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Author has written 8 stories for Merlin, Harry Potter, Elder Scroll series, Orphan Black, Dragon Age, and A song of Ice and Fire.

Mostly I'm known for mad/hopefully humorous fics about the tv show 'Merlin'.

I possibly appreciate reviews more than any other person to have ever lived.

Also I get trapped in my own cupboard sometimes.


A story revolving mainly around Morgana and Morgause during Season 3, but has moved onto the year gap between Season 3 and 4 in the most recent chapter. It includes, among many other things, Morgana throwing a brick at Arthur's head, a rampaging elephant, Morgause falling into a ditch and Uther being choked by the wrappings of his own Midwinter presents.


My first modern AU, which concerns itself with Morgana and her hired mercenary Morgause attempting to murder Uther and forge a new will so that Morgana will inherit the Pendragon Limited business instead of Arthur. The only problem is that Morgause tries to make every plot as dramatic as physically possible, meaning that their success rate in the killing Uther endeavor is rather low. Many shenanigans will ensue.


Morgause, in characteristic slow motion fashion, attempts to storm the walls of Camelot. Gwen catches her in the act and finds the whole thing ridiculous.


The clones are all living together in the hope that they'll all learn to accept one another, rather than attempt to kill one another. The mix of personalities isn't blending well though...


Set after the events of the game. The Inquisition enjoy life together as a happy family in Skyhold. Well, at least they would if they weren't such massive dorks.


A retelling of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, starring genderbent characters. Follow Harriet, Rhonda and Hermish on their valiant quest against Vildemort. Along the way they'll have to put up with Druella Malfoy's relentlessly embarrassing attempts at bullying and Alberta Dumbledore's complete ineptitude at running Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


The characters of Merlin and A Song of Ice and Fire wind up in some very odd situations on a daily basis, be it in Camelot or Westeros. So far Arya Stark has shown Uther how stupid his ban on magic is and Morgana and Morgause have been chased by Daenerys' dragons.


Adonato Leotelli valiantly tries to portray Siri the Wanderer, the Last Dragonborn and Champion of Azura, in a positive and heroic light in his latest novel. However this is somewhat of a struggle as she was, according to many of the people she met throughout her travels, 'an absolute calamity of a person'. Includes many notes from other characters, such as Aranea Ienith, who give far more truthful insights into Siri's personality and actions.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or just want a chat.

Or maybe you'd just like to message me a story about a pug.

I like pugs.

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Set after the events of the game. The Inquisition enjoy life together as a happy family in Skyhold. Well, at least they would if they weren't such massive dorks.
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Modern AU: Uther is the head of the giant Pendragon Limited business with Arthur set to inherit it. Morgana, the illegitimate child set to inherit nothing, decides it's time to forge a new will for Uther and organize his untimely death. Enter the mercenary for hire - Morgause, who would be great at her job if she wasn't so obsessed with making every plot as dramatic as possible.
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