side is light brown and the other side is dark brown. He has two dark brown spots on either cheek and a patch of brown fur on the left side of his left eye. His pink nose is surrounded by a patch of dark brown fur. He is Tom Landow’s mate. He is an alcoholic and suffers from a sex addiction.

Natalie Woods: Natalie Woods is Nathan’s fraternal twin sister. As such, she looks exactly like her brother, but is not as sex-driven as him. She works alongside him at the supermarket known as Smart Shopper.

Brian Thompson: Brian Thompson is a prairie dog. Secretly, he has a crush on both Colin and Brenda. He lives in Toronto, Ontario with his little brother, Kyle, and parents, Sid and Sylvia. Like Jeff, he is shy and rarely speaks up about his feelings. When she is around, Brenda will act like Brian’s ventriloquist, meaning simply that he opens up more about his feelings whenever she is around him. It was a known fact that he feels very close to Brenda and feels comfortable opening up to the others with her around.

Janet Jaclyn: Janet Jaclyn is a brown beaver with beige fur from her muzzle to her rump. She has brown eyes. Like other beavers, she has a large black tail that she uses to her advantage when the occasion calls for it. Aside from the fact that she is close to Brian, Brenda, Tom, and Colin, nothing else is known about her.

Marty/Artie Trevors: Marty and Artie Trevors are two yellow chubby rabbits with beige fur from their cheeks to their fluffy tails. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with Marty, Artie suffers from autism and is Marty’s little brother. For the longest time, these two were completely unaware that they were twins because their mother had given Artie up for adoption after learning that he was autistic. As a result of this, she fell into a great depression with feelings of guilt and started doing drugs and drinking to aid her. It isn’t until he becomes certain that he has a brother that Marty goes out into the world and begins searching for Artie to bring him back home. While taking care of Artie on a daily basis, Marty struggles to also care for his mother and make sure that they are not taken away by a stalking social worker or that they lose their house due to their mother not paying bills. Occasionally, he will urge his mother to get the help she needs, but after her lashing out at him he eventually gives up and leaves her to wallow in her sorrow and misery in her bed while he goes out to look for work to make money so he can pay the bills, unfortunately having to drag Artie along with him. While he suffers a great deal of frustration from having to deal with Artie, he still loves and cares about his little brother.

Darren/Karen Phelps: Darren and Karen Phelps are Marshmallow’s supposed parents. Darren is a black and white skunk while Karen is a gray and white skunk. Karen is more outgoing than her husband. Her husband is rather shy and timid. Aside from Marshmallow [supposedly, they also have another child, Darryl, yet another skunk who is openly gay. They suspect that he may have had a sexual encounter with Colin.

Tiffany Busch: Tiffany Busch is a beige raccoon with dark brown paws, feet, mask, ringed tail, and ears. She has a dark brown stripe running from her black nose to the base of her tail. While not an official couple, she has been known to be a love interest to Colin from time to time.

Roger Johnson: Roger Johnson, like Colin, is a brown raccoon. He has a white face with black fur around his eyes. He has light brown fur from his chest to his rear. He suffers from binge eating disorder and has secret feelings for Colin.

Jerold Cuthbert: The athletic, muscular rabbit of the Cuthbert family. He loathes the name Jerold Cuthbert and instead prefers to be called J.C. Along with wrestling, he enjoys a variety of sports like weight lifting. While he may appear to have an attitude problem, he does have a good heart when the situation calls for it. Like any older brother, he picks on his little brother Cody. Like his little sister Mimi, he has no distinctive hair color, but does have blue eyes like every member of his family. He is known to risk his safety and his own life to save and protect those he loves and cares about. Being that he is the oldest member of the children, he is often times left in charge when the parents are not around.

Rebecca Cuthbert: The brainy one of the Cuthbert family. She is creative and enjoys subjects that spark her interests such as science, history, and music. After graduating from college, she wishes to be a counselor to help teenagers with their problems. Like the rest of the members of
her family, she is kind-hearted and seeks to help others whenever possible. She is the most likely candidate to go to if one has a difficult issue that they themselves cannot solve. She has red hair.

Marty Cuthbert: The gay, drug junkie of the Cuthbert family. At the age of fifteen, he dropped out of high school to sell drugs in order to make money. Although a tough decision, his family disowned him and kicked him out of the house after finding out about what he did for a living. He can be shy and timid at times, but can easily overcome this with a drug exchange is being made, especially if said exchange includes money. While he does not have a mate, he has been known to get a few girls pregnant.

Cody Cuthbert: The fat one of the Cuthbert family. Based on this fact, it should be no guess to anyone that his favorite hobby is eating. He is often picked on by J.C. about his weight, but his brothers and sisters usually come to his rescue if needed. Aside from J.C., Cody is also picked on and teased at school. Unfortunately, this does not to derail his eating habits, but only increases them. On occasion, he may tell someone how he feels instead of eating his feelings. He is not suicidal in any way, but is known to become depressed if he allows one’s words to get to
him too much. He has no distinctive hair color.

Mimi Cuthbert: The coy one of the Cuthbert family. She is also noted as being “the cute one.” Also, she is considered a “tease” when it comes to boys. Like her brother Marty, she is shy. She is quoted as saying, “I’ll blush and hide when someone smiles at me.” She has gray hair done in the form of a tomboyish look. She is considered the tomboy of the family and often spends her time with her brothers if not with her sisters.

Joanna Cuthbert: The pretty one of the Cuthbert family. She has yellow hair with a yellow flower pinned in it. Like the rest of her family, she has a heart of gold and is willing to go out of her way to help those in need. Given that she is pretty, she is quite popular at her school, along with her brother J.C., and has dated several boys throughout the years. She only dates people her parents approve of. Like the rest of her family, she practices abstinence. When J.C. is unavailable to do so, she looks after the children when the parents are not around.

Saul Cuthbert: The father of the Cuthbert children. Like his wife and daughter Mimi, he has gray hair, although said hair is darker than his wife’s. He works as a doctor at the Vancouver General Hospital in Vancouver, B.C., where he and his family reside with the other characters. Along with his wife, he instills Christian values and lessons in his children, teaching them to go out of their way to help others if the occasion should arise. He has been working in the medical field for the past 35 years. In his part-time, he enjoys working as a sports coach and assisting his wife with her counseling.

Serena Cuthbert: The mother of the Cuthbert children. Her hair is a lighter shade of gray than her husband’s. She works as a counselor at the high school that her children attend. Given that her daughter wants to follow in her footsteps, she is often seen coaching her daughter Rebecca in the do’s and don’ts of counseling. At the church that the family attends, she is one of the pastors and teaches as a Sunday school teacher for the little children while her husband teaches the bigger kids. She and her husband Saul had been married for over 20 years and oftentimes can be seen going out for a night on the town to enjoy each other’s company, leaving either J.C. or Joanna in charge when they are out. After their sixth child, they decided to no longer have children, feeling that six children were more than enough. Given that almost all of her children are in the same age group, she had some of them a few months apart and some about a year or so apart.

Jeremy Johnson: A fat, gray raccoon. He and Roger are not related. He has a strained relationship with his father, causing him to become angry and sometimes even abusive. He is close friends with J.C., oftentimes seen wrestling with the smaller rabbit, being careful not to physically hurt him. He has at least one girlfriend: Jennifer Crawford. He has been known to also date Tiffany Busch for a short while until Colin came onto the scene and she started dating him. Despite this fact, he is close friends with Colin, but does not much care for Erik in any way, shape, or form.

Jennifer Crawford: A fat gray raccoon that is Jeremy’s girlfriend. In spite of her boyfriend’s sometimes abusive behavior, she decides to stay with him. Whether this is because she loves him or because she fears she can do no better than him, she does not know. She is oftentimes seen with Joanna, Rebecca, Mimi, and some of the other females that attend her high school. She is close friends with Melissa Daniels and the aforementioned females. Because they are alike, she fears that J.C. may be a bad influence on Jeremy and orders the two to stay away from each other, thus creating friction not only between the two friends but also amongst the family. She is known to have secret feelings for Cody.

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lolfanfiction dot net fukkin socks
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Due to an accident at a lab while visiting, Stewie and Brian get chips stuck to their necks. Next thing you know they're in love with the first person they see. My first gay fic so be nice please. On hiatus until further notice.
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Alvin and the chipmunks - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Chapters: 5 - Words: 19,431 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 1/26/2014 - Published: 12/17/2013 - Simon S., Alvin S., OC
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