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I'm going to describe myself in as many different parts of speech as I can think of. That's me; English nerd to the last. In no particular order, here are my parts of speech:
adjective: quirky (that's me being nice about myself too)
noun: enigma (hah! I wish...)
verb: write
adverb: facetiously
pronoun: our
preposition: above
article: the
interjection: KACHOW!

Heyo. My name is--haha! You thought I'd actually tell you! Naw, but I do love you, if you're reading this. I mean, you must have read something I wrote. Which is why I love you. Anywhosits, I haven't been writing much, and I apologize. But I do try. And I also have a life outside of the internets that sort of takes precedence, you know. I mean, I'm a student. That should tell you a lot. I like happy, funny, cute, sweet, romantic stories. And I'll read angst when I'm in the mood, which isn't often. I'm a Harry Potter nerd ('twas my first fandom after all) and I play a lot of pokemon. I do a lot of weird, oddball, goofy things, but I like it that way. Oh, and I'm amazing. Simply put. I can't stand twilight. I hate it so much that I refuse to use proper grammar with it. Seriously. Um, yeah. I think that's really all you need to know. And remember, I looooooooooooooove you.

Generally speaking, my fanfictions are rated T or M due to language. M is if I feel the level of bad words is more than what you'd find in a PG-13 movie or a Young Adult book (and I find that most often, there's more swearing in the former rather than the latter). In all honesty, when I rate a story M, it's for safety more than anything.

Active/In Progress:
James Potter is Not Dead: It's Harry's 6th year and James Potter has been suffering amnesia the past fifteen years. What happens whe his memories start coming back and he goes back to the wizarding world. AU after OotP. James/Severus, Sirius/Remus and other ships to be listed at a later date (like when I've revealed them. Yep, they're SECRETS for now). Kind of on hiatus since I've lost most of my inspiration for it... REVISION 8/10/10 I've pretty much officially abandoned this fic. It just so happens that I've realized what utter crap the story was.

Questions: Lately, I've been working on a love story featuring Teddy Lupin and an original character. I've got nearly five chapters written, but I don't plan to post it until I've finished writing the entire thing. It will happen, I promise. I also have an idea for a sequel in my mind, and maybe a side story (if that doesn't end up being the sequel; I haven't completely decided, as you can tell...) but I will only write it if readers want it. REVISION 8/10/10: I'm not really working on Questions anymore, but I'll try to finish it... maybe. RF, because it's posted, takes priority, and slogging through that isn't something I'm really big on... but once I do finish Questions, I'll post it. I promise. (How many times have I said that...?) TENTATIVE SUMMARY: Teddy Lupin and Procyon Griffiths have started to question their lives. Will they get the answers they want or like the answers they get?

Anachronism: I'm sure you've all read Harry Potter Time Travel Fics (I'm mean, it's so popular, it's pretty much its own genre). Well I read an amazing one (Timely Errors by Worfe. Check it out. Seriously) and I got the idea for this. It's pretty much AU as all get out, but it's hilarious. And by the time I post it, it will be finished. And beautiful. I don't even have a Tentative Summary yet, but I do have four chapters written (it's not going to be particularly long). And this is the kind of thing I don't lose inspiration on (it's funny. That's what I live for).

Completed and One-Shots:
Twins: DH SPOILERS!! George looks back and reflects on his relationship with his brother Fred. NO PAIRINGS. And, ginnyloverforever so dutifully informed me that Ron went to Bill and Fleur's when he left Hermione and Harry. Sorry about the mixup!

But That Would Make Me Fallible: House does a lot of thinking. This is my impression of what that thinking is like. House/Wilson. (Written before Amber's death)

: Sasuke avoids emotional attachment at all costs... except to a pair of sunglasses. Rated T to be safe; I can't remember how bad the language is, and there's hints of boyxboy loooooove . One-shot.

April Fools Week: Because just one day of practical jokes isn't enough, the Marauders have an April Fools Week. James/Severus, Remus/Sirius

Redefining Family: Everything is going great for James Potter; he's even engaged to Lily Evans, the woman he loves! What happens when someone else he's fallen in love with comes back? Eventually AU. James/Severus, James/Lily and Sirius/Remus for now. I'm not sure about other pairings... If you really want a sequel, send me a review or a PM with plot ideas, because I honestly don't have any idea what I want to do with it...

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