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HOLA!!!! HI!!! ALOHA!!! here's my profile!!!

Name: Samantha

Age: 13 (the ultimate age..well atleast that's what i think)

Height: 5'3"

Looks: Light Brown Hair (WAAAAAY LIGHT) & Medium brown eyes

Nationality: Born in America with Cuban Dad (The Cubanites!!!) & Puerto Rican Mom

Fave TV Shows: TEEN TITANS!!! (the best show ever...u will die if u bash this show!!!!)

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Aang & Katara 4ever)

Suite life of Zack & Cody

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends (i know im too old for that but it's funny...don't kill me!!)

Hannah Montana

Fave Bands/Singers:

Avril Lavigne (luv her music)


Skillet (Awesome)

Kelly Clarkson (my musical idol)

Relient K (luv 'em)

Hawk Nelson

Fave Fan Fiction Writors:

writing4eva (we're buddies...LOL)

Harry Potter Fan 1994 (Best Writor EVER!!!)

Cartoonstar (The writor of SICK CYCLE CAROUSEL!!!)

I Laugh at ur Pain (I luv her stories)

RxS4lyfe (ROCKS!!)

zMIDNIGHTz (one of my best friends in real life...Jordan...U ROCK!!!)

Fave Couples:

Robin & Starfire (They r the best!!! DUH!!!!)

Raven & Beast Boy ( soooooo cute!!)

Cyborg & Bumble Bee (She calls him Sparky!!)

Jinx & Kid Flash (open ur eyes!! they flirt 24/7)

Speedy & Donna Troy aka WonderGirl (i think they're cute)

Argent & Aqualad (Hey They are CUTE!!!)

Couples I hate:

Raven & Robin (EEEEEWWWW!!!! If u r infected with the Robin & Raven virus stay far away from me!!!!!!)

Cyborg & Starfire (They're like Brother & Sister!!!!)

Beast Boy & Starfire (ALSO EEEEWWW!!!!!!)

Cyborg & my cuz Adi (He's cartoon & she's real...it's not like she's gonna marry the DVDs)

Cyborg & Raven (That's disgusting)

I LUV TO SING!!!!! In case u haven't noticed. I live for two things 1. JESUS!!! 2. SINGING!!!! LOL it's true!! if u knew me you'd understand!! I am the weirdest person ever!! Sometimes I start to randomly laugh or sing or break a dance move!!! I have the funnest friends (Jordan (zMIDNIGHTz), Carolina, Amanda, David, Robert, & Estera) i luv them!!!(but also they're kind of mean!!!they think i like David!! He's like my brother!!!!) I luv chocolate!! I luv Nat Wollf!!! I luv anything lively!!! I know I'm a happy person!!!

my school life:

I'm a average student

I have alot of friends (I'd like to be friends with everyone that isn't mean.)

I rule at English

I suck at Math (hate it!!)

my best friends at school (who i've already mentioned) are

Carolina: a total nerd but u love her anyway

Amanda: she's kinda like my mom at times but she also has mood swings. love her anyway.

David: plays the role of annoying lil bro in my life and has a HUGE crush on amanda (Amanda practically hates him)

JORDAN: (zMIDNIGHTz) she is like my twin when it comes reading & writing (we read the same fanfic stories & love to write)

Robert: he is the sweetest the boy ever. He is such a gentleman & hilarious.

estera: we have sooo much in common she's like my sister

Those r my best friends i have more friends, those mean the most to me

my life is like watching a soapopera (that i'm not part of)

My fave line from Teen Titans:

Robin: As long as we're together, we'll be ok. (from the eppie Stranded when Robin & Starfire are trapped at the end of a cliff with a monster trying to kill 'em... what robin says is sooooo sweet!)

This is something stupid that happenned between me & my friends Jordan & David:

jordan: My grandma's sisters both have chihauhau (sp?)

me: i hate chihauhaus

Jordan: yeah, one of them has a blue chihauhau.

me:What?!?!! (david who was eavesdropping cuts in)

David: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? (his eyes r like 2 inches out of his head and his mouth agape)

jordan explains that it's a breed of chihauhau not actually the color of it

jordan & me start laughing cuz of the look on davids face


HMMMM...what else can i put here...oh I know my friend zMIDNIGHTz (yes she's on fanfiction. go look her up) wrote this for my friend Amanda & I think it fits into eveyone's lives. HERE WE GO!!!!

Five ways to get rid of an annoying boy

1.If he says "Aren't I strong?" you say "You sure are, why don't you get into a wrestling match" then go home & pray that the wrestler breaks his back.

2.If he tries to play footsie with you then accidentally kick him in the shin.

3.If he says "You're the most beauitiful girl in the world" then you say "so are you"

4. If he passes you a note that says "I love you" then you write back "who's attention are you trying to get? Mine or the over 65 year old teacher?"

5. and if all else fails tell him that you're going to move to another country & hope he has a heart attack (or commits suicide) before you tell him that you aren't.

YUPPERS!!! My buddy wrote that and if you are agirl with an annoying boy on your case then just do one the five. I recommend number four or five.



BYE :)

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