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Author has written 6 stories for High School Musical.

My name is Noelle.

I love Zannesa, Troyella, Taylor Swift, Twilight Series, Jonas Brothers, and Titanic.

I don't like Troypay, Ryella, Chadella, etc...

Well I enjoy writing so check out my stories. :


Flames were enclosing her body. Pleasure ruptured through her and her self control was completely lost as she felt his hot body pull her closer to him, enclosing his lips on the smooth skin of her collar bone, and moving along her shoulder.

Pure bliss sank into her heart as she moaned loudly when he found her sensitive spot and started to lightly suck and nip at it. She felt his mark start to form on her skin as heat enclosed her lounges. “Breathe Gabriella” she told herself inside her head.

An uncontrollable moaned erupted from her throat as she felt his scorching tongue run along the scar that sat upon her shoulder. She winced as a small amount of cold wisped across her shoulder as his lips picked up off her skin.

“How’d you get that?” he asked in a hoarse whisper, while his breath flushed across her marked skin. Those were the worst four words that had ever been spoken to her.

She started to stutter as his lips graced her skin once again. A feeling of guilt passed through her as she remembered some of the last words her dad had ever said to her, it felt like a bullet in her throbbing heart as she recalled his words. I am useless, and unwanted, and no one will ever truly love me.

Her body turned to ice as he let go of her loosing all contact as he cursed stepping on the gas, as the light turned green. His old truck zoomed down the street, and the two horny teenagers remained in complete silence.

Ice overtook her blood stream as lights passed by the dark window. She started to scoot more into her seat but felt Troy’s hand immediately rush to her thigh as their bodies lost contact. She wondered why he even wanted touch her skin, she was so cold, the feeling of her must be uncomfortable to other people.

They turned down her street and his hand roamed across her thigh, squeezing her knee. She shivered from the close range of his body. He was like a bonfire, or an oven. He heated her up easily, causing pleasure and arousal to course through her body. A small spot of liquid had located itself between her thighs on the thin fabric of her panties, and she could feel it. But she had to remember the small things next time, like the things her father’s memory constantly reminded her of.

He pulled his truck into a halt in front of her house, pulling the gear into park. “Uhm, thanks for the ride Troy, I…uh…I appreciate it.” She slide across the seat and reached for the metal handle when she felt lightening flash through her, as his strong hands grasped her hips, pulling her small frame towards his large muscular one.

“I want you, Gabriella.” He sputtered into her ear.

She froze.

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