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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto, Marvel, and Firefly.

Ok so long story short here's the deal. I am officially putting all my stories up for adoption. MY family started to drop like flies, my girl left me, then I got diagnosed with arthritis, and am in the process of getting tested for several emotional/social problems. My muse has allmost completely died and so I humbly apologize to each and every one fo you who has been awaiting an update from me. I am deeply sorry that I am unable to continue writing, but between all the stuff thats happened over the past year and the wierd changes my life is fixing to make (major move/changing colleges maybe) I just can't find the will to write anything. if you want to adopt one fo my fics pelase send me a pm and if you want any advice on writing an adopted fic I'll help as best Ic an if you want my assistance...once again guys...I am deeply sorry for having failed you.



This section of my profile is dedicated to ideas of fics I haven't gotten around to writing and or don't wish to write so I post the basic summary here and see what you create with it. Basic rules for this if you accept a challenge pm me letting me know you accept it and send me another pm when you post the first chapter so that I can read the chapter and follow the progress of it. also if you accept a challenge please finish the fic and don't just quit halfway like some slickdealin coyote, and please oh dear God use ledgible grammar and understadable sentance structure I understand if english isn't your first language that it's a little hard trust me I'm trying to learn chinese I get how the whole conversion thing is hard I'll bear with you in that case OTHERWISE fix it yourself or get a beta.

CHALLENGE 1. naruto/halo crossover. this idea is one that has been kicked around by myself and DenizenofTheDarklight a fellow writer here on fanfiction who is to lazy to actually write. and yes if your reading this that is a challenge to actually write one of our ideas. with or without my help...we usually start an idea then forget about it after we get the basic details done...

Pairing can be whatever the hell you want it to be limit harems to under three if a harem at all no yaoi and if at all possible leave yuri out(just to be fair). naruto is found somehow by the covenant and is raised to believe in the "great journey" (doomsday of life as we know it *cough* *cough*). he can be influenced by the fox and or the fox can be non existant your choice, also your choice as to whether he will be in kitsune form or not. His weapons, clothing, personality also up to you as long as that choice doesn't interfear with the rules of the summary.He will be known to most covenant and UNSC forces by the title "Meteor" due tot eh fact that his favorite mode of combat is to board an enemy ship and cause it to crashland into the nearest planet. An explosion he and his group allways walk away from for one reason or another. He is given command of a ship by the prophets and becomes friends with the elite that becomes the arbiter in halo 2 (can't remember what he's called in the books). and follows him following The Pillar Of Autumn tot he first halo ring. what the prophets don't know is that the crew of his ship is loyal to him first and teh prophets second due to the fact that he sees his forces as more than just cannon fodder for "the cause". his ship will be a modified covenant ship of whatever size, classification you choose and will have modified seraph fighters and phantom dropships as well. all vehicles, troops, ships etc. etc. will be destinguished from the rest of the covenant forces in some way be it by a special design on the uniform, special armour, modified weapons etc. etc. he will be constantly shadowed by his personal guard/ black ops unit or whatever you choose to call them that consists of a Hunter, a Jackal, a Grunt, and an Elite all of which can be iether male or female your call, they also have cloacking abilities and a life suport/zero grav system built into their armor

BIO OF HUNTER- this hunters bond brother died at birth and as such it bonded to a jackal for some unknown reason, the hunter and the jackal now share a neo-telepathic bond that even the top covenant scientists can't explain that allows them to sense teh others emotions and to a limited degree each others senses. The hunter uses the standard plasma beam of all hunters but his shield is modified to look like a zanzabato that the hunter is trained to use to peak efficiency. The hunter also has a special harness on its back that allows the jackal to (sit, ride, cling???) to teh hunters back and has an extra layer of energy sheilds that cover both itself and the jackal. The hunter isn't very bright and is content to let it's jackal do all the thinking as it happily destroys all enemies that come into it's path

BIO OF JACKAL- bonded to the hunter early in both their lives and as such harbors fierce protective feelings about the hunter and would die to save it, these feelings are returned by the hunter. The jackal (rides, sits, clings???) tot he back of the hunter and uses it as a moving cover of sorts, aiming it's covenenat sniper rifle over the hunters right shoulder. The sniper rifle is silenced by a device that you get to create( can be a modified standard silencer) The jackal also carries a plasma pistol with a scope and silencer and is equiped with two of the jackal circle shields, one on each arm, these shields have an "edge" made of plasma that burns through the intended target and can be thrown and remote controlled for distance. The shields are used for cqc (close quaters combat) and defense when the hunter is unable to accompany the jackal on missions. The jackal is the "hacker" of the group, a genius with computers it is able to hack, control, and change most computer systems and AI both covenant and human by projecting a "electronic copy" of himself into any computer cosole via a small pistol that shoots data streams instead of bullets and can carry viruses and the like.

BIO OF GRUNT- teh grunt is seen as "the kid" of the group both because he is the youngest member and because he is the newest. The grunt is used to the jokes and taunts given to him by his fellow group members about his "noob" status and takes it all in stride, understanding that it's all good natured. This grunt is eqquiped with dual needlers that are silenced and some sort of bladed object for cqc as well as a modified covenant carbine that can go full auto and is also silenced. The grunt has a odd habit of scalping all his kills and stringing them around his neck trying to show everyone that he isn't as useless a grunt as most of his bretherin seem. He has a dark sense of humor that is reflected in his speech and has a distinct love of sarcasm.

BIO OF ELITE- the elite is the "tactician" of the group and it's advice is taken into deep consideration by Naruto whenever an attack is planned. In battle if the elite gives an order to change plans suddenly the rest of the group, Naruto included, obeys knowing that the order may save their lives. The elite also adises the group of theri emotional state and acts as an impromtu team phsychiatrist whenever the team needs to talk about anything. The elite uses dual plamsa rifles fitted with scopes and silencers and has one of the grunts modified carbines slung on it's back for longer range combat, for cqc the elite uses dual energy swords with basket hilts (the ones used by the arbiter from Halo Wars)

the group is fiercly loyal to each other and would gladly die for another, they become Naruto's improptu family and grow closer as the fic goes on. Should one of the group be killed off vengance must be taken and they cannot be killed off without good reason. Sometime along the course of the fic Naruto meets the chief in a firefight that boils down to a hand to hand match by the two of them. Chief overpowers Naruto and wins the bout, letting Naruto win out of respect for his skill, a mutual respect shared by Naruto. from there Naruto encounters the "heritics" alongside the Arbiter and either follows the heretics or stays with the covenant forces. this means that 1. if he stays with the covvies the humans lose and life is wiped from the universe.2. for some unknown reason when the rings are activated they actually do go on the "great journey"

Or Naruto brings together the rememnants of the heretic forces, UNSC forces and his remaining forces loyal to him and fights the covenant and wins somehow.

CHALLENGE B. naruto/star wars teh clone wars crossover

Naruto's clothes, weapons, personality all up to you as long as it doesn't interfear with the rules of the summary

Naruto can be light side, darkside, or not even a force user at all up to you. Naruto finds a crashed Ebon Hawk somewhere int eh elemental nations and explores it. He reads all teh ships logs/diaries kept by the main characters of both KOTOR and TSL. Using ship logs as a makeshift "how to guide" he fixes the ship and leaves the elemental nations (TAKING NO ONE WITH HIM) behind seeking friends and a home to call his own amoung republic space. Before exiting the atmosphere he accidentally opens a closet/cargo bay/storage room??? and finds everyones favorite hater of "Fleshbags" HK-47 (requires HK's hilarious dialog) who having nothing better to do follows him on his quest. when they breach atmoshpere Naruto inports the last place the Ebon Hawk was and when they exist hyperspace they find themselves above a clone wars era corascant (I probally spelled that wrong) they are detained and the Ebon Hawk is searched by republic forces. When the clone troopers see how old the ship is they ask Master Yoda if he has ever seen anything like it. Yoda speaks to Naruto about the ship and asks him where it was found. When Naruto tells him Yoda recalls a story his( father, grandfather, family member???) told him of seeing the ship and its odd inhabitants on Dantooine (his race lives allmost a thousand years its not to long a stretch). Yoda surmises that the crew from KOTOR and/or TSL left known space in an attempt to fina a place free of all the politics and hardship they found in republic space. Yoda gives naruto full citizenship within the republic for some reason or another and Naruto goes about his way. at this point Naruto is contacted by the sith and or a mercenary group and chooses to join the sith, stay with the republic, or join the mecenary group. influencing the clone wars however you see fit. I don't care who te pairing is with but I would prefer a non harem for this one and if one is needed maybe two girls tops.

CHALLENGE 3. Naruto/dragon age origins crossover

Naruto's clothes, weapons, personality all up to you as long as it doesn't interfear with the rules of the summary

Naruto is walking through the forest of death and meets a strange man wearing pate armor named Duncan. Duncan tells him of the darkspawn and how they are orverrunning Ferelden. Naruto pissed off at the village figures that it would be a better existance than what he has now agrees to leave with Duncan.Naruto will be a rougue and sub classes are up to you. Naruto may or may not be influinced by the fox and or even have the fox still sealed in him. A very great crossover by EroSlackerMicha doesn't incorperate the fox at all and this is worked intot he story very well actually his story gave me the insperation for this crossover. Preferabbly pairing is with a female dalish elf maybe a small harem as well? no Zevran pairings I.E. no yaoi. Naruto may be allied with the Darkspawn, become a grey warden, or like Morrigans mother be a third seperate faction all together. haven't really thought this one through as much so I don't have as much structure to the challenge as most would like anywho have fun with it.

CHALLENGE 4. Naruto/ Mass effect crossover

Naruto's clothes, weapons, personality all up to you as long as it doesn't interfear with the rules of the summary

Naruto is found on a new planet that is being serveayed for human colonization as an infant by captain anderson and his team acting as gaurds for the scientists. They raise him as the "mascot" of the group and enter him in the military when is is old enough. They find with him a scroll that tells his name and little else, saying little more than that his planet and race was wiped out through an undetailed "calamity". Naruto will take the place of "shepard" and will be nicknamed Shepard due to teh way he treats those under his command acting as a shepard would to his flock. Naruto's class, weapons preferances, biotics, tech abilities, etc. etc. are up to you my only request is that Tali must be part of the pairing wether it be a harem or not and if it is a harem it must be a SMALL harem that doesn't consist of every female member of the normandy say less that four. only requirements being that Joker and Naruto went throught he academy together and act as impromtu brothers and that Naruto met Wrex early in life and the Krogan see's Naruto as a son of sorts for some reason or another. Other than that have fun with it

CHALLENGE 5. this one isn't actually a challenge so much as an adoption notice my story Naruto of the West I am putting up for adoption simply for the fact that I have hit major writers block with it and don't know how to continue it. Send me a pm if you want it just say that it was my story first somewhere in the first chapter.

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Personal Hell by chibiBlues reviews
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